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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
P Chan & Co Inc 50.0 
Linder Financial Service, Inc. 50.0 
Aragorn Limited. 50.0 
Alliant Securities, Inc. Turner, Nord, Kienbaum Liberty Lake WA US 50.0 
Krouse Kern Wealth Management, Inc. Fort Wayne IN US 50.0 
Wealth Advisors, Inc. Rancho Santa Fe CA US 50.0 
Cosey Financial Service, Inc. Knoxville TN US 50.0 
Cassedy Financial Group, Inc. Tampa FL US 50.0 
The Carroll Group, Inc. Atlanta GA US 50.0 
Bluestone® Financial Advisors, LLC Bethesda MD US 50.0 
Mcc Financial Advisors 50.0 
Quish & Co. Boulder CO US 50.0 
Wd Financial Service, LLC Edina MN US 50.0 
Zidel Financial Inc. Boulder CO US 50.0 
Kam-south, LLC Atlanta GA US 50.0 
Integrated Wealth Strategies, LLC Austin TX US 50.0 
Woodbridge Capital Partners, LLC. Santa Monica CA US 50.0 
Stirling Wealth Advisors LLC 50.0 
Mitchell Clark & Company 50.0 
Wealthguard, Inc. San Francisco CA US 50.0 
Omnivest Group LLC Princeton NJ US 50.0 
Jw Harrison Financial, Inc. Walnut Creek CA US 50.0 
Lewis Advisory Group 50.0 
Robinson Capital Management LLC Boulder CO US 50.0 
Bauer Wealth Management Colorado Springs CO US 50.0 
Bmo Nesbitt Burns Securities Limited. Toronto, Ontario CA 50.0 
Center For Wealth Management Advisory Cincinnati OH US 50.0 
Summit Family Office Service, LLC 50.0 
Byw St. Louis MO US 50.0 
Fiduciary Global Advisors 50.0 
Slr Financial Novato CA US 50.0 
Spf, Inc 50.0 
L|2 Advisors, LLC New York NY US 50.0 
Adams-hansen & Associates Minnetonka MN US 50.0 
Norfolk Advisors, LLC New York NY US 50.0 
Alpha Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 50.0 
P Chan & Co Inc 50.0 
Nwm Fund Group, LLC Napa CA US 50.1 
Vestpointe Wealth Management, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 50.1 
Equity Fund Research 50.1 
Doxa Advisors LLC North Oaks MN US 50.1 
S.e.e.d. Planning Group, LLC Binghamton NY US 50.2 
Oakvale Investments Inc. 50.2 
Kraus Capital Management, LLC San Antonio TX US 50.2 
Revolution Partners, LLC Memphis TN US 50.2 
Congress Springs Capital LLC. 50.3 
Key Capital Advisors, Inc. 50.3 
Stewardship Asset Management, LLC 50.3 
Nichols Investment Management Bangor ME US 50.3 
Longroad Asset Management, LLC Old Greenwich CT US 50.3 
Angell Capital Management, LLC St. Charles MO US 50.3 
Pearl Capital Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 50.3 
Catamount Asset Management LLC Rutland VT US 50.3 
Kruse Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 50.4 
Integrity Investment Advisors 50.4 
Flagstone Financial Advisors, Inc. Basalt CO US 50.4 
Gregory M Doherty, Cpa/cfp Dedham MA US 50.4 
Gosting Capital Management 50.4 
Bowside Capital, LLC Charleston SC US 50.4 
Lowry Capital Management Corporation Palm Beach Gardens FL US 50.4 
Laurence Financial Planning LLC 50.4 
Monk, Stan 50.4 
Via Iv Investments, LLC Burr Ridge IL US 50.4 
Mine & Arao Wealth Creation And Management, LLC Campbell CA US 50.5 
Sentinel Asset Management, Inc. 50.5 
My Portfolio Guide, LLC Seal Beach CA US 50.5 
Roche Financial Partners LLC Princeton NJ US 50.5 
Blakely Harbor Advisors, LLC 50.5 
Aura Wealth Advisors LLC Jefferson City MO US 50.5 
Cox Wealth Management, LLC Chattanooga TN US 50.5 
Sierra Financial Management Corporation Wellesley MA US 50.5 
Paysse Jennison Financial Advisors, Paysse Jennison Mercer Island WA US 50.6 
Newmark Capital Management, LLC Tempe AZ US 50.6 
Dfg Wealth Advisors Monterey CA US 50.6 
Third Friday Management, LLC 50.6 
Avocet Capital Management LLC Deerfield IL US 50.6 
Landolt Securities, Inc. Oshkosh WI US 50.6 
Olimpio Neu & Associates, Inc. Dallas TX US 50.6 
Winvest Investments L.P. Montrose CO US 50.7 
Ramsey Hill Asset Management LLC 50.7 
A.h. Williams & Company, L.P. 50.7 
Stockcross Financial Service Beverly Hills CA US 50.7 
Granite Peak Asset Management, LLC Easton CT US 50.7 
Peak Wealth Advisors, Inc. San Luis Obispo CA US 50.7 
Fc360, Inc. Roseville CA US 50.8 
Ark Financial Management, LLC Herndon VA US 50.8 
Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. Naples FL US 50.8 
Middle Street Capital, LLC Portsmouth NH US 50.8 
Guelich Capital Management, LLC Roanoke VA US 50.8 
Mugarian Investment Group, LLC Pensacola FL US 50.8 
Bryden-abrams Investment Management LLC New York NY US 50.8 
Gordon Carlson & Associates Irvine CA US 50.8 
Campbell Financial Partners, LLC 50.9 
Kensington Investment Counsel Long Beach CA US 50.9 
Total Wealth Planning And Management, Inc. Ponte Vedra Beach FL US 50.9 
Money Intel 50.9 
Wms Group LLC 50.9 
Bg Investment & Insurance Service, Inc. Hagatna GU 50.9 
Bg Investment & Insurance Service, Inc. Hagatna GU 50.9 
Denk Strategic Wealth Partners Phoenix AZ US 51.0 
Isf Management New York City NY US 51.0 
Tandem Wealth Advisors Phoenix AZ US 51.0 
Blue Water Capital Management, LLC San Diego CA US 51.0 
Reinking Financial Consulting 51.0 
Fiduciary Consulting Group, Inc. Venice FL US 51.0 
Opis Advisors, Inc. Bell Canyon CA US 51.0 
Gfn Capital Management Dallas TX US 51.0 
Michael S. Carrier & Associates, Inc. 51.0 
Galaria Capital Management, LLC 51.0 
Quest Securities, Inc. Fair Oaks CA US 51.0 
Altus Capital Inc. Mayfield Heights OH US 51.0 
Capital Formation Advisers LLC Pelham NY US 51.0 
Arthur J. Stites, P.a. Jacksonville FL US 51.0 
Legacy Planning Group Midvale UT US 51.0 
Clear Ridge Wealth Management, LLC Kalamazoo MI US 51.0 
Mesa Financial Group, LLC Atlanta GA US 51.0 
Wealthmark, LLC Bellingham WA US 51.0 
Dundon Advisers LLC Scarsdale NY US 51.0 
Activest Wealth Management, LLC Aventura FL US 51.1 
Tekmen Wells LLC New York NY US 51.1 
Professional Investment Counsel, Inc El Paso TX US 51.1 
Grand Coast Capital Group, LLC Hingham MA US 51.1 
Stoke Capital 51.2 
Investment Research Corporation Denver CO US 51.2 
Alupka Asset Management Del Mar CA US 51.2 
Proficient Wealth Counselors, LLC Norwood MA US 51.2 
The Western Wealth Group, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 51.2 
Triton Capital Management, LLC Ambler PA US 51.2 
Bpp Wealth Solutions, LLC New York NY US 51.2 
Omaha Wealth Management, LLC Omaha NE US 51.2 
Bpp Wealth Solutions, LLC New York NY US 51.2 
Paladin Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 51.3 
Osprey Capital Management, LLC Rock Hall MD US 51.3 
Daniloff Capital New York NY US 51.3 
Wilma J. Engel 51.3 
Richwood Investment Advisors, LLC Cincinnati OH US 51.3 
Eggert Financial Management, Inc. Centennial CO US 51.3 
Summit Water Capital La Jolla CA US 51.3 
Jsk Associates Inc. White Plains NY US 51.3 
Waycross Partners, LLC Louisville KY US 51.3 
Summit Water Capital La Jolla CA US 51.3 
Winton Capital Us LLC New York NY US 51.4 
Northeastern Financial Consultants, Inc. South Abington Township PA US 51.4 
Wealth Management Consultants LLC. Denver CO US 51.4 
Plan Ahead Financial Management, Inc. Abilene TX US 51.4 
Keystone Wealth Advisors Logan UT US 51.4 
Slayden Diehl & Company Dallas TX US 51.4 
Parr Financial Solutions, Inc. Columbia MD US 51.4 
Rice Brown Financial Service Colorado Springs CO US 51.4 
Davis Financial Service, LLC Orleans MA US 51.5 
Austin Wealth Management, LLC Austin TX US 51.5 
Interwealth Management, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 51.5 
Foundation Wealth Management, LLC Media PA US 51.5 
Stewart & Associates Missoula MT US 51.5 
Kenneth E., Boone Wealth Management Oakdale CA US 51.6 
True Financial Wealth Management Firm LLC 51.6 
Verisail Partners, LLC Atlanta GA US 51.6 
Sound Financial Planning, Inc. Mount Vernon WA US 51.6 
Van Cleef, Jordan And Wood, Inc. New York NY US 51.6 
Trinsic Capital, LLC Fort Worth TX US 51.6 
Gsi Funds LLC Hunt Valley MD US 51.6 
Key Financial Group Of Jacksonville, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 51.7 
Fort Des Moines Financial Service, Inc. Des Moines IA US 51.7 
Wealth Enhancement & Preservation, Inc. Westlake Village CA US 51.7 
Mckinley Money, LLC 51.7 
Northwest Criterion Asset Management, LLC. Princeton NJ US 51.7 
Theorema Advisors Limited. Valletta MT 51.7 
Alcosta Capital Management, Inc. San Ramon CA US 51.7 
Golden Eagle Capital Advisors, Inc. Dubai UAE 51.7 
Ranger International Management, L.P. Lake Forest IL US 51.7 
Gallagher Capital Advisors, LLC 51.7 
Ivy Wealth Management, Inc. Warwick RI US 51.7 
Bingham Financial Advisory, LLC 51.8 
Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC Wakefield MA US 51.8 
Scott Smith Financial Northville MI US 51.8 
Kademian Financial Group Inc Milwaukee WI US 51.8 
Ma Wealth Management Long Beach CA US 51.8 
Mercer Asset Management, Inc. 51.8 
Elizabeth H. Huffine 51.8 
Kensington Financial 51.8 
Eversept Partners, LLC New York NY US 51.8 
Cerda Munoz Advisors, Inc Downey CA US 51.8 
Erisa Advisers, Inc. Brentwood TN US 51.8 
Velocity Partners Los Gatos CA US 51.8 
Summit Financial Consulting Sterling Heights MI US 51.9 
Suzanne Joseph & Associates, Inc. 51.9 
Standfast Asset Management, LLC Ponte Vedra Beach FL US 51.9 
Sicner Asset Management, LLC. 51.9 
Guerra Investment Advisors El Paso TX US 52.0 
Profocus Inc Phoenix AZ US 52.0 
Combest Financial Service, Inc. Duncan OK US 52.0 
Regal Advisory Service, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 52.0 
Redrock Wealth Management LLC Las Vegas NV US 52.0 
January Capital Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 52.0 
Weis Advisory Clive IA US 52.0 
Stout Bowman Mechanicsburg PA US 52.0 
Investus Financial Newport Beach CA US 52.0 
Pivot Point Advisors, LLC Bellaire TX US 52.0 
Meridian Advisory Service 52.0 
Kaltbaum Capital Management Orlando FL US 52.0 
Northeast Management & Research Co., Inc. Boston MA US 52.0 
Crutchfield Advisors, Inc Apex NC US 52.0 
Rbf Capital Management, Inc. Lawrenceville GA US 52.0 
Curtis Financial Planning Oakland CA US 52.0 
Wealth Solutions, Inc. Bee Cave TX US 52.0 
Peter A. Farrell Investment Management Service Albany NY US 52.1 
The Just Company Indianapolis IN US 52.1 
Private Portfolio Of San Diego La Jolla CA US 52.1 
Red Mountain Financial Partners Durango CO US 52.1 
Dbk Financial Counsel, LLC Cuyahoga Falls OH US 52.1 
Engleson & Associates Rochester NY US 52.1 
Lighthouse Advisers, LLC Mentor OH US 52.2 
Holloway Investment Advisors, Inc. Portland OR US 52.2 
Pwjohnson Wealth Management Los Altos CA US 52.2 
Cobalt Financial Partners LLC Sykesville MD US 52.2 
Weinstat Wealth Management, Inc. Jericho NY US 52.2 
Montgomery Capital Management, LLC Newport News VA US 52.3 
C & C Financial Service, Inc. Great Neck NY US 52.3 
Resolve Capital Management LLC Sioux Falls SD US 52.3 
Main Street Advisors, LLC Hays KS US 52.3 
Caliber Wealth Management, LLC Orem UT US 52.3 
Murray Investment Management, LLC Houston TX US 52.4 
Pr Wealth Management Group East Moline IL US 52.4 
Elliott Financial Management, Inc. 52.4 
Personal Benefit Service Of Colorado, Inc. Wheatidge CO US 52.4 
Emerald Asset Management, Inc. Rocky Mount NC US 52.4 
Bright Road Wealth Management, LLC 52.4 
Professional Financial Management, Inc. Little Chute WI US 52.5 
Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC Idaho Falls ID US 52.5 
Mcgehee Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. Charlotte NC US 52.5 
Obermaier Management LLC 52.5 
Legacy Advisory Service, LLC Exton PA US 52.5 
Quantor Capital, LLC Houston TX US 52.5 
Apex Advisers, LLC Rochester NY US 52.5 
Supernova Asset Strategies 52.5 
D & P Investment Advisors, Limited. Wakefield RI US 52.5 
First Advisors Capital, Inc. Birmingham AL US 52.5 
Cristata Investment Management 52.5 
Taylor & Williams, Inc. Lutz FL US 52.6 
Champion Financial Planning Group, LLC 52.6 
Aviso Wealth Management Seattle WA US 52.6 
Avant Capital, LLC Lafayette LA US 52.6 
Mpwm Advisory Solutions LLC New York NY US 52.7 
Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC Westfield NJ US 52.7 
Lakeview Investment Advisors, LLC 52.7 
Schneider Wealth Management 52.7 
Rdk Financial Group 52.7 
Strategic Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. Tallahassee FL US 52.7 
Elevated Capital Advisors, LLC Murray UT US 52.7 
Fidelis Capital, LLC Birmingham AL US 52.7 
Wilmington Capital Securities, LLC Garden City NY US 52.7 
Gibbs Investing, LLC 52.7 
Rdk Financial Group 52.7 
Integrated Financial Planning, P.c. Durango CO US 52.8 
Ascend Investment Management, Inc. Lewes DE US 52.8 
Nazelrod & Associates Financial Service, Inc. Towson MD US 52.8 
River Street Advisors, LLC Aurora IL US 52.8 
Mutima Capital Management LLC New York NY US 52.8 
Deltec Investment Advisers Limited Nassau BS 52.8 
Interamerican Advisors Coconut Grove FL US 52.8 
Spartan Planning & Wealth Management Greensboro NC US 52.8 
Capital Financial Group, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 52.9 
John L. Gunn & Associates, LLC 53.0 
Fort Sheridan Advisors LLC Highland Park IL US 53.0 
Valpey Financial Service LLC Concord NH US 53.0 
High Grade Investment Solutions, LLC 53.0 
Wiser Financial Coaching, LLC Durham NC US 53.0 
Vere Asset Management, Inc. Houston TX US 53.0 
Capital Financial Advisors Hot Springs AR US 53.0 
Cavu Wealth Advisors Walnut Creek CA US 53.0 
Sierra Financial Advisory Grass Valley, CA US 53.0 
Helios Wealth Advisors, LLC Pearland TX US 53.0 
D. M. Brenner, Inc. Solana Beach CA US 53.0 
Siridean Advisors LLC New York NY US 53.0 
Hilbert 8, LLC New York NY US 53.0 
Michael D. Taxman Investment Management Hanover NH US 53.1 
Vanshap Capital, LLC Arlington VA US 53.1 
Ponderosa Wealth Management Prescott AZ US 53.1 
Allegiance Financial Advisors Pittsburgh PA US 53.1 
Price Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 53.1 
Consolidated Asset Management, Limited. Southport NC US 53.1 
Jeff Harris & Associates, Inc. Harrisonburg VA US 53.1 
Charter Oak Asset Management, Inc. Cheshire CT US 53.1 
Cgo Wealth Management, LLC Highland Park IL US 53.2 
Grace Financial Associates, LLC Mill Valley CA US 53.2 
Life Financial Planning, Inc. 53.2 
Marrick Wealth Irvine CA US 53.2 
Wcm Wealth Management, LLC San Antonio TX US 53.3 
Kaleel Investment Advisors, LLC Boston MA US 53.3 
Citium Wealth Management, LLC 53.3 
Nr Smith & Associates, P.s. Olympia WA US 53.3 
We Alliance Wealth Advisors, Inc. Sacramento CA US 53.3 
Kairos Capital Management, LLC Bellevue WA US 53.3 
Harvest Investment Advisors, LLC Tallahassee FL US 53.4 
The Floridan Group Tallahassee FL US 53.4 
Bills Asset Management 53.4 
Financial Research, Inc. Issaquah WA US 53.4 
The Retirement Guys Formula Maumee OH US 53.4 
Wisconsin Wealth Advisors, LLC Sun Prairie WI US 53.4 
Randolph Capital Management, LLC 53.4 
Syndicated Capital, Inc. Santa Monica CA US 53.5 
Risley Capital Management LLC Ellisville MO US 53.5 
Vistica Wealth Advisors, LLC Carlsbad CA US 53.5 
The Henderson Group Staunton VA US 53.5 
Aspetuck Financial Management LLC Westport CT US 53.5 
Schoolcraft Capital LLC Boulder CO US 53.5 
Baker Street Capital Management, LLC Los Angeles CA US 53.5 
Westchester Capital Partners, LLC Valhalla NY US 53.6 
Chilmark Financial Advisors 53.6 
Orion Capital Management LLC Coronado CA US 53.6 
Hanover Strategic Management, LLC Wellesley MA US 53.6 
Haykin, Michael 53.6 
The Bendix Financial Group, Inc. Garden City NY US 53.6 
Cohn Financial Service Greenfield MA US 53.7 
Grandway Asset Management, Inc. Pasadena CA US 53.7 
Virginia Investment Advisory, Inc. Richmond VA US 53.7 
Park Shore Partners LLC Erie PA US 53.7 
Anderson Griggs Investments Rock Hill SC US 53.8 
Carey Consulting Wealth Management, Inc. Alamo CA US 53.8 
Gilbert Financial, LLC 53.8 
Newport Capital Advisers LLC North Quincy MA US 53.8 
Rebel Financial, LLC Gahanna OH US 53.8 
Midwest Advisors LLC St. Louis MO US 53.8 
Ajax Capital Advisors, Inc. Atlanta GA US 53.8 
Wise Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 53.9 
Jordan Financial Life Planning Kenosha WI US 53.9 
Portland Integritas Advisors, LLC Portland ME US 53.9 
Investments & Financial Planning, LLC Lexington KY US 53.9 
Goode Investment Management, Inc. 54.0 
Hermitage Advisors, Limited. 54.0 
Hepworth Equity Partners, LLC Wolfeboro NH US 54.0 
Thirsty Horses Group 54.0 
Ac3 Capital La Jolla CA US 54.0 
Beal Consulting, Inc. Boston MA US 54.0 
Galligan Financial Advisors Eagan MN US 54.0 
Four Seasons Investment Advisors, Inc. Montrose CO US 54.0 
Advanced Capital Advisors, LLC Fairfield CT US 54.0 
Triumph Alternatives LLC Chicago IL US 54.0 
Stowe Financial Planning, LLC. Plano TX US 54.0 
Jc Miano Investment Advisory Utica NY US 54.0 
Ironhorse Capital LLC Nashville TN US 54.0 
Caprock Capital Advisors Inc. Plano TX US 54.0 
Monson Wealth Management, Inc. Kennewick WA US 54.0 
Catton Financial Service, LLC Spokane WA US 54.0 
Shepherd Wealth & Retirement Tucson AZ US 54.1 
Lk Financial Planning LLC New York NY US 54.1 
John Dessauer Investments, Inc. 54.1 
Poinciana Advisors Group, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 54.1 
C. F. Parks & Co., Inc. Salisbury NC US 54.1 
Rh Buchanan & Co. Asset Management, LLC Buckhead-atlanta GA US 54.1 
Clement Street Capital LLC Oak Brook IL US 54.1 
Dw Investment Solutions, Inc. 54.1 
Center For Asset Management, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 54.1 
The Investment Advisor Alliance LLC 54.1 
Berg Investment Planning 54.2 
Stonepoint Capital, LLC Nashville TN US 54.2 
Unconventional Investor, LLC 54.2 
Climber Capital SA Nyon, Vaud CH 54.2 
Sasser Investment Management, Inc. Oakland CA US 54.2 
American Superior Company 54.2 
K.a. Radigan, LLC 54.2 
Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc. Oroville CA US 54.2 
Weingarten Associates, LLC. Lawrenceville NJ US 54.3 
Sage Financial Design, Inc Simsbury CT US 54.3 
North Star Advisory Group, LLC Beachwood OH US 54.3 
Center Pond Management, L.P. New York NY US 54.3 
Prophet Wealth Management Kenosha WI US 54.4 
Schroeder Capital Management, LLC Lafayette CA US 54.4 
Davenport Watts & Drake Investment Advisors, LLC Ridgeland MS US 54.4 
Buff Capital Management 54.4 
Royale Asset Management LLC 54.5 
T.t.g. Financial, Inc. Canton OH US 54.5 
Lifecourse Capital, Inc. Madison AL US 54.5 
Dempsey Investment Management, LLC 54.5 
Keystone Financial Group, Inc. Atlanta GA US 54.5 
Alliance Investment Management, LLC Jenison MI US 54.5 
Trinity Asset Management Co. Los Angeles CA US 54.5 
Investment Insight Wealth Management, LLC North Massapequa NY US 54.5 
Lakewood Asset Management, LLC Naperville IL US 54.5 
Libertas Wealth Management Group, Inc. Columbus OH US 54.5 
Shuttleworth & Company Dublin OH US 54.6 
Investment Management Associates Greenwood Village CO US 54.6 
Beacon Financial Strategies Corporation. Raleigh NC US 54.6 
Roseline Capitol Advisors, LLC Richmond VA US 54.6 
Waypoint Strategic Advisors Summerville SC US 54.6 
Investmenthunter Wealth Service Denton TX US 54.6 
Erickson Advisors Greensboro NC US 54.6 
Ashford Investment Advisors Daytona Beach FL US 54.7 
Block Wealth Management, Inc 54.7 
Bulwark Capital Corporation 54.7 
Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors Inc Medford OR US 54.7 
Plan Topeka KS US 54.7 
Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC. Lincoln IL US 54.7 
Tanager Wealth Management London, UK 54.7 
Oxford Investment Advisors, LLC Oxford MS US 54.7 
Bst Wealth Management, LLC Albany NY US 54.7 
Summit Financial Strategies, Inc Amherst NY US 54.7 
Bst Wealth Management, LLC Albany NY US 54.7 
Northland Capital Management Duluth MN US 54.8 
American Wealth Advisors, LLC Johns Creek GA US 54.8 
Keatley Wealth Management, LLC Charlotte NC US 54.8 
Incomar Investments, LLC Houston TX US 54.8 
Satuit Capital Management, LLC Franklin TN US 54.8 
Allegiance Financial Advisors, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 54.8 
Irving Planning & Investments, Limited. Lakewood CO US 54.8 
Sandy Morris Financial & Estate Planning Service, LLC Tampa FL US 54.8 
Huntleigh Byrne Investment Advisors Inc St Louis MO US 54.8 
Infinium Investment Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 54.8 
Satuit Capital Management, LLC Franklin TN US 54.8 
Gragg & Gragg, L.L.P. Shelby NC US 54.9 
Outlook Capital Management, LLC Arlington Heights IL US 54.9 
Capital Strategy Group Limited Syracuse NY US 54.9 
Financial Management Advisors Inc Vienna VA US 54.9 
Worcester County Fiduciary Advisors Inc Worcester MA US 54.9 
Sage Hill Advisory And Management LLC Saratoga Springs NY US 54.9 
Stonewall Asset Management., Inc. Roswell GA US 55.0 
Durig Capital, Inc. Tigard OR US 55.0 
Zimmerman Capital Management Salem OH US 55.0 
Wiser Wealth Management, Inc Marietta GA US 55.0 
Yanni & Associates Investment Advisors, LLC Wexford PA US 55.0 
Jeffrey Charles Lloyd Wolman Culver City CA US 55.0 
Wealth Bridge Solutions, LLC Portland OR US 55.0 
Clare Market Investments, LLC Dallas TX US 55.0 
Variphase Financial Partners, LLC Baltimore MD US 55.0 
Cs Advisors Inc. Boca Raton FL US 55.0 
D & G Advisory Group, LLC. 55.0 
Cardinal Capital Management, LLC Muncie IN US 55.0 
Forrest Financial Service Des Moines IA US 55.0 
Stapp Financial Planning, Pllc Olympia WA US 55.0 
Quarve Associates, LLC Stamford CT US 55.0 
Hurst Capital Management Albuquerque NM US 55.0 
Hebert Advisory Service Inc Golden CO US 55.0 
Spinosa Wealth Management Group Mandeville LA US 55.0 
Fortius Financial Advisors, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 55.1 
Coordinated Wealth Management, LLC. Nashville TN US 55.1 
White & Company Financial Planning, Inc. Sunnyside WA US 55.1 
Amadeus Wealth Advisors New York NY US 55.1 
Xlm Capital Management Dexter MI US 55.1 
Horizon Planning Inc. 55.1 
Amadeus Wealth Advisors New York NY US 55.1 
Michelle R. Miller Cpa, Cfp, Pc 55.2 
Steele Financial Inc. Pendleton IN US 55.2 
The Sherry Group, Inc. Mountain Home AR US 55.2 
Texas First Investment Management Company Houston TX US 55.2 
Commonwealth Advisors Inc Baton Rouge LA US 55.2 
K P Smith Asset Management Omaha NE US 55.2 
Efinancial Alliance, LLC Franklin TN US 55.2 
Avery Wealth, Inc. Jackson MI US 55.2 
Walson & Associates Inc 55.2 
Kult Wealth Management Group, LLC Brookfield WI US 55.3 
Sagamore Wealth Management, LLC Burlington MA US 55.3 
Horizon Capital Management, LLC Lake Forest IL US 55.3 
Stratford Advisors, Inc. Winston-salem NC US 55.3 
G. Allen Financial Inc. 55.3 
Charles Carroll Financial Partners, LLC Plymouth MA US 55.3 
Bac Global Advisors, Inc. Coral Gables FL US 55.4 
Ellis Munro Asset Management Pte. Limited. Singapore SG 55.4 
Kaydan Wealth Management, Inc. Fenton MI US 55.4 
Mbm Wealth Consultants, LLC Town & Country MO US 55.4 
Hobert & Svoboda, Inc. Brookfield WI US 55.4 
Olhoeft Financial, LLC 55.5 
Rosen Capital Management, Inc. Macon GA US 55.5 
Boundary Street Partners LP Chapel Hill NC US 55.5 
Jrp Capital Corporation Dublin OH US 55.5 
Gradient Wealth Management Arden Hills MN US 55.5 
Hammond Investment Management, LLC 55.6 
Tassel Capital Management, Inc Matthews NC US 55.6 
Powers Advisory Group, LLC Highland IL US 55.6 
Rei Wealth Management LLC Tampa FL US 55.6 
Bamboo Wealth Strategies San Diego CA US 55.6 
Olson Wealth Management, Inc. 55.6 
Cassia Capital Partners LLC Winston Salem NC US 55.6 
Aventus Investment Advisors, Inc. Cornelius NC US 55.7 
Good Harbor Advisors, Inc. Gloucester MA US 55.7 
Peak Investment Advisors, Inc. Gaithersburg MD US 55.7 
Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC Ann Arbor MI US 55.7 
Goldey Capital LLC Calabasas CA US 55.8 
Awm Financial Service Inc. Dba Allied Wealth Management Houston TX US 55.8 
Cornerstone Financial Planning LLC Williamsville NY US 55.8 
Mabry-calvin, LLC Franklin TN US 55.8 
Inspire Hollister CA US 55.8 
Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC Appleton WI US 55.8 
Life&wealth Advisors, Inc. Walnut Creek CA US 55.9 
Legacy Financial Service Group, Inc. Traverse City MI US 55.9 
Investors Portfolio Service LLC Puyallup WA US 55.9 
Multi Fund Management Inc Louisville KY US 55.9 
Guideline Investments, LLC. Burlingame CA US 56.0 
Nathanael R. Brayton, Cfa Boston MA US 56.0 
4wealth Advisors, Inc. Burr Ridge IL US 56.0 
Clifton, Roger Lambert Columbus NC US 56.0 
Valued Retirements Houston TX US 56.0 
Uhlmann Investment Management, LLC Chicago IL US 56.0 
Dynamic Wealth Strategies, LLC Granite Bay CA US 56.0 
Alessandra Capital Management, LLC Rolling Hills Estates CA US 56.0 
American Asset Management Group Inc Rockville MD US 56.0 
Sagevest Financial Advisors, LLC Newport Beach CA US 56.0 
Financial Advisor Network, Inc. Farmingdale NY US 56.0 
Linenger Wealth Management, LLC Glen Ellyn IL US 56.1 
Taylor Investment Service LLC 56.1 
Bullock Capital Alliance, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 56.1 
Willow Grove Advisors, LLC Berkeley CA US 56.1 
Orkila Management, LLC New York NY US 56.1 
Wixon Advisors, Inc. Maple Grove MN US 56.1 
Portfolio Design Advisors, Inc. Centennial CO US 56.1 
Capstone Investment Group Olympia WA US 56.1 
Capital Management Group, Inc. Winfield IL US 56.2 
Hoffman & Associates Financial & Estate Advisors, Inc. Ventura CA US 56.2 
Omega Capital Management, LLC Flanders NJ US 56.2 
Kenter Canyon Capital, LLC Los Angeles CA US 56.2 
Turk Capital Management, Inc. 56.2 
Peterson Investment Management Inc Spokane WA US 56.2 
Ditzler & Company 56.2 
Teamwork Financial Advisors, LLC San Antonio TX US 56.2 
Cnl Fund Advisors Ii, LLC Orlando FL US 56.2 
Tree City Investments, Inc. Lake Bluff IL US 56.3 
Bolter & Company, LLC Garden City NY US 56.3 
Evergreen Financial Advisors, Inc. Portland OR US 56.3 
Noble Capital Advisors, LP New York NY US 56.3 
Mccormack Financial Planning Inc. Atlanta GA US 56.3 
Martin Capital Advisors, LLP San Antonio TX US 56.3 
Investment Resource Group Limited Timonium MD US 56.3 
Armory Capital Management, LLC Syracuse NY US 56.3 
Littlefield Asset Management, Inc. 56.3 
Integrated Wealth Service, Inc Coral Gables FL US 56.4 
Southeast Financial Advisors, LLC Greenville SC US 56.4 
Birnam Wood Capital, LLC Dallas TX US 56.4 
Dunhill Financial, LLC Brussels BE 56.4 
The Helix Financial Group Irving TX US 56.4 
Rechter Wealth Management, LLC 56.5 
Golden Trail Advisers Burr Ridge IL US 56.5 
Tempo Investment Advisors, Inc. 56.5 
Investor Resources Inc Port Orchard WA US 56.5 
Guidance Point Retirement Service, LLC Portland ME US 56.5 
Wallick Investments, LLC Columbia SC US 56.5 
Sterling Manor Financial, LLC Saratoga Springs NY US 56.5 
Sterling Manor Financial, LLC Saratoga Springs NY US 56.5 
Valentine Investments, LLC Dallas TX US 56.6 
First Investment Corporation Bartlesville OK US 56.6 
Step Change Advisors, LLC Saint Louis MO US 56.6 
Immaculate Wealth Management, LLC Mesa AZ US 56.6 
Merryfield Barnes, LLC Ithaca NY US 56.7 
Runnymede Capital Advisors, Inc. 56.7 
Duttenhofer Advisory Group Laguna Beach CA US 56.7 
Cambridge Trustee Advisors Inc Boston MA US 56.7 
Next Horizon Advisors LLC Somerset NJ US 56.7 
Rpa Wealth Management Rancho Cucamonga CA US 56.7 
Mcdonald Capital Management, Inc. 56.8 
Metta Wealth Management, LLC Coral Gables FL US 56.8 
Pashadre Capital Management, Inc S. Weymouth MA US 56.8 
Sensenig Capital Advisors, Inc. 56.8 
West Chester Asset Management, Inc. Philadelphia PA US 56.8 
Montana Investment Advisors Inc Bozeman MT US 56.8 
Borthwick Associates, Inc. Burr Ridge IL US 56.8 
Maxim Financial Advisors LLC New York NY US 56.9 
Dolan Financial Corporation Silver Spring MD US 56.9 
Spectrum Financial Resources Troy MI US 57.0 
Financial Futures LLC Brielle NJ US 57.0 
S&s Wealth Management Grand Prairie TX US 57.0 
Pamela Krueger And Company, Inc. 57.0 
Murphy Investment Advisors Inc Pasadena CA US 57.0 
Idg Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 57.0 
Action Point Retirement Group LLC 57.0 
Hall Private Wealth Advisors Solana Beach CA US 57.0 
Miller Financial Group, LLC Portland OR US 57.0 
Lighthouse Financial Wealth Management, LLC Wilmington DE US 57.0 
Sunley House Capital Management LLC Boston MA US 57.0 
R.o.i. 57.0 
Meyer Financial Service, Inc. Aurora IL US 57.0 
Alta Pacific Wealth Management LLC Mission Viejo CA US 57.0 
Compass Rose Strategic Partners LLC New London CT US 57.0 
East Rock Financial Service, LLC San Francisco CA US 57.0 
Compass Financial Management LLC Parsippany NJ US 57.1 
Guardian Asset Advisors, LLC Mechanicsburg PA US 57.1 
Berkshire Capital Holdings Inc San Jose CA US 57.1 
Gcw Capital, LLC Hamburg NY US 57.1 
Jackson Park Capital, LLC Alpine UT US 57.1 
Byrne & Company Wealth Management, LLC Olympia WA US 57.2 
Greenblatt Financial Management, Inc. 57.2 
Financial Trust Asset Management Chartered Boca Raton FL US 57.3 
Kiely Capital Management, Inc. Morristown NJ US 57.3 
Oceaniq Capital, LLC Redwood Shores CA US 57.3 
Rmr Wealth Management New York NY US 57.3 
Siebert Investment Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 57.3 
Claremont Consulting LLC 57.3 
Collins Advisors, LLC Buffalo NY US 57.3 
Piot Associates LLC 57.3 
Ceponis Financial Group Ridgefield CT US 57.4 
Broyhill Asset Management, LLC Lenoir NC US 57.4 
Klein Pavlis & Peasley Financial, Inc. Dana Point CA US 57.4 
Genesis Asset Management Group, Inc. 57.5 
The J R Baker Group 57.5 
Ch Douglas & Gray, LLC Indianapolis IN US 57.5 
Cornerstone Financial Group,LLC Omaha NE US 57.5 
Financial Discovery Atlanta GA US 57.5 
Bayntree Wealth Advisors, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 57.5 
Baril Advisors LLC Buffalo Grove IL US 57.5 
Omicron Advisors, LLC Newark DE US 57.5 
Covestor Limited London UK 57.5 
The Wealth Conservatory Lebanon NH US 57.6 
Norwood Investment Partners, LP Greenbrae CA US 57.6 
Kaplan Financial Advisors LLC 57.6 
Edwin R. Cummer, LLC 57.6 
Sivia Capital Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 57.6 
Gross Domestic Product, Inc Manhattan Beach CA US 57.6 
Optimus Capital Advisors, LLC Grapevine TX US 57.6 
Metrics Money Management, LLC Fairfax VA US 57.7 
Mok Capital Management Los Altos CA US 57.7 
Rdm Capital Associates Inc Shrewsbury NJ US 57.7 
Miller, Fleming & Associates San Francisco CA US 57.7 
Quartz Partners Investment Management Troy NY US 57.7 
Piot Associates LLC 57.7 
Sandor Advisors, LLC Dallas TX US 57.8 
Strategic Financial Thousand Oaks CA US 57.8 
Lynx Capital Group Limited 57.8 
Watson Capital Management, Inc. 57.8 
Financial Strategies, Inc Brookfield WI US 57.8 
Shotwell Rutter Baer Inc Lansing MI US 57.8 
Mcgervey Wealth Management, LLC Canton OH US 57.8 
Kerwin-beley & Associates, Inc. Seattle WA US 57.8 
Vari Investor Service Inc La Jolla CA US 57.8 
Responsive Financial Group, Inc. Arlington Heights IL US 57.9 
Olympic Wealth Management LLC Bothell WA US 57.9 
Rekow Management LLC Montevideo MN US 57.9 
Sabin Investment Management, Inc. 57.9 
Mcclain Lovejoy Financial Planning, LLC Vestavia AL US 57.9 
Palos Wealth Advisors, LLC Palos Heights IL US 58.0 
Erman Retirement Advisory Seal Beach CA US 58.0 
The Advisors Group Lubbock TX US 58.0 
Alpine Capital Management, LLC Naples FL US 58.0 
Hnw Management Inc. Toronto, Ontario CA 58.0 
Asb Consultores, LLC 58.0 
Walstad Investment Counsel, Inc. Santa Barbara CA US 58.0 
Klopp Investment Management LLC Cleveland OH US 58.0 
Ryzome Investment Advisors Okemos MI US 58.0 
Chung Wu Investment Group, LLC Sugar Land TX US 58.0 
Oaktree Advisors LLC Bethlehem PA US 58.0 
Tres Wealth Management Group LLC Chino CA US 58.0 
Philip A. Huss, Cpa, Pllc Richmond VA US 58.0 
Princeton Asset Management, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 58.0 
Kettering Financial Advisory Group, Limited Roanoke VA US 58.1 
Seckel Capital Advisors, LLC Newtown PA US 58.1 
Creative Resources Investment Advisors LLC Warwick RI US 58.1 
Shimkus, Peter E 58.2 
Capital Portfolio Management LLC. Topeka KS US 58.2 
World Class Unlimited, Inc. Leawood KS US 58.2 
Ellis Capital Management Muskegon MI US 58.3 
Wyser-pratte Management Co., Inc. 58.3 
Downey Capital Management, Inc. Boston MA US 58.4 
Kaufman Kampe Advisors Mercer Island WA US 58.4 
Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, Inc. Omaha NE US 58.4 
Steadfast Financial Service 58.5 
Porter Capital Management Co. Greenbrae CA US 58.5 
Eden Capital Management Partners, L.P. Houston TX US 58.5 
Conley Capital Group Eugene OR US 58.5 
Timberchase Financial, LLC Birmingham AL US 58.5 
Wessel Investment Counsel, LLC. Asheville NC US 58.5 
Water Valley Investment Advisors, Inc. 58.5 
Five Mile River I. M. LLC. 58.6 
Barrington Asset Management, Inc. Chicago IL US 58.6 
Aurora Financial Group, LLC Portland ME US 58.6 
Cooper, Clay Stephen Pineville LA US 58.6 
Hogan Investment Counsel, LLC Cordova TN US 58.6 
Pension Parameters Financial Service, Inc. New York NY US 58.7 
Capital Management Advisors LP Houston TX US 58.7 
Heydorn Stone Capital Management LLC Harrison NY US 58.7 
Maine Financial Advisors, Inc. Portland ME US 58.7 
Capital Financial Service LLC Glenville NY US 58.7 
Investment Advisor Associates, Inc. 58.7 
Sensibleportfolios 58.8 
Broadwing Capital Advisors, Inc. Mill Valley CA US 58.8 
Colton Wealth Management Arcadia CA US 58.8 
Informed Investors Group 58.8 
Kotys Wealth Professionals Valparaiso IN US 58.8 
Cm Management, LLC 58.8 
Front Street Wealth Management Traverse City MI US 58.9 
Mosaic Financial Advisors, LLC 58.9 
Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC Madison WI US 58.9 
Newsholme Financial Group, Inc. Yorktown Hts NY US 58.9 
Horizon Financial Service, LLC Winston Salem NC US 58.9 
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC San Diego CA US 58.9 
Wealthcare Alliance, Inc. Westlake Village CA US 58.9 
Soundriver Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 58.9 
A.t. Lloyds, Inc Seattle WA US 58.9 
Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC San Diego CA US 58.9 
Madrona Funds, LLC Everett WA US 59.0 
Blue Chip Financial Advisors, LLP East Providence RI US 59.0 
Dominguez Wealth Management Solutions, Inc. Williamsburg VA US 59.0 
Northeast Capital Management, Inc. Fall River MA US 59.0 
H. L. Lichstrahl & Company, LLC Fairfax VA US 59.0 
Soundwatch Capital, LLC New York NY US 59.0 
The Moneypaper Advisor, Inc. 59.0 
3rd Street Capital Management LLC. Baton Rouge LA US 59.0 
Soundwatch Capital, LLC New York NY US 59.0 
Herndon Plant Oakley Limited Corpus Christi TX US 59.1 
Financial Planning Associates, LLC White Plains NY US 59.1 
Shine Financial Service, LLC 59.1 
Hancock Capital Management, Inc. Altoona PA US 59.1 
Kachkovsky & Fisher, Inc. Phoenix AZ US 59.1 
Ponder Financial Group Half Moon Bay CA US 59.1 
Intermountain Wealth Management, Inc. Idaho Falls ID US 59.1 
Weaver & Associates, Inc. Fort Myers FL US 59.2 
Shea Financial Advisors New Canaan CT US 59.2 
Timpe & Timpe Financial Advisory Service, LLC. Indianapolis IN US 59.2 
Seven Hills Capital Advisors Cincinnati OH US 59.2 
Richard Ney & Associates Asset Management, Inc. 59.2 
Sc Capital Advisors Palm Desert CA US 59.3 
Us Advisory Group Inc Wakefield MA US 59.3 
Heritage Capital, LLC Woodbridge CT US 59.3 
Mission Advisors, LP San Antonio TX US 59.3 
Wj Wealth Management Glendale AZ US 59.3 
Us Advisory Group Inc Wakefield MA US 59.3 
Echo Wealth Management, LLC Plymouth MN US 59.4 
Mcavoy Kemp Wealth Management, LLC Columbus IN US 59.4 
Lentz+lentz Strategic Investment Advisors, Inc. Reno NV US 59.4 
Stolz & Associates, PS Tacoma WA US 59.4 
Steele Investment Counsel, Limited. Dublin OH US 59.4 
Kilterhowling LLC Boulder CO US 59.4 
Fuerst Financial Group, Inc. Chattanooga TN US 59.4 
Marc J. Lane Investment Management,Inc. Chicago IL US 59.5 
Dba, Mullen Advisory Studio City CA US 59.5 
Blakely Financial Service Stockton CA US 59.5 
Vii Peaks Capital LLC Orinda CA US 59.5 
Global Evolution Usa, LLC New York NY US 59.5 
American Investment Advisors Inc Madison WI US 59.5 
North Forty Two & Co. Lake Oswego OR US 59.5 
Wealth Watch Advisors, LLC San Antonio TX US 59.6 
Klein Financial Advisors, Inc. Newport Beach CA US 59.6 
Vannoy Advisory Group, Inc. San Antonio TX US 59.6 
Gaskin Wealth Management Moraga CA US 59.6 
Chitral LLC New York NY US 59.6 
Howland And Associates, LLC 59.6 
Leeb Capital Management, Inc. New York NY US 59.7 
Northwest Advisory Inc Dayton OH US 59.7 
Ltg Capital LLC 59.7 
Capital Estate Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 59.8 
Cavanna Capital Management, LLC Darien CT US 59.8 
Lyon Capital Management, LLC Pittsford NY US 59.8 
Bbs Capital Management, LP 59.8 
Rbi Capital Management, LLC Lafayette CA US 59.8 
Gsg Capital Advisors, LLC Carlsbad CA US 59.8 
Racon Capital Milwaukee WI US 59.8 
Banyan Realty Advisors, LLC Orlando FL US 59.8 
Brooks, Hughes & Jones Gig Harbor WA US 59.8 
Main Line Group Wealth Management, LLC Conshohocken PA US 59.9 
Rocky Mountain Planning Group, Inc Avon CO US 59.9 
Yieldstreet New York NY US 60.0 
Peak Financial Service, Inc. Northborough MA US 60.0 
Dba Miller & Co. Winston-salem NC US 60.0 
Comprehensive Money Management Service LLC 60.0 
Capital Financial Consultants Group, Inc. Poway CA US 60.0 
Church Investment Group Atlanta GA US 60.0 
Occam Capital Management, LLC Pittsford NY US 60.0 
Emerson Equity LLC San Mateo CA US 60.0 
Allen G B Associates Inc. Paramus NJ US 60.0 
Park Place Wealth Advisors, Inc Orinda CA US 60.0 
Harbor Light Investment Advisors, LLC Tampa FL US 60.0 
Griffon Financial Planning, Inc Bend OR US 60.0 
Londinium Asset Management Limited. 98000 Principality Of Monaco MC 60.0 
Hexam Capital Partners, LLP London UK 60.0 
Alphaq Advisors Orlando FL US 60.0 
Royal Palms Capital, LLC Rolling Hills Est. CA US 60.0 
Balanced Asset Strategies, Limited. Chicago IL US 60.0 
Personal Financial Advisors, LLC Naples FL US 60.0 
Laguna Financial Group, Inc. Laguna Beach CA US 60.0 
Psc Financial LLC Bloomington IL US 60.0 
Peak Wealth Management LLC Bedford NH US 60.0 
Pageone Financial, Inc. Glens Falls NY US 60.0 
W & S Management Service, Inc. Rochester NY US 60.0 
The Pillar Strategies Flemington NJ US 60.0 
Mohawk Capital Advisors, LLC 60.0 
Bryant Financial Advisory, Inc. Cockeysville MD US 60.0 
Preserver Partners Memphis TN US 60.0 
Preserver Partners Memphis TN US 60.0 
Hexam Capital Partners, LLP London UK 60.0 
Richview Advisors Dayton OH US 60.1 
David S. Reinders Cfp, Inc. Stevenson Ranch CA US 60.1 
Farnsley & Johnston Wealth Management Consultants, LLC Port St. Joe FL US 60.1 
Michael J. Porro & Co. Financial Advisors, LLC Old Tappan NJ US 60.1 
Investment Management Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 60.1 
Artemis Capital Advisers LP Austin TX US 60.1 
Ajf Financial Service, Inc. New York NY US 60.1 
Financial Management, Inc. Little Rock AR US 60.1 
Robert D. Brown Investment Counsel Inc Houston TX US 60.1 
APS Investment Management, Inc. Woodbury NY US 60.2 
Sima Wealth Partners, LLC Richmond VA US 60.2 
Murphy Capital Advisors, LLC Goodyear AZ US 60.3 
Keystone Global Partners LLC New York NY US 60.3 
Maze Financial Planning, LLC Chapel Hill NC US 60.3 
P38 Ent, Inc. 60.3 
Pacific Coast Investment Advisors, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 60.4 
Ciovacco Capital Management 60.4 
Up North Financial, LLC Traverse City MI US 60.4 
Bey-douglas, LLC Investment Counsel Marietta GA US 60.4 
Garabedian Wealth Management Group Pasadena CA US 60.4 
Fortune 360 Group LLC Plantation FL US 60.4 
Crew Capital Management, Limited. Cincinnati OH US 60.5 
Bsg&l Financial Service, LLC Houston TX US 60.5 
Genuine Wealth Management 60.5 
Solutions 4 Wealth Southlake TX US 60.5 
Global Wealth Advisors LLC Troy MI US 60.5 
Bartolf Wealth Advisors, Inc. 60.5 
Aio Financial, LLC 60.5 
Laguna Wealth Advisors, LLC Aliso Viejo CA US 60.5 
Endurance Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 60.5 
Stonebridge Advisors, LLC Birmingham AL US 60.6 
Hero Financial Advisors, Inc. Buzzards Bay MA US 60.6 
Summit Investment Guidance Partners Grand Rapids MI US 60.6 
Metis Capital Management LLC 60.6 
Vector Money Management Inc Ridgeland MS US 60.6 
Gunn & Company Investment Management, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 60.7 
Wheat Givens Financial, LLC Mckinney TX US 60.7 
Descant Financial Partners, LLC Alexandria LA US 60.7 
Fleming Wealth Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 60.9 
Richardson Financial Service Medway MA US 60.9 
Gordon Asset Management LLC Austin TX US 60.9 
Klane Wealth Management, LLC Minneapolis MN US 60.9 
The Asset Consulting Group, Inc Boise ID US 60.9 
Northstar Capital Inc Boston MA US 60.9 
Fleetwood Asset Management Limited. White Plains NY US 60.9 
Marathon Investment Programs Santa Barbara CA US 61.0 
Dba Fee Only Financial Planning, Inc. Dallas TX US 61.0 
Feg Investment Service, LLC Cincinnati OH US 61.0 
Bucher Wealth Advisors San Mateo CA US 61.0 
Kyarsip Financial Advisors LLC 61.0 
Mbia Capital Advisors Cincinnati OH US 61.0 
The Social Equity Group, Inc. 61.0 
C.g. Management Partners, L.P. Menlo Park CA US 61.0 
Heinz Global Asset Management, Inc. Minden NV US 61.0 
Longrun Capital Management LLC 61.0 
Kinyan Capital Management LLC New York NY US 61.0 
Oaktree Capital Partners, LLC Easton MA US 61.0 
7 Streets Financial, LLC San Diego CA US 61.0 
Cheswold Lane Asset Management, LLC West Conshohocken PA US 61.1 
Rjj Pasadena Securities, Inc. South Pasadena CA US 61.1 
Forem Investments LLC Miami FL US 61.1 
Mcmahan Capital Management Carmel IN US 61.1 
Endowment Wealth Management, Inc. Appleton WI US 61.1 
Personal Money Planning, LLC Wichita Falls TX US 61.1 
Paragon Asset Management Inc. Orinda CA US 61.1 
Tallwoods Partners, LLC Chicago IL US 61.2 
Mosaic Wealth Management, LLC. 61.3 
Zeches Wealth Management Tucson AZ US 61.3 
Tailored Wealth Management Atlanta GA US 61.3 
Kagan Cocozza Asset Management 61.4 
Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC Melville NY US 61.4 
Letson Investment Management, Inc. 61.4 
Financial Life Advisors San Antonio TX US 61.4 
Finco Investment Service, Inc. Chandler AZ US 61.4 
Jmh Wealth Management, LLC Hanover NH US 61.5 
Kubhera Ent LLC Princeton NJ US 61.5 
Topel & Distasi Wealth Management, LLC Berkeley CA US 61.5 
R. F. Lafferty & Co., Inc. New York NY US 61.5 
Mark Capital Management Inc Fresno CA US 61.5 
Woloshin Investment Management, LLC Medford NJ US 61.5 
Wellington Capital Management, Inc Bethesda MD US 61.5 
Bdc Capital Management, Inc. Glen Allen VA US 61.5 
Nottinghill Investment Advisers, Limited Cincinnati OH US 61.5 
Abbondandolo Wealth Management Corporation Glen Cove NY US 61.5 
Abbondandolo Wealth Management Corporation Glen Cove NY US 61.5 
Aurochs Financial Group, LLC Wayzata MN US 61.6 
Tricadia Cdo Management, LLC New York NY US 61.6 
Wilshire-pennington Group, Inc. Oklahoma City OK US 61.6 
Gerstemeier Financial Group,LLC Lisle IL US 61.6 
Strategic Financial Planning, Inc. Plano TX US 61.6 
Hollingsworth Avent Averre & Purvis, Pa Raleigh NC US 61.6 
Sensus Investment Management Englewood Cliffs NJ US 61.6 
Wilkins Miller Wealth Management, LLC Mobile AL US 61.6 
Riverstone Asset Management, LLC Louisville KY US 61.6 
Apple & Associates Grass Valley CA US 61.7 
Keynote Financial Service, LLC Vernon CT US 61.7 
East Guilford Financial Service Madison CT US 61.7 
Omni Wealth Advisors, LLC Tampa FL US 61.7 
Nla Financial Advisors 61.7 
Peterson Financial Service LLC Denver CO US 61.7 
Triboro Investment Management, LLC Jenkintown PA US 61.7 
Rutherford Investment Management Portland OR US 61.7 
Jemma Financial Service Baltimore MD US 61.8 
Jemma Financial Service Baltimore MD US 61.8 
Medallion Wealth Advisors, LLC Farmington CT US 61.9 
Cephas Capital Partners And Advisory LLC Columbus OH US 61.9 
Envision Capital Management Limited Scottsdale AZ US 61.9 
Apex Capital Management, LLC. Lafayette LA US 61.9 
L.m. Wood Cfp 61.9 
Premis Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 61.9 LLC New York NY US 62.0 
Research & Portfolio Management Crescent Springs KY US 62.0 
Arena Consulting, LLC 62.0 
Anderson Financial Management Group Redlands CA US 62.0 
Successful Resource Management, Limited. Urbandale IA US 62.0 
Meeschaert Financial Service, LLC New York NY US 62.0 
Horse Cove Partners LLC Atlanta GA US 62.0 
Qca Capital Management Inc Los Angeles CA US 62.0 
Hillspring Financial, Inc. Surprise AZ US 62.0 
Contego Capital Advisors, LLC Excelsior MN US 62.0 
Bonwell Capital Management, LLC Richmond VA US 62.0 
Beacon Investment Advisors LLC Gaithersburg MD US 62.0 
Strategic Wealth Management, LLC Peoria IL US 62.0 
Horizon Consulting & Investment Service, Inc. Des Moines IA US 62.0 
Black Cypress Capital 62.0 
Wall Street Investment Management, LLC 62.0 
Larson Financial Planning, Inc. 62.0 
Auxin Group Wealth Management, LLC Akron OH US 62.0 
Summit Wealth Investments Reno NV US 62.0 
Landmark Wealth Advisors, LLC Bountiful UT US 62.0 
Servo Wealth Management LLC Oklahoma City OK US 62.0 
Nobscot Investment Management LLC Wellesley MA US 62.0 
Stashinvest New York NY US 62.1 
Cogent Capital Group Houston TX US 62.1 
Db & C Advisors, LLC Holland MI US 62.1 
Amazz Investment Management, Inc. Williamsville NY US 62.1 
Stephens Asset Management Inc Fair Oaks CA US 62.1 
Prentice Wealth Management LLC Rochester NY US 62.1 
Empowered Retirement, Inc. Morristown NJ US 62.1 
Walkner Condon Financial Advisors, LLC Madison WI US 62.1 
Martin Capital Management, LLC Elkhart IN US 62.2 
Sampson Investment Management Danville CA US 62.2 
Lewis Management Baltimore MD US 62.2 
Family Steward Wealth Consulting® North Palm Beach FL US 62.2 
Financial Investments Research & Management LLC Coralville IA US 62.2 
Mc Taylor Associates Oakland CA US 62.2 
Bernard Wealth Management Corporation. Southfield MI US 62.2 
Sauberan & Company, LLC Lockport NY US 62.3 
Magnolia Financial Planning Service, Inc. Seneca SC US 62.3 
Alkanza Redwood City CA US 62.3 
Financial Management Advisors, Inc. Tullahoma TN US 62.3 
Montgomery Taylor & Company, LLC Santa Rosa CA US 62.3 
Walsky Investment Management Inc Wyomissing PA US 62.3 
Trunorth Capital Management, LLC Kalamazoo MI US 62.3 
Alkanza Redwood City CA US 62.3 
Horizons Etfs Management (usa) LLC New York NY US 62.4 
Stabile Investment Management Downers Grove IL US 62.4 
Cypress Praxis, LLC 62.4 
Pillar Wealth Management Co. Madison WI US 62.4 
Town Lake Capital Management Bee Cave TX US 62.4 
Chief Advisors Corporation Salina KS US 62.5 
Veripax Financial Management, LLC Folsom CA US 62.5 
Ely Prudent Portfolios, LLC Chico CA US 62.5 
Nvest Wealth Strategies, Inc. Powell OH US 62.5 
Metropolitan Capital Strategies LLC Reston VA US 62.5 
Auxi Asset Management, LLC Alamo CA US 62.5 
Kaplan Wealth Management, Inc. Reston VA US 62.5 
Gordian Advisors, LLC Tucson AZ US 62.6 
Clem Investments Rapid City SD US 62.6 
Keystone Wealth Management Service Inc Glen Mills PA US 62.6 
Jeffries Capital Management, LLC Menlo Park CA US 62.7 
Stonehedge Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 62.7 
Financial Planning Advisors, Inc. Alton IL US 62.7 
Mcalvany Wealth Management, LLC Durango CO US 62.7 
Blong Financial Memphis TN US 62.7 
Pan Reliance Capital Advisors New York NY US 62.7 
Axiom Advisory, LLC San Diego CA US 62.7 
Everspire Sandy UT US 62.8 
Parkworth Wealth Management, Inc. San Jose CA US 62.8 
Hillair Capital Management LLC Burlingame CA US 62.8 
Pampel & Associates Inc Monticello IN US 62.8 
Miami Valley Portfolio Management Inc Brookville OH US 62.8 
Aspen Wealth Management Fort Worth TX US 62.8 
Lanyon Advisory Service Del Mar CA US 62.8 
Glenwood Investment Group, LLC Manchester NH US 62.9 
Heritage Financial Network, Inc. Concord MA US 62.9 
Allison Spielman Advisors, LLC Bellevue WA US 62.9 
Del-sette Capital Management, LLC Schenectady NY US 62.9 
Ferguson, Andrews Investment Advisers, Inc Charlottesville VA US 62.9 
Felicitas Investors LLC Los Angeles CA US 62.9 
Del-sette Capital Management, LLC Schenectady NY US 62.9 
The Benold Company Georgetown TX US 63.0 
Tatro Capital, LLC Lexingotn KY US 63.0 
Avenue Advisors, LLC San Diego CA US 63.0 
L.j. Brey, Inc. 63.0 
Deerview Asset Management 63.0 
Wind River Ellsworth ME US 63.0 
M.k. Brown Wealth Advisory, LLC Kettering OH US 63.0 
Bentley Financial Group Downers Grove IL US 63.0 
Keystone Wealth Partners LLC Chandler AZ US 63.0 
Oak Capital Advisors 63.0 
Park Capital Management, LLC Madison WI US 63.0 
Vioni Capital Management Sarasota FL US 63.0 
Lance Financial Associates, Inc. Burlington MA US 63.1 
Boardman Bay Capital Management LLC New York NY US 63.1 
Stonebrook Capital Management, Inc. Oak Park IL US 63.1 
Conger Wealth Management Little Rock AR US 63.1 
Cornerstone Wealth Planning Matthews NC US 63.1 
Mackey Advisors Bellevue KY US 63.2 
Meyer Investment Advisory 63.2 
Private Group Wealth Management, LLC 63.2 
Prairie Investment Advisors, LLC Naperville IL US 63.2 
Financial Perspectives Pleasanton CA US 63.2 
Merit Wealth Management, LLC Bend OR US 63.2 
Balanced Financial Planning, Inc. Overland Park KS US 63.3 
Nfi Advisors, Inc Novi MI US 63.3 
Ikos Cif Limited 3107 Limassol CY 63.3 
Wise Capital Management Inc. Toronto, Ontario CA 63.4 
Hg Capital Advisors, LLC Houston TX US 63.4 
Jenkins Wealth Centennial CO US 63.4 
White Oak Financial Management, Inc Asheville NC US 63.4 
Baird Principal Group Management Company I, LLC Milwaukee WI US 63.4 
Nielsen Financial Service, Inc. Salt Lake City UT US 63.4 
John Boyer, Inc. Tampa FL US 63.4 
Trivant Custom Portfolio Group LLC San Diego CA US 63.4 
Linker Capital Management Inc Prospect KY US 63.4 
Jcn Financial & Tax Planning Group, LLC Baton Rouge LA US 63.4 
Halcyon Global Advisors Dallas TX US 63.4 
Vickery Creek Capital Management Roswell GA US 63.4 
Heritage Wealth Management Group, Limited Norfolk VA US 63.4 
White Cedar Capital Inc New York NY US 63.5 
Planning Capital Management Corporation. Haddonfield NJ US 63.5 
Lockshield Partners, Inc. Glasgow KY US 63.5 
Lincoln Management 63.5 
Eagle Investment Advisors Downingtown PA US 63.5