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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
First Class Capital Liberty MO US 5.0 
Guide Wealth Management 5.0 
Starkey & Associates, Inc. 5.0 
Whitney Financial Strategies, LLC San Antonio TX US 5.0 
Prodigy Financial Consultants 5.0 
Newgate Financial Service, LLC 5.0 
Dickson Capital Management, LLC. 5.0 
David Holmes Cross Plains TX US 5.0 
Crosswalk Investment Advisory, Inc. Strasburg PA US 5.0 
Zimmerman & Armstrong Investment Advisors Normal IL US 5.0 
Cal Choice Wealth Management, Inc Scottsdale AZ US 5.0 
John P. Tapsak Financial Advisory Bloomington MN US 5.0 
Lens Investments LLC 5.0 
Discovery Investment Advisors, LLC 5.0 
Rariden Investment Advisors, LLC Oviedo FL US 5.0 
Marshall Plans, Inc. 5.0 
Anderson Investment Management LLC 5.0 
Liberty Hill Investing, LLC San Francisco CA US 5.0 
Ars Investment Management, LLC Needham MA US 5.0 
Knk Capital Management, LLC Mission Viejo CA US 5.0 
Alpine Peaks Consulting Tahoe City CA US 5.0 
Delegge Financial Service, LLC Schaumburg IL US 5.0 
Leppla Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 5.0 
Kovar Capital Lufkin TX US 5.0 
Neuworld Financial 5.0 
Blue Skies Capital Management, LLC 5.0 
Wealthspring Financial Advisors, LLC 5.0 
W.l. Faith Investment Management, LLC Laguna Niguel CA US 5.0 
Mattson Financial Service, LLC Grand Rapids MI US 5.0 
Quantum Wealth Management St. Louis MO US 5.0 
Robert Weston & Co West Long Branch NJ US 5.0 
G.h.a. Financial Planning 5.0 
Beach Glass Management, Inc. Woburn MA US 5.0 
Meri Laurel Weber, Investment Advisor Danville CA US 5.0 
Pocino Associates 5.0 
Life Planning Solutions 5.0 
Fullington & Associates, LLC 5.0 
H.d. Brent & Company, Inc. Chicago IL US 5.0 
Osher Capital Advisors, LLC 5.0 
Halcyon Financial Planning, LLC West Linn OR US 5.0 
Lebrigh Life Planners 5.0 
Cjw Capital 5.0 
Hoffman Wealth Solutions 5.0 
Kline Capital Management, LLC 5.0 
Alvarado Management Company San Francisco CA US 5.0 
Water Tower Wealth Management, Inc. 5.0 
Atlantic Coast Investments Rehoboth Beach DE US 5.0 
Indian Spring Management LLC Darien CT US 5.0 
Maiorini, Alex 5.0 
G. M. Penn Wealth Management 5.0 
Palisades Management LLC 5.0 
Kaner Financial 5.0 
Paul Fair Associates, LLC Birdsboro PA US 5.0 
Mehta Service Company 5.0 
Keel Asset Management, LLC 5.0 
Infinite Global Capital LLC City Of Industry CA US 5.0 
Beacon Bay Asset Management LLC Peoria AZ US 5.0 
Scott Investment Advisors, L.P. Jackson WY US 5.0 
Warshaw Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 5.0 
The Odyssey Group 5.0 
Gtc Financial Service, Inc 5.0 
Arrow Investment Management, LLC Troy MI US 5.0 
Wealth Financial Group West, Inc. Costa Mesa CA US 5.0 
Salt Marsh Investments, LLC 5.0 
Accounting Advisory Service, LLC. Glen Allen VA US 5.0 
Young Equity Service, Inc 5.0 
A. Paul Hasek, Cfa 5.0 
Curran Financial Partners, LLC Dripping Springs TX US 5.0 
Mercer Financial Group, Inc. 5.0 
Capital Financial Management Nc, Inc Fuquay Varina NC US 5.0 
Parker Wealth Management, LLC 5.0 
Crystal Investment Management 5.0 
Andover Investment Management Algonquin IL US 5.0 
Main Avenue Financial Service, LLC. Beaverton OR US 5.0 
Lawrence Investment Co. Kelseyville CA US 5.0 
Blue Creek Asset Management 5.0 
Magis Capital Management LLC 5.0 
Sunrise Investment Service, Inc. 5.0 
Ardor Investment Management Consulting 5.0 
Guncheon Financial, LLC St. Louis Park MN US 5.0 
Forus Advisors, LLC San Francisco CA US 5.0 
Fleschner Investments 5.0 
Sunset Financial Management, Inc. 5.0 
Dlw Planning Inc. 5.0 
E.j. Nickerson Co. Colorado Springs CO US 5.0 
Renaissance Capital Management, LLC 5.0 
Three Oaks Capital Management Lake Oswego OR US 5.0 
Secure Financial Management San Antonio TX US 5.0 
Tridelta Capital Advisors LLC Englewood NJ US 5.0 
Austin Value Capital, LLC 5.0 
Era Capital Management LLC 5.0 
Acorn Financial Group, Inc. 5.0 
Fortress Wealth Management Urbandale IA US 5.0 
Thomason Financial Strategies Inc. 5.0 
Onesta Wealth Management, LLC Campbell CA US 5.0 
Ballheim Financial LLC 5.0 
Tyndale Investments, LLC Washington DC US 5.0 
Quantitas Capital Inc. Denver CO US 5.0 
Clients First Wealth Management, LLC 5.0 
Decisive Path Fee-only Financial Advisory 5.0 
Cameron Advisors, LLC 5.0 
Dream Catcher Financial Service, LLC 5.0 
Key West Investments, LLC San Gabriel CA US 5.0 
Nardene Wealth Management Inc Brentwood CA US 5.0 
Michigan Asset Management LLC. Clarkston MI US 5.0 
Stonehurst Capital Management, LLC Boston MA US 5.0 
Younity Wealth Partners, LLC Beachwood OH US 5.0 
Brave Eagle Wealth Management New York NY US 5.0 
Lexington Securities LLC Lakewood NJ US 5.0 
Wealth Management Consultants, LLC Leawood KS US 5.0 
Sigma Capital Management North Plainfield NJ US 5.1 
R & R Financial Service, LLC Groves TX US 5.1 
Financial Freedom Management LLC 5.1 
Convex Capital Management LLC Warrenville IL US 5.1 
Premier Wealth Advisory Service, Inc. Chesterfield MO US 5.1 
Amoeba Growth Management LLC 5.1 
Signal Financial Planning 5.1 
Hoover Capital, LLC. 5.1 
Kevin V. Lagorio Stockton CA US 5.1 
Sidener Asset Management San Angelo TX US 5.1 
Wiara Investment Management, LLC Appleton WI US 5.1 
Stark Strategic Capital Management, Inc. 5.1 
Pi Square Capital, LLC 5.1 
Szafran Capital Management, LLC 5.1 
Weyhill Investment Counsel, LLC 5.1 
John E. Locke Financial Service,Inc. 5.1 
Beaconcrest Capital Management Boston MA US 5.1 
Schmith, Craig 5.1 
Alhambra Capital Management, Inc. 5.1 
Mason & Associates 5.1 
Trivest Capital Management Inc 5.1 
Passed Pawn Advisors LLC New York NY US 5.1 
Motiv8 Investments LLC Stuart FL US 5.1 
Bluegrass Financial Planning, LLC Louisville KY US 5.1 
Arete Wealth Strategists Minneapolis MN US 5.1 
Compass Wealth Advisors Petaluma CA US 5.1 
Avenue Retirement Service 5.1 
Alternity Investment Advisors Newport Beach CA US 5.1 
Elisea Frishberg Advisory Group, LLC. 5.1 
Strategic Income Advisors 5.1 
Jansen Financial 5.1 
Niagara International Capital Limited Clarence NY US 5.1 
Level 5 Financial, LLC 5.1 
Bohlen, Chapman & Associates, Inc. 5.2 
Buttonwood Capital Management bcm Scottsdale AZ US 5.2 
Kerns Wealth Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 5.2 
Pegasus Investment Management LLC 5.2 
Gaineswood Investment Management, Inc. Reisterstown MD US 5.2 
Brenneman Investment Adviser, LLC 5.2 
Pico Associates Oakland CA US 5.2 
Ellis Wealth Advisors, LLC 5.2 
Joseph C. Kelly & Associates, Inc. 5.2 
Empire Wealth Advisors Inc. Gilbert AZ US 5.2 
Advantage Financial Service, Inc. Littleton CO US 5.2 
Hordis Financial Service 5.2 
Addison Clark Wealth Management, LLC 5.2 
Meridian Investment Management, Inc. 5.2 
Jerry J Davis Cpa Pc Gresham OR US 5.2 
Alliance Wealth Strategies, LLC Roanoke VA US 5.2 
Olson Economics, LLC 5.2 
Creative Retirement Planning Sequim WA US 5.2 
Krm Capital Management 5.2 
Fortress Investment Advisory, LLC Jefferson GA US 5.2 
Financial Destiny LLC Tulsa OK US 5.2 
Pioneer Financial Advisors 5.2 
Clear Cove LLC Dallas TX US 5.2 
Capital Advisors 5.2 
Joseph Gunnar & Co., LLC New York NY US 5.2 
Eunoia Financial LLC 5.2 
Rowe Consulting Group, LLC Chicago IL US 5.2 
Abundance Advisors, Inc. 5.2 
Family Legacy Wealth Management, LLC Charlotte NC US 5.2 
1-800-401k, LLC 5.2 
C.t. Kares Advisory Group, Inc. 5.2 
Fairport Advisors, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 5.2 
Alpha Private Wealth Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 5.2 
Chariot Advisors 5.2 
Northwest Income Investments, Inc 5.2 
J. Benjamin Financial, LLC Mount Pleasant SC US 5.2 
Park Wealth Management, LLC Greensboro NC US 5.2 
Green Hill Capital Management Mansfield TX US 5.2 
Focus1advisors Torrance CA US 5.2 
Mdr Capital Partners, LLC Bethesda MD US 5.2 
Safe Harbor Capital Management LLC Bloomington MN US 5.2 
U.s. Wealth Advisors, Inc. Lewisville TX US 5.2 
Frifeldt Investment Counsel 5.2 
Anthony Capital, LLC Broomfield CO US 5.2 
Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. San Diego CA US 5.2 
Steward Capital LLC. 5.2 
Gateway Wealth Management, LLC Guntersville AL US 5.3 
Bridgecorp Investment Management Irvine CA US 5.3 
Drumlin Financial Advisory 5.3 
Douglas E. Macrae Sacramento CA US 5.3 
Vertical Investments Virginia Beach VA US 5.3 
The Alchemist Fund 5.3 
Chainstreet Capital LLC 5.3 
Van Winkle Wealth Management Group LLC Newark OH US 5.3 
Endress Capital Management, LLC. 5.3 
Cooks Financial Service, LLC 5.3 
Kl Zech Investments 5.3 
Davinci Financial Planning, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 5.3 
Advanced Tax And Financial Service, Inc. Snoqualmie WA US 5.3 
Abacus Financial Service, LLC 5.3 
Mitchell Group Delaware LLC New Castle DE US 5.3 
Tax & Financial Strategies Inc. 5.3 
Antunes International Investment Management 5.3 
Altus Wealth Stragtegies, Inc. Johns Creek GA US 5.3 
Bennett Financial Advisors, LLC Oxford OH US 5.3 
Joseph Seep & Associates, LLC Tempe AZ US 5.3 
Bluebird Pearson LLC Chicago IL US 5.3 
Fortunato Asset Management Atlanta GA US 5.3 
Bjo Wealth Management LLC. Arlington Hts. IL US 5.3 
C 3 Financial Strategies 5.3 
Insight Investment Solutions Eugene OR US 5.3 
Khc Investments, LLC Overland Park KS US 5.3 
Long Run Investment Management, LLC Buffalo Grove IL US 5.3 
Bolgiano Capital Management Midlothian TX US 5.3 
Westchester Wealth Advisors, LLC Rye Brook NY US 5.3 
Cairn Investor Service La Jolla CA US 5.3 
Disera Financial Planning 5.4 
Cornerstone Financial Advisors Limited. Las Vegas NV US 5.4 
D.a. Schwenker & Assoc.s, Inc. Dublin OH US 5.4 
Orf Capital Management 5.4 
Serene Growth Partners LLC 5.4 
Freedman Capital Advisors, LLC Annapolis MD US 5.4 
Motiwala Capital Irving TX US 5.4 
American Financial Planning, Inc. 5.4 
Iur Capital, LLC London UK 5.4 
Wellness Investment Advisers LLC 5.4 
Retirement Portfolio Management, LLC 5.4 
Ch Capital Management, LLC Pinehurst NC US 5.4 
John G. Baker, Cfp Chesterfield MO US 5.4 
Haese Financial Group Inc Jackson WI US 5.4 
Sj Boyle Wealth Planning, LLC 5.4 
Rawlings Wealth Management 5.4 
Zora Financial 5.4 
Bruin Capital Allocation, LLC Cincinnati OH US 5.4 
Wayup Wealth Building Group Newport Coast CA US 5.4 
T11 Capital Management Irvine CA US 5.4 
Academy Hills Advisors 5.4 
The Oakes Financial Group Westford MA US 5.4 
The Pursuit, Inc. 5.4 
Investment Forecasting & Management Lakewood CO US 5.5 
Gerard Asset Management, LLC. 5.5 
3a Financial Group LLC 5.5 
Fundamental Investment Alliance Group, Inc. Lutz FL US 5.5 
Buchanan & Co., Inc. Jacksonville FL US 5.5 
Dwp Investment Management, LLC 5.5 
Vector Asset Management LLC New York NY US 5.5 
Laughlin Financial Advisors 5.5 
Djd Diversified 5.5 
Bedics Financial Inc. 5.5 
Heartland Asset Management, LLC 5.5 
Felsing Rankin 5.5 
Solomon Investment Group, Inc. 5.5 
Mecuri Asset Management, LLC Corona CA US 5.5 
Intrusco Financial Service LLC Fort Worth TX US 5.5 
Farrell, John Robert 5.5 
Murphis Financial 5.5 
Wealth Management Advisors, LLC Shallotte NC US 5.5 
Dba Farmstead Investment Management 5.5 
Neuse River Capital, LLC 5.5 
Arca Archa, LLC 5.5 
Stephen R Williams Investment Advisor, Inc. 5.5 
Linden Ash Capital Cincinnati OH US 5.5 
Alp Financial Planning Inc. Kennewick WA US 5.5 
Courter Financial, LLC Bellefonte PA US 5.5 
The Investment And Philanthropy Corporation Sausalito CA US 5.5 
Sweetbay Capital Management, LLC 5.5 
Quantum Strategies 5.5 
One And Done Financial 5.5 
VIE Invest, LLC 5.5 
Verducci Asset Management, Inc. 5.5 
Vailshire Capital Management, LLC 5.5 
Afl Advisory Group LLC Marcellus NY US 5.5 
Coroebus Wealth Management, LLC Newark NJ US 5.5 
Ames Capital Management, Inc. 5.5 
Flanagan Financial Management Norwich NY US 5.5 
R&d Capital Management LLC Denver CO US 5.5 
Private Wealth Group, LLC 5.5 
Hv Capital Advisors LLC Dallas TX US 5.5 
Blackstone Wealth Management 5.5 
Sunrift Capital Partners LLC Avon IN US 5.5 
Bonneville Multi-family Office 5.5 
Grizzly Peak Group LLC Oakland CA US 5.5 
Burns Capital Investment Advisors, Inc. 5.5 
Marwieh Advisory Service, LLC 5.5 
Stone Lake Wealth Management, LLC 5.5 
Dsa Financial Group, Inc. Houston TX US 5.6 
Abr Dynamic Funds, LLC New York NY US 5.6 
Emro Asset Management, LLC 5.6 
360 Wealth Management, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 5.6 
Rtj Financial Management, Inc. 5.6 
Quantitative Wealth And Investment Management, LLC 5.6 
Bootstrap Capital LLC 5.6 
Trident Wealth Management, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 5.6 
Penney Financial Houston TX US 5.6 
Wnc Investment Advisors Hot Springs NC US 5.6 
Defined Wealth, Inc. 5.6 
Perissos Private Wealth Management Oklahoma City OK US 5.6 
Maximum Wealth Advisors, LLC 5.6 
Dls Capital Management, LLC Bannockburn IL US 5.6 
Allegiant Financial Advisors, LLC Miami FL US 5.6 
Hays Capital Management, LLC Brentwood TN US 5.6 
Ebersole Financial LLC 5.6 
Camargo Capital, LLC Phoenix AZ US 5.6 
Aristo Advisors LLC New York NY US 5.6 
Ladder 31 Investments Belmar NJ US 5.6 
Etf Model Solutions, LLC Appleton WI US 5.6 
Parnassus LLC Stamford CT US 5.6 
Harris Advisors, LLC 5.6 
Bowen Asset Management LLC West Chester PA US 5.6 
Pasco Advisors, LLC East Windsor CT US 5.6 
Bleidorn Tax & Investment Service, LLC 5.6 
Kinetic Investment Management, Inc. Los Angeles CA US 5.6 
Gamboa Capital Management Inc. San Antonio TX US 5.7 
Ballast Capital Advisors, LLC West Des Moines IA US 5.7 
Thomas M. Zalla, Cfp, Phd. 5.7 
Wealth Management Service Of Austin, LLC Austin TX US 5.7 
Blue Keel Financial Planning 5.7 
Wealth Partners Corporation Overland Park KS US 5.7 
Blue Ocean Capital Management, LLC Point Pleasant NJ US 5.7 
Steven J Corso Cpa, LLC West Palm Beach FL US 5.7 
Duke Financial Service 5.7 
Kennedy, John B. 5.7 
Continental Nine Financial Management 5.7 
Kilimanjaro Capital, LLC San Mateo CA US 5.7 
Merit Advisors, Inc. Oklahoma City OK US 5.7 
Iaas 5.7 
Vision Financial Concepts Athens GA US 5.7 
Joerger Financial Management, Inc. Los Altos CA US 5.7 
Jw Financial Advisors, LLC 5.7 
The Topgallant Group, LLC 5.7 
Phlox Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 5.7 
Belwood Capital Management, LLC 5.7 
Green Lane Partners, LLC Pasadena CA US 5.7 
Fat Pitch Management, L. P. Charlotte NC US 5.7 
Insight Financial Strategists Waltham MA US 5.7 
Rossi Financial Group El Dorado Hills CA US 5.7 
Crestone Financial Advisors, LLC 5.7 
Datapath Investment Advisors, Inc. Little Rock AR US 5.7 
Herrick Portfolio Management Co. 5.7 
Goldberg Financial, LLC 5.8 
Macro Wealth Advisors, Inc. Mckinney TX US 5.8 
Hommel Wealth Management, Inc. Carle Place NY US 5.8 
Collins Financial Management, Inc. Wilson NC US 5.8 
Endurance Financial Service, LLC Delray Beach FL US 5.8 
Scale Investment Group 5.8 
Shelby Financial Group, Inc. 5.8 
Mutual Fund Management Systems Inc. 5.8 
Emmaus Investor Service Corporation. 5.8 
Arnett Financial Group Morganfield KY US 5.8 
Gant Investment Advisors, Inc. Toledo OH US 5.8 
M.e. Doll, LLC 5.8 
Mjm Investment Advisors LLC 5.8 
Strategic Financial Inc. Fargo ND US 5.8 
Shanzer Management 5.8 
Wealth Management Advisors, LLC Lexington KY US 5.8 
Bedfield Asset Management, LLC 5.8 
Strategic Market Investments LLC. Farmington MI US 5.8 
Alc Advisory Wellesley MA US 5.8 
Joel Smith & Associates, LLC Atlanta GA US 5.8 
Mpc Wealth Management Omaha NE US 5.8 
Texas Elite Advisory, LLC 5.8 
Green River Asset Management, LLC Baltimore MD US 5.8 
Investment Management 911 5.8 
Fairview Investment Advisors, LLC Charlotte NC US 5.8 
Graham Investment Management, Inc. San Diego CA US 5.8 
Barony Financial Group Moncks Corner SC US 5.8 
H.j. Langworthy Investors, Inc. Willsboro NY US 5.8 
Estate & Retirement Strategies LLC Tempe AZ US 5.8 
Isectors, LLC Appleton WI US 5.8 
Capital Retirement Plan Service, Inc. Spokane WA US 5.8 
Ortman Financial Planning 5.8 
Ot: Optimized Transitions, Independent Investment Counsel, LLC Lebanon NJ US 5.8 
Mt Ryan, Inc. Lake Forest CA US 5.8 
Appian Road LLC 5.8 
Dlw Financial Management, LLC 5.8 
Ada Advisors LLC 5.8 
Crafted Finance, LLC Seattle WA US 5.8 
Nida And Montgomery Wealth Advisors Shreveport LA US 5.9 
Westward Investment Advisory Prairie Village KS US 5.9 
Concinnus Financial, Inc Spokane WA US 5.9 
Gary Burger Investments, LLC Buford GA US 5.9 
Guitian Wealth Management, LLC Pembroke Pines FL US 5.9 
J.m. Carter & Co. 5.9 
Ogorman Asset Management, Inc. 5.9 
Bob Decker & Associates, LLC St. Petersburg FL US 5.9 
Gadiraju, Raju 5.9 
Abbington Wells LLC. Dallas TX US 5.9 
Greg Hodges Financial Advisory, Inc. 5.9 
Af Capital Management, LLC 5.9 
Chambers Capital, LLC Totowa NJ US 5.9 
White Oak Capital Management Bartlett TN US 5.9 
Wright Financial & Business Advisors Fresno CA US 5.9 
Indexedge Investment Consulting, LLC. New Orleans LA US 5.9 
Laird - Altman Holdings LLC 5.9 
Image West, LLC 5.9 
Silver Oak Wealth Management, LLC 5.9 
Rincon Pacific Management Inc San Clemente CA US 5.9 
Forward Thinking Wealth Management 5.9 
Financial Planning Center 5.9 
True Contrarian Investments LLC 5.9 
Astra Capital Management LLC New York NY US 6.0 
H & H Financial Strategies, LLC Denver CO US 6.0 
Breakforth Investment Management, Inc 6.0 
Overlooked Opportunities 6.0 
Ai Advisor, Inc. Penn Valley PA US 6.0 
Orlando Investment Partners Maitland FL US 6.0 
Madison Money Management, Inc. 6.0 
Financial Success 6.0 
Nickles Investment Advisory 6.0 
Gerritz Wealth Management, Inc. Medford OR US 6.0 
Mcinnis Group 6.0 
Despain Investment Solutions, Limited. Collinsville IL US 6.0 
Mcgaunn & Schwadron, Cpas, LLC Needham Heights MA US 6.0 
Thomas R. Noonan, Inc. 6.0 
Applebrook Advisors LLC Beverly MA US 6.0 
Gunn Wealth Management 6.0 
Scamardo Financial LLC 6.0 
William J. James, Inc. 6.0 
First Palm Beach Advisory Co., Inc. West Palm Beach FL US 6.0 
Song Asset Management Co. LLC 6.0 
Grogan Advisory Service, LLC Jonesborough TN US 6.0 
Silverleaf Investment Group, LLC 6.0 
Cornerstone Capital Management,, Limited Lynchburg VA US 6.0 
Portfolio Management Of Vermont LLC Warren VT US 6.0 
Simon Capital Advisors LLC 6.0 
Brigham & Associates, LLC 6.0 
Jb Meridian Advisors, LLC Clermont FL US 6.0 
Marathon Investments, LLC 6.0 
Single Track Financial, Inc. Woburn MA US 6.0 
Strategic Asset Management Tacoma WA US 6.0 
Burke, Richard A. San Leandro CA US 6.0 
Usaworld Capital LLC 6.0 
Arrival Capital Management LLC 6.0 
Benedetti, Trent J Santa Maria CA US 6.0 
SCC Capital Group, LLC 6.0 
Frezza Tax And Financial Service Oviedo FL US 6.0 
Mmi Investments LLC Williamsburg VA US 6.0 
Global Asset Management Group Longwood FL US 6.0 
Gillespie Associates LLC. 6.0 
Barnett Investment Counsel, LLC 6.0 
Financial Investments Associates, LLC 6.0 
Douglas Brian Neyland 6.0 
Blk Financial Advisors, LLC 6.0 
Financial Vision Advisory Service, LLC. Honolulu HI US 6.0 
Lotzer & Co.,Inc. Bayside WI US 6.0 
Niche Registered Investment Advisory Service, LLC 6.0 
Golden Hills Financial Group, LLC 6.0 
Quam Wealth Advisory Group LLC 6.0 
Deane A. Penn M.d. P.c. 6.0 
Cottonwood Asset Management LLC 6.0 
Kane Capital Management, LLC 6.0 
Sundance Wealth Management 6.0 
Nvest Advisors, LLC 6.0 
Coury Investment Advisors, Inc. Pittsburgh PA US 6.0 
Matrix Private Wealth Management Inc. Lake Success NY US 6.0 
James Morgan Asset Management, LLC Denver CO US 6.0 
Five Iron Capital Management 6.0 
Swell Investing LLC Newport Beach CA US 6.0 
Ewing Wealth Management Falls Church VA US 6.0 
Newmark Investment Management LLC Austin TX US 6.0 
Mclean Financial Planning And Investment Management Mentor OH US 6.0 
Lakeside Financial Planning, LLC Burlington MA US 6.0 
Be Investment Management 6.0 
Retirement Planners Of Texas, LLC Houston TX US 6.0 
R & M Wealth Management, LLC Bethesda MD US 6.0 
Boulder Global Capital, LLC Boulder CO US 6.0 
Ect Advisory, LLC 6.0 
The Valente Group LLC 6.0 
J.r. Edwards Financial Planning, LLC Estacada OR US 6.0 
Scott And Associates Of Texas, Inc. Houston TX US 6.0 
Iv Lions LLC 6.0 
Drw Financial 6.0 
Kieffer Capital Coral Gables FL US 6.0 
Acorn Capital Partners, LLC Maspeth NY US 6.0 
7piers Capital, LLC Burlingame CA US 6.0 
Drake Investment Options, LLC 6.0 
Osowsky Capital 6.0 
Guyder Financial Group Pewaukee WI US 6.0 
Apex Wealth Management, LLC 6.0 
Apex Capital Management new York LLC Southport CT US 6.0 
Guardian Capital Group LLC Cornville AZ US 6.0 
Intrinsic Global Advisors 6.0 
Continental Five Investment Group, LLC Darien CT US 6.0 
Olson Tax & Financial Planning Forest Hills NY US 6.0 
Astral Capital, L.P. Austin TX US 6.0 
Litovsky Asset Management 6.0 
Hardy Financial Planning 6.0 
Swanson Financial Service, Inc. Lake Oswego OR US 6.0 
Thompson Financial Service 6.0 
Yosemite Asset Management, LLC 6.0 
Arizona Wealth Advisors, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 6.0 
Fortifi Capital, LLC 6.0 
Crosby Advisory Group, LLC Ashland OH US 6.0 
Harry B. Banzhaf & Co. 6.1 
Bison Wealth Management, LLC Lyndhurst OH US 6.1 
Threshold Capital Corporation. 6.1 
Strategic Investment Service Inc Burlington NJ US 6.1 
Alliance Wealth Management, LLC 6.1 
Cornerstone Capital Partners Inc., N.a. Greenwich CT US 6.1 
Andron Capital Management Corporation Lafayette CA US 6.1 
Donald J. Puff Camillus NY US 6.1 
Byerly Investment Management Inc. Malvern PA US 6.1 
Taylor Financial Service Largo FL US 6.1 
Marketcycle Wealth Management, LLC 6.1 
Rp Slater Financial Management, LLC 6.1 
Guardian Financial, Inc. 6.1 
Associates In Financial Planning Denver CO US 6.1 
Bryant Wealth Management 6.1 
Copiam Wealth Management, LLC 6.1 
Booth Asset Management, LLC 6.1 
A. Ringuette & Co. 6.1 
James D. Vooys Cpa/pfs 6.1 
Witter & Lester Inc Huntsville AL US 6.1 
Payne Financial Management, LLC. Atlanta GA US 6.1 
Winter Harbor Advisors, LLC. 6.1 
Cherrywood Private Capital, LLC 6.1 
Nebkota Financial Service,LLC 6.1 
Coleman River Capital, LLC 6.1 
Venn Wealth & Benefit Service, LLC Altoona PA US 6.1 
Ames Financial Service Anaheim CA US 6.1 
Capital Financial Boise, Inc. 6.1 
Directional Financial Service Seattle WA US 6.1 
Anthony Capital Management, Inc. 6.1 
Everyield Investments 6.1 
Rockledge Partners, LLC 6.1 
Baird Capital Partners Management Company Iii, LLC Milwaukee WI US 6.2 
Willard B Saperston, Inc. Hamburg NY US 6.2 
Global Capital Partners, L.P. Greenbrae CA US 6.2 
Sierra Financial Management Co. 6.2 
Globalmacro Capital Management, LLC Wheaton IL US 6.2 
Wells & Wells, LLC Westwood MA US 6.2 
Eldridge Street Asset Management, LLC 6.2 
Fox River Capital Appleton WI US 6.2 
Tam Portfolios, LLC Longwood FL US 6.2 
Bcm Benefits Inc. Syracuse NY US 6.2 
Larry C. Belcher, Cpa/cfp 6.2 
Linnard Financial Management & Planning, Inc. 6.2 
Monaco Wealth Management LLC 6.2 
Tower Wealth Management, LLC Beachwood OH US 6.2 
Nrw Asset Management, Inc. 6.2 
Associated Financial Partners, Inc. 6.2 
Walstead Associates Investment Advisors, LLC Baytown TX US 6.2 
Jung Financial Planning,Limited. Granville OH US 6.2 
Vass Financial Strategies Lafayette Hill PA US 6.2 
Wilkison Investment Service, LLC 6.2 
Dennis Stephen Associates, Limited. Gilbertsville PA US 6.2 
Ce Thomas Asset Management 6.2 
Viceroy Investment Advisors LLC 6.2 
Strategic Wealth Management Group, LLC Flowood MS US 6.2 
Mansoor, Yasmin 6.2 
Little Harbor Advisors, LLC Marblehead MA US 6.2 
Bull Moose Investments LLC Milwaukee WI US 6.2 
Coastal Capital Management, LLC Savannah GA US 6.2 
Prospero Financial Planning, LLC Noblesville IN US 6.2 
Redwood Coast Financial Partners Eureka CA US 6.2 
Pathway Energy Infrastructure Management, LLC New York NY US 6.2 
Jwd Financial, LLC 6.2 
Alphahedge Capital Partners, LLC Blue Bell PA US 6.2 
Capgaininvestments Windham NH US 6.2 
Moll Wealth Management, Inc Atlanta GA US 6.2 
Planvesting, LLC 6.2 
Lake Austin Advisors Austin TX US 6.2 
Ryder Payne Capital, Inc. 6.2 
Highbrace Advisors 6.2 
Sjc Capital Advisors LLC 6.2 
Platte West Capital, LLC Greenwood Village CO US 6.2 
Stratton Capital Management, LLC 6.2 
Hip Investor, Inc. San Francisco CA US 6.2 
Park Street Financial Group Vienna VA US 6.2 
Life Advisors Financial Planning And Wealth Management, LLC Munfordville KY US 6.2 
Yellow Dog Financial, Inc. 6.2 
Dca Investment Advisory, LLC 6.2 
Harper Capital Management, Limited. Cold Spring NY US 6.2 
Sar Service, Inc. Rochester NY US 6.2 
Oak Street Advisory Group Laguna Beach CA US 6.2 
Wealth Span Capital Management 6.2 
A&b Advisors 6.3 
Safe Bay Retirement Advisors 6.3 
Opulent Strategies, LLC 6.3 
Smith Associates, LLC Holland MI US 6.3 
Me Financial, Pllc Phoenix AZ US 6.3 
Neale Financial, LLC 6.3 
Churchill Financial, LLC Louisville KY US 6.3 
Thomas, William M 6.3 
Focused Financial Planning LLC 6.3 
Longview Financial Service, LLC 6.3 
Robert Dolf Tollen 6.3 
Fieldstone Money Management, Inc. Pleasantville NY US 6.3 
Spaulding Greene Wealth Management, LLC 6.3 
Stockmarket Cycles Management 6.3 
Coastal Capital Management LLC Skaneateles NY US 6.3 
Engels Investment Advisors, LLC 6.3 
Ccf Advisors LLC Rocky River OH US 6.3 
Eriksen Capital Management 6.3 
Patrick J. Keating Investment Management, LLC 6.3 
Kudzu Growth Ridgeland MS US 6.3 
Portfolio Income Advisers, Inc Panama City FL US 6.3 
Pembroke Asset Advisors, LLC 6.3 
Foresight Financial Service, Inc. Mesa AZ US 6.3 
Sabino Investment Management, LLC. 6.3 
Legacy Financial Solutions, Inc. Manchester NH US 6.3 
Impactadvisor LLC 6.3 
Bridge Financial Planning, LLC Chattanooga TN US 6.3 
Db Asset Management,LLC. 6.3 
Cyclus Wealth Management 6.3 
Pacific Beacon Financial Management, LLC Corvallis OR US 6.3 
Mordkovich Capital, LLC 6.3 
Falcon Investments Salisbury NC US 6.3 
Binkley Wealth Management Group LLC Avon IN US 6.3 
Birch Investment Management, LLC. Brookings SD US 6.3 
Morris Asset Management 6.3 
Parkhurst & Associates Cpa Pc Cedar Park TX US 6.3 
G, G, & M Financial Goals 6.3 
Deep River Capital Advisors, LLC Bennett NC US 6.3 
Byron Place Capital Management, LLC Metuchen NJ US 6.4 
Rcs Financial Advisors, Limited 6.4 
B & A Sector Watch 6.4 
Alderman & Associates Sewickley PA US 6.4 
Big Wave Advisors, Inc. Wheaton IL US 6.4 
Foresight Personal Financial Planning, LLC 6.4 
Northstar Strategic Investments Inc Daytona Beach FL US 6.4 
Colburn Wealth Management, LLC Mt. Sterling OH US 6.4 
Clifford Investment Counsel, LLC 6.4 
Ross, Theodore Frederick 6.4 
Ezer Capital Management LLC Beverly Hills CA US 6.4 
Wallach Planning & Investments 6.4 
Nault Financial Group LLC Englewood CO US 6.4 
Safety Of Principle Wealth Management, LLC Coral Springs FL US 6.4 
George Stanley Rieg, Vi 6.4 
Financial Leadership Johnson City TN US 6.4 
Grayeli Investment Management 6.4 
Priority Wealth Advisors, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 6.4 
Independent Financial Planning 6.4 
Helix Capital, LLC Atlanta GA US 6.4 
J.p. Diversified Asset Management LLC 6.4 
Balanced Plan Financial Investment Advisors, Inc. San Clemente CA US 6.4 
Goggans Group Inc Anniston AL US 6.4 
Skylark Wealth, LLC San Francisco CA US 6.4 
Acclaro Wealth Management Walnut Creek CA US 6.5 
August Wealth Management, LLC. 6.5 
Stephen A. Kohn & Associates, Limited. Lakewood CO US 6.5 
Lafargue Financial Group, Inc. Fayetteville AR US 6.5 
Dynamic Financial Solutions, LLC 6.5 
Taylor Investment Advisory 6.5 
West Fork Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 6.5 
Princeton Advisory Wealth Management, LLC Princeton NJ US 6.5 
Essential Investing 6.5 
Wise Wealth, LLC Lees Summit MO US 6.5 
Sovereign Financial Service Rocky Hill CT US 6.5 
P.a. Berg Retirement Solutions Brookfield WI US 6.5 
Cornerstone Advisory Mandeville LA US 6.5 
Rising Capital Inc. Mill Valley CA US 6.5 
Journey Financial Management, LLC 6.5 
Clb Financial 6.5 
Nm Greenberg Financial, LLC 6.5 
Steve Jensen Dba Vast Investments Alexandria MN US 6.5 
United Investors Group Crystal Lake IL US 6.5 
Carlton Hall Asset Management, LLC 6.5 
Barak Asset Management LLC 6.5 
Score Wealth Management 6.5 
Tribeca Financial Planning LLC 6.5 
5 Star Investing Milton-freewater OR US 6.5 
Linda L. Graff, C.p.a., P.c. 6.5 
Chaney Financial Service, Inc. Glendale CA US 6.5 
Lakeside North Capital Advisors, LLC San Rafael CA US 6.5 
Taylor & Associates 6.5 
Alston Capital Management LLC 6.5 
Investment Economics 6.5 
Your Wealth Matters LLC St. Louis MO US 6.5 
Scb Global Capital Management, LLC Denver CO US 6.5 
Canter Strategic Wealth Management, LLC La Jolla CA US 6.5 
Afterburner Financial, LLC 6.5 
Reliant Wealth Management, LLC 6.5 
Forager Capital Management, LLC 6.5 
Omega Wealth, LLC Williamsville NY US 6.5 
Fairway Investment Management, LLC 6.5 
Cardinal Financial Consultants, LLC Okemos MI US 6.5 
KS Global Advisors, Inc. 6.5 
Retirement Resources Inc. Overland Park KS US 6.5 
Oregon Pacific Wealth Management Florence OR US 6.5 
Peter J. Towle Friendsville TN US 6.6 
Alexander Investment Management Service Williamsburg VA US 6.6 
Asset Accumulation,protection,preservation And Transfer, LLC 6.6 
Financial Counseling Resources LLC Santa Ana CA US 6.6 
Magnolia Lane Capital, LLC Newport News VA US 6.6 
Brokaw Rice Investment Advisors, Inc. 6.6 
Prime Solutions Financial Service Corporation. Newtown Square PA US 6.6 
Trj Wealth Management, Inc. 6.6 
Stobba Financial Planning 6.6 
Wolakota Financial Advisors Ypsilanti MI US 6.6 New York NY US 6.6 
Qubit Capital Management, LLC 6.6 
Standard Investment Advisors Costa Mesa CA US 6.6 
Polestar Capital LLC San Jose CA US 6.6 
Inspire Capital Management LLC Altamonte Springs FL US 6.6 
Cypress Strategies, LLC 6.6 
Pathway Planning Inc Brookhaven MS US 6.6 
Golden Bear Financial Planning 6.6 
Langford Investment Company 6.6 
Global Vision Capital Inc. New York NY US 6.6 
Addison Partners, LLC Little Rock AR US 6.6 
Cherrystone Hill Capital Management LLC Cambridge MA US 6.6 
Fenwick Investments, LLC New Canaan CT US 6.6 
Clemensen Capital Company LLC 6.6 
Coastal Income And Capital Preservation Strategies, LLC Savannah GA US 6.6 
Mp Capital Partners 6.6 
Ratner & Associates, LLC 6.6 
Skybox Asset Management, LLC Lakewood Ranch FL US 6.6 
Titan Asset Management Company, Limited Plano TX US 6.6 
Rowan Financial LLC 6.6 
Fleurus Investment Advisory, LLC 6.7 
Full Life Financial LLC 6.7 
Ivan Capital Management, Inc. 6.7 
Indy Advisors, LLC. 6.7 
Emerald Wealth Management, Inc. Newport Beach CA US 6.7 
Torchlight Advisors Bloomington MN US 6.7 
Sunstreet Securities, LLC Avondale AZ US 6.7 
West Coast Capital Management, LLC 6.7 
Adaptive Capital Management, LLC 6.7 
Lawshares, LLC New York NY US 6.7 
Weiss Financial Advisors, LLC 6.7 
Frontier Financial Advisors, LLC 6.7 
Harmon Financial Advisors, Inc. Brandon MS US 6.7 
Castlemaine LLC New York NY US 6.7 
Performance Point 6.7 
Belay Group, LLC Baltimore MD US 6.7 
Regis Asset Management LLC 6.7 
Tj Capital Mangement, L.P. 6.7 
Stash Wealth, LLC 6.7 
Ryan Financial Inc. Denver CO US 6.7 
Jwg Wealth Management, LLC Sarasota FL US 6.7 
Jayco Wealth Management 6.7 
Eves&haines Wealth Management Greeley CO US 6.7 
Lynch Retirement Advisors, LLC. Canal Winchester OH US 6.7 
Strategic Wealth Solutions, Inc Omaha NE US 6.7 
Ebis Phoenix AZ US 6.7 
Investment Hiker, LLC Vancouver WA US 6.7 
Asset Management Service Group, Inc. Toms River NJ US 6.7 
Future Wealth LLC 6.7 
Aberdeen Investment Management, LLC Dallas TX US 6.8 
Advanced Advisor Group, LLC Cambridge MN US 6.8 
Singley Capital Management, Inc. 6.8 
A.i.m. Financial Group, Inc. 6.8 
Hardwick Capital Management, LLC Shelbyville IN US 6.8 
Asset Direction Inc 6.8 
Antone Asset Management, Inc Carlsbad CA US 6.8 
Harper Capital Partners 6.8 
Gates Investment Advisors, LLC Evansville IN US 6.8 
Great Lakes Financial Companies Inc. Twinsburg OH US 6.8 
Florissant Investment Advisors,LLC Denver CO US 6.8 
Marshall Point Advisors LLC 6.8 
Middleton Advisory Bethesda MD US 6.8 
Alphasource Advisors LLC New York NY US 6.8 
Integrated Capital Management Company, Inc. Lafayette IN US 6.8 
Pgp Wealth Service, LLC 6.8 
Hcbh Investment Advisors, Inc. Blakely GA US 6.8 
Security First Advisors Portland OR US 6.8 
David Russell Fjeldsted Farmington UT US 6.8 
Luna Investment Service Inc. 6.8 
Sound Financial Advisors, Inc. 6.8 
Narrow Path Financial Inc. 6.8 
Kisco Capital, LLC 6.8 
Padovani Asset Management 6.8 
Bridge Reid Funds Scottsdale AZ US 6.8 
Good Life Asset Strategies 6.8 
Intelligent Investments Sioux Falls SD US 6.8 
Associated Professional Investments Mesa AZ US 6.8 
Horizon Capital Management, Inc. 6.9 
Financial Consulting Service Dallas TX US 6.9 
Whitehall Financial Service, Inc. Cincinnati OH US 6.9 
Global Special Situations Research Co. Inc. New York NY US 6.9 
T.m. Murphy Investment Management, Inc. 6.9 
J. Clark Financial 6.9 
Monmouth Investment Advisors, LLC 6.9 
Sage & Bell Financial Advisors, LLC Surfside Beach SC US 6.9 
Fact Investments, Inc. 6.9 
Joseph Jekyll Advisers, LLC 6.9 
R.l. Paler Investment Advisors, LLC 6.9 
Barton Advisory Service, LLC. Lafayette LA US 6.9 
Lombard Advisers Inc Baltimore MD US 6.9 
Targeted Wealth Solutions 6.9 
Sentry Pacific Financial Group, LLC San Diego CA US 6.9 
S2o Capital Management Fort Worth TX US 6.9 
Inaltis Capital Management, LLC 6.9 
Coalson Financial Service, LLC Las Cruces NM US 6.9 
Becker Financial Service Grand Rapids MI US 7.0 
Asset Advisory Service, Inc. Great Neck NY US 7.0 
Advanced Retirement Strategies Inc. Palm Desert CA US 7.0 
Advantage Wealth Management, LLC. Lafayette LA US 7.0 
Ivy Ridge Asset Management, LLC Rhinebeck NY US 7.0 
Spicer Wealth Management Beavercreek OH US 7.0 
Alpine Capital Management, LLC Alpine UT US 7.0 
Modern Capital Associates, Inc. 7.0 
Cottingham Management Company, LLC Carlsbad CA US 7.0 
Griffin Financial Service Delmar NY US 7.0 
Index Gurus, Inc. 7.0 
Alan Baer Investment Advisory, LLC 7.0 
Inukshuk Investments, LLC 7.0 
Oak Circle Asset Management, LLC 7.0 
Lakewood Capital Management, Inc. Tomball TX US 7.0 
Bavarian Wealth Management, Inc. New Orleans LA US 7.0 
Ronald A. Lederkramer, Cpa, Cfp 7.0 
Moneywise Financial Advisors 7.0 
Chilmark Hill Capital LLC 7.0 
Fidelity Private Advisors Concord NC US 7.0 
B.t. Foy Financial, LLC 7.0 
Edge Asset Management LLC Cedar Rapids IA US 7.0 
Gnostam, International Equity And Direct Investment Asset Manag 7.0 
Montlake Financial Service, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 7.0 
Woods, Kevin J. So. Easton MA US 7.0 
The Art Of Finance LLC Austin TX US 7.0 
Revolution Capital, Inc 7.0 
Solidity Financial LLC Shoreview MN US 7.0 
Sampatti Financial LLC 7.0 
Forever Financial Advisors, LLC 7.0 
Jst Investment Consulting 7.0 
I.m. Wealth Care, LLC Denver CO US 7.0 
Klein Financial Advisors 7.0 
Galloway Capital Management Limited. Itaim Bibi - Sao Paulo BR 7.0 
Dedicated Investment Advisers LLC Havertown PA US 7.0 
Mm Financial Consultants LLC Coeur Dalene ID US 7.0 
Financial Planning Unlimited 7.0 
Hazel Ridge Advisors, LLC Palatine IL US 7.0 
John C. Farrell, Cfpr, Chfc Delaware OH US 7.0 
Aspiration Fund Adviser, LLC Marina Del Rey CA US 7.0 
Jones Capital Advisors, LLC 7.0 
Dpm Wealth Management, Inc. 7.0 
Goldmark Financial Planners, LLC Salem OR US 7.0 
Epg Advisory, LLC Lancaster PA US 7.0 
Symmetry Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 7.0 
Remington Wealth Management LLC 7.0 
Mfm Capital Management, Inc. Orlando FL US 7.0 
Hoch Accounting Nazareth PA US 7.0 
Rnc Financial Service, LLC High Point NC US 7.0 
Candor Financial, LLC 7.0 
Weisberg Financial Service 7.0 
Drew Planners Inc. Tarrytown NY US 7.0 
Compass Financial Planning 7.0 
Naples Equity Advisors, LLC Naples FL US 7.0 
Equistar Wealth Management Inc. 7.0 
Sageinvest, Inc. 7.0 
Bayfield Investment Management Company, Inc. Beverly MA US 7.0 
Vi Capital Management, LLC 7.0 
Mckissock Capital Management, LLC Warren PA US 7.0 
S.moskowitz Investment Advisory & Consulting, LLC Indian Wells CA US 7.0 
Paritas Capital Management, LLC Greenwich CT US 7.0 
Craig B. Johnson, Cfp 7.0 
Essex Asset Advisors Inc. Ivoryton CT US 7.0 
Carbon Beach Asset Management, LLC Santa Monica CA US 7.0 
Wrenne Financial Planning LLC Lexington KY US 7.0 
Good Life Wealth Management LLC 7.0 
Index Portfolio Advisors, LLC Stuart FL US 7.0 
Jason M Orsky Wealth Management LLC Westlake OH US 7.0 
Stonehaven Private Wealth Management LLC 7.0 
Patton Hall, LLC 7.0 
Andvari Associates, LLC 7.0 
Solomon Group Financial Service, LLC Austin TX US 7.0 
Axiom Advantage Portfolios LLC Dallas TX US 7.0 
Rogowski Wealth Management LLC 7.0 
Twig Asset Management, LLC Eden Prairie MN US 7.0 
Advantage Advisory Group, Limited 7.0 
Shenouda Capital Management LLC Roseville CA US 7.0 
Accrescent Capital Management LLC Oxnard CA US 7.0 
Bailey Investment Strategies LLC 7.0 
Tigress Financial Partners LLC New York NY US 7.0 
N 1 Place, LLC 7.0 
Thomas A. King, Cfa 7.0 
Horst, Roger Eugene 7.0 
Bbn Management, LLC 7.0 
Integrity Advisors St. Petersburg FL US 7.0 
Neyrey, Rene J. Safety Harbor FL US 7.0 
Clarity Capital Advisors, LLC Irvine CA US 7.0 
Aventail Wealth Management, LLC Winter Haven FL US 7.0 
Hilltop Investment Advisors, Inc. 7.1 
The Summit Group San Antonio TX US 7.1 
Oregon Financial Products & Service, LLC Portland OR US 7.1 
Beechwood Capital Management, Inc. Cincinnati OH US 7.1 
K & M Associates, LLC Ballston Spa NY US 7.1 
Capital Performance Group, Inc. 7.1 
Anderson Wealth Management, Inc. 7.1 
Steed Investments, LLC Fort Worth TX US 7.1 
Wealth Strategies Consultants,LLC Easthampton MA US 7.1 
Verity Investment Counsel, Inc. 7.1 
Freeboard Capital, LLC Northbrook IL US 7.1 
Bounds & Company, LLC 7.1 
Kristine A. Boelte & Associates, LLC Clarksville VA US 7.1 
Finnestad Financial 7.1 
Richard M Vermeiren, Dba, The Financial Consultant 7.1 
Griffon Capital Management Inc. Troy MI US 7.1 
Nextgen Wealth, LLC 7.1 
Prana Capital Group, LLC 7.1 
Poseidon Asset Management, LLC 7.1 
Sherpa Investment Service 7.1 
Oppoquest 7.1 
Saber Capital Management LLC Fuquay Varina NC US 7.1 
Paladin Wealth Management Inc. Hackensack NJ US 7.1 
Foster Investment Management, LLC Winnetka IL US 7.1 
West Ridge Advisors Henderson NV US 7.1 
Ridley Cove Financial Advisors LLC 7.2 
Dimatteo Financial Group Chadds Ford PA US 7.2 
Lindsey Wealth Management Vincennes IN US 7.2 
Palm Beach Capital Corporation Fort Smith AR US 7.2 
Demar Financial Planning Service,Limited. Downers Grove IL US 7.2 
Wealthcare Financial Advisors 7.2 
Investment Advisors, Inc. 7.2 
Infresh Financial Network, LLC Findlay OH US 7.2 
Investments Tech Inc 7.2 
Saltwater Harbor Financial LLC Brunswick ME US 7.2 
Goar, Endriss & Walker, P.a. Sarasota FL US 7.2 
Jl Capital Management 7.2 
1st Securities Management, Inc Bad Axe MI US 7.2 
Thomas Capital Management, LLC 7.2 
Troika Investment Advisors, LLC 7.2 
Potkul Capital Management, LLC Parsippany NJ US 7.2 
Behlke Financial Independence OH US 7.2 
Proplans Los Altos CA US 7.2 
Mcnally Wealth Management 7.2 
The Fiscal Fitness Company, Inc. 7.2 
Maggi Investment Service, LLC Palm Harbor FL US 7.2 
Heling Associates, Inc. 7.2 
Cambridge Asset Management, Inc. Richmond VA US 7.2 
Tenere LLC 7.2 
A & P Wealth Management 7.2 
Dean, Casey Financial Management, LLC North Haven CT US 7.2 
Michael Pappas Advisor LLC Bedford NY US 7.2 
Apex Portfolio Solutions, LLC 7.2 
Mills Barrington Advisors, LLC. Chesterfield MO US 7.2 
Oldenburg Investment Professionals Milwaukee WI US 7.2 
Brotchie Capital Management, LLC Peabody MA US 7.2 
Tracker Research LLC Seattle WA US 7.2 
The Wf Group, LLC 7.2 
Booth-laird Capital Management, LLC 7.2 
Rocktree Financial Advisors LLC 7.2 
Mln Investments LLC Bolingbrook IL US 7.2 
Legacy Portfolio Advisors, LLC Austin TX US 7.2 
Peterson Wealth Advisory, LLC Crossville TN US 7.2 
Weidmann Capital Los Angeles CA US 7.2 
Seren Wealth Advisors, LLC Houston TX US 7.2 
Invisor Seneca KS US 7.3 
Juris Investment Advisors, Inc. 7.3 
Divergence Capital Management Cos Cob CT US 7.3 
Whiterock Financial, LLC 7.3 
Lifestyle Design Group LLC 7.3 
Randall Stone Financial Planning & Real Estate Chico CA US 7.3 
Robert M Walker & Associates 7.3 
Oasis Financial Solutions, Inc South Bend IN US 7.3 
Maven Group LLC Lafayette CA US 7.3 
Hodskins Financial Management, LLC 7.3 
Singh, Shashi S. 7.3 
Marblehead Capital, LLC Beverly MA US 7.3 
Chernofsky Financial 7.3 
Summit Wealth & Retirement Planning Walnut Creek CA US 7.3 
Total Asset Performance, Inc. 7.3 
Premier Wealth Partners, LLC North Charleston SC US 7.3 
Clayvard Limited. London UK 7.3 
Lexington Financial Advisors New Prague MN US 7.3 
Midkiff & Stone Capital Group, Inc. 7.3 
Lake Road Advisors, LLC Binghamton NY US 7.3 
C Financial And Tax Associates Riverside CA US 7.3 
Pioneer Advisory 7.3 
River Tree Capital Management, Inc 7.3 
Abw Advisors, LLC South Jordan UT US 7.3 
Kitchen Investment Management LLC 7.3 
Watch Hill Advisors, LLC New York NY US 7.3 
Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors 7.3 
Personal Business Management Service, LLC. 7.3 
Surepath Wealth Management 7.3 
Tepp Financial Planning Westfield NJ US 7.3 
Hacket Asset Management, Inc. 7.4 
Desimone Investments, LLC D.b.a. Veritas Wealth Management, LLC 7.4 
Quantum Financial Advisors, P.a. 7.4 
Auxarc Asset Management Company Siloam Springs AR US 7.4 
David Michael Strauss 7.4 
Sintra Capital Corporation Durham NH US 7.4 
Advisors Wealth Management, Inc 7.4 
Edminster, Michael H 7.4 
Gordon & Associates Financial Advisors, Inc. Tampa FL US 7.4 
Investment Dynamics Consulting Group, LLC Kailua-kona HI US 7.4 
Springsteel Investment Advisors, LLC Phoenix AZ US 7.4 
Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates, LLC New York NY US 7.4 
Richard Lees Capital Management 7.4 
Money Managers Inc San Antonio TX US 7.4 
Waldo Investment Advisors, LLC 7.4 
Enlightened Wealth Management, LLC Santa Monica CA US 7.4 
Center Street Advisors, Inc. Nashville TN US 7.4 
South Jersey Advisors, LLC Moorestown NJ US 7.4 
Aquinas Capital Advisors LLC 7.4 
Brennan Asset Management 7.5 
Dba, Cornerstone Investment Counsel 7.5 
Mcnally Financial Service Corporation San Antonio TX US 7.5 
Money Matters Minneapolis MN US 7.5 
Reppond Investments, Inc. Bellevue WA US 7.5 
Enhanced Municipal Managers LLC Minnetonka MN US 7.5 
Freedom Business Corporation Austin TX US 7.5 
Life Cycle Financial Planning 7.5 
Wolff Financial Advisors, LLC Broomfield CO US 7.5 
Jackson Financial, Investment & Retirement Service, Inc. Melbourne FL US 7.5 
Brigman Wealth Management 7.5 
Halo Capital Management, LLC Mclean VA US 7.5 
Heissler Financial, LLC Gresham OR US 7.5 
Cannoles Asset Management, Inc. Dalworthington Gardens TX US 7.5 
Summit Wealth Solutions Bellevue WA US 7.5 
Mendelsohn Financial, LLC. 7.5 
Fitzpatrick Financial Solutions, LLC 7.5 
Copper Beech Advisors, LLC Malvern PA US 7.5 
Horton, Troy W. 7.5 
Andorra Capital, LLC Lincoln NE US 7.5 
William L. Reich & Associates, Inc. 7.5 
Wjm Capital Management, Inc. 7.5 
Hynes Advisory Group LLC St Louis MO US 7.5 
Evans Wealth Management Duluth GA US 7.5 
Roventini Financial Service, Inc New City NY US 7.5 
Bigby Financial Planning, LLC 7.5 
Black Druthers 7.5 
Seattle Asset Management, Inc. 7.5 
H.h. Investment Counsel, Inc. 7.5 
Marsh Asset Management, LLC 7.5 
Biltmore Money, LLC 7.5 
Securities Brokerage Service Carnegie PA US 7.5 
New Observer Capital Management, LLC 7.5 
Heritage Planning & Investing Service, LLC Evergreen CO US 7.5 
Thinkshop Advisors LLC Melville NY US 7.5 
Sphere, LLC Fayetteville AR US 7.5 
Featherstone Financial Management, LLC 7.5 
Your Secure Retirement Capital Management, LLC Pleasanton CA US 7.5 
Sarsi, LLC 7.5 
Opes Capital Group, LLC Los Angeles CA US 7.5 
Cdfinancial Orange CA US 7.5 
Integrity Financial Planning, Inc. Roanoke VA US 7.5 
Fair Weather Strategies LLC 7.5