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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
I Am, Inc. 0.0 
I Squared Capital Advisors us LLC New York NY US 3842.2 
I T B Asset Management, Inc. 2.3 
I-cthru Inc. 1.7 
I.b.f. Management Limited. Rehovot IL 0.0 
I.g. Global Inc. 0.0 
I.g. International Management Limited Dublin IE 6098.5 
I.l. lonnie Morris, Cpa & Company Plano TX US 0.0 
I.m. Wealth Care, LLC Denver CO US 7.0 
I.m.s. Wealth Management, LLC Erie PA US 11.2 
I.s.s.u.e. Inc. 0.0 
I2bf Global Ventures New York NY US 0.0 
I2i Analytics, LLC 22.0 
I4 Advisors LLC Indianapolis IN US 9.2 
Ia Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Iaas 5.7 
Iacangelo Financial Group, LLC Shrewsbury NJ US 10.9 
Iadvise Partners New York NY US 141.5 
Iaf Management, LLC 0.0 
Iam Financial East Lansing MI US 22.1 
Iammarino, Nicholas J. Carlsbad Ca 0.0 
Iams Wealth Management, LLC Elkhorn NE US 0.0 
Iangels Crowd Limited. Savyon IL 0.0 
Iapetus Capital, Inc. San Diego CA US 20.0 
Ibaa Anaheim CA US 0.0 
Iberia Asset Management, Inc. New Orleans LA US 2.0 
Ibex Investment Management, LLC Denver CO US 0.0 
Ibex Wealth Advisors, LLC Lebanon NJ US 253.5 
Ibillionaire New York NY US 1.5 
Ibis Capital Management, LLC Buffalo NY US 0.0 
Ibis Capital Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Ibn Financial Service, Inc Liverpool NY US 26.7 
Ibs Capital LLC Boston MA US 164.2 
Ic Advisory Service, Inc. Bedminster NJ US 811.8 
Icapital Advisors Pittsburgh PA US 0.2 
Icapital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 150.2 
Icapital, LLC Boston MA US 398.5 
Icbc Credit Suisse Asset Management intl Co. Limited Hong Kong HK 1752.9 
Ice Canyon LLC Los Angeles CA US 2258.6 
Icg Advisors, LLC Los Angeles CA US 3760.3 
Icg Alternative Investment Limited London UK 0.0 
Ichigo Asset Management International Pte Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Icm Asset Management Inc Spokane WA US 130.3 
Icm LLC Newton MA US 0.0 
Icma Retirement Corporation Washington DC US 31797.5 
Icn Holdings New York NY US 1.7 
Icom Advisors, LLC Madisonville LA US 26.3 
Icon Advisers, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 2211.6 
Icon Capital Management, LLC Knoxville TN US 31.4 
Icon Consulting Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Icon Imperial 0.0 
Icon Infrastructure LLP London UK 0.0 
Icon Management Associates Ii, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Management Associates Iii, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Management Associates Iv, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Management Associates V, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Management Associates Vi, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Management Associates, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Icon Wealth Partners, LLC Houston TX US 261.8 
Iconical Fund Advisors Sherman Oaks CA US 0.0 
Iconiq Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 16704.1 
Icp Service, LLC San Mateo CA US 0.0 
Icv Partners, LLC New York NY US 668.0 
Id Ventures America Santa Clara CA US 0.0 
Idalion Capital us LP 0.0 
Idea Fund Partners, LLC Durham NC US 0.0 
Ideal Capital Investments, LLC 0.9 
Ideal Life Financial Advisors Folsom CA US 80.3 
Ideas In Finance 4.0 
Idfc Asset Management Co L Mumbai IN 8665.3 
Idfc Private Equity Co L Mumbai, Maharashtra IN 0.0 
Idg Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 57.0 
Idg Vc Management Limited. Hong Kong CN 0.0 
Idg Ventures India Management Co Limited Ebene MU 0.0 
Idg Ventures Vietnam Management Company Hochiminh City VN 0.0 
Idlewild Financial LLC 1.5 
Iem Asset Management, LLC Red Bank NJ US 3.3 
Iep Management I, Limited Ebene MU 0.0 
Ifam Capital Greenwood Village CO US 1028.2 
Ifc Personal Money Managers, Inc. New York NY US 80.0 
Ifg Advisors, LLC St. Louis MO US 174.0 
Ifg Advisory, LLC Atlanta GA US 1072.5 
Ifg Russell Advisors Inc Berwyn PA US 168.2 
Ifinancial, LLC 0.0 
Ifl Financial Advisors 11.8 
Ifm Investors Pty Limited Melbourne US 52916.2 
Ifm Investors us Advisor, LLC New York NY US 13955.0 
Ifmgroup Cupertino CA US 11.0 
Ifr Markets, Municipal Market Data Boston MA US 0.0 
Ifrah Financial Service, Inc. Little Rock AR US 292.4 
Ifs Advisors, Inc Sarasota FL US 105.7 
Ifs Advisory, LLC Atlanta GA US 90.0 
Igenerations Private Wealth Management Washington MI US 1.0 
Ignia Partners San Pedro Garza Garcia MX 0.0 
Ignition Capital Seattle WA US 0.0 
Ignition Partners Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Ignition Ventures Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Igp INDS, LLC San Francisco CA US 715.4 
Iguana Healthcare Management, LLC New York NY US 276.0 
Ihp Capital Partners Newport Beach CA US 2089.4 
Ihs Herold Inc. Norwalk CT US 0.0 
Iht Wealth Management LLC Chicago IL US 487.9 
Iic Bloomfield Hills MI US 0.0 
Iifl Capital Pte Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Iifl Inc. New York NY US 1833.6 
Iifl Private Wealth mauritius Limited Port Louis MU 0.0 
Iii Capital Management Boca Raton FL US 21087.1 
Iii Financial, LLC 9.4 
Ijd Evergreen Financial Service LLC 0.0 
IK Investment LP London UK 0.0 
IK Investment Partners Aifm Leudelange LU 0.0 
Ikarian Capital Dallas TX US 0.0 
Ike Capital, LLC Roslyn NY US 97.3 
Ikos Cif Limited 3107 Limassol CY 71.4 
Il&fs Investment Advisors LLC Ebene MU 0.0 
Illac Advisors, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Illinois Private Equity Fund-of-funds G.p., LLC Chicago IL US 31.3 
Illumina Ventures San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Illuminate Financial Santa Barbara CA US 19.6 
Illuminate Ventures Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Illumination Asset Management Tarzana CA US 284.9 
Illumination Wealth Management San Diego CA US 45.6 
Ils Capital Management Limited. Hamilton BM 129.0 
Ils Investment Management Limited Hamilton BM 0.0 
Image West, LLC 5.9 
Imaim Capital Miami FL US 0.0 
Imara Asset Management Limited Road Town, Tortola VG 100.1 
Imber Financial Group, LLC Ann Arbor MI US 0.0 
Imc Advisors, LLC Columbus IN US 302.8 
Ime Financial, LLC Kettering OH US 0.0 
Imhaus Investment Advisors LLC 14.2 
Immaculate Wealth Management, LLC Mesa AZ US 56.6 
Immersion Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Impact Advisory Service, LLC East Hanover NJ US 0.0 
Impact America Management, LLC Oakland CA US 0.0 
Impact Investment Adviser LLC San Francisco CA US 268.5 
Impactadvisor LLC 6.3 
Impala Asset Management, LLC New Canaan CT US 2156.5 
Impala Retirement Advisors 15.8 
Impax Asset Management London UK 860.0 
Impax Asset Management, Limited. London UK 4886.1 
Imperial Capital Asset Management LLC Los Angeles CA US 138.7 
Imperium Partners Group, LLC New York NY US 14.8 
Imperium Wealth Management, LLC San Antonio TX US 91.3 
Impresa Management LLC Boston MA US 2610.2 
Imprint Lab, LLC Long Beach CA US 0.0 
Impulsora Del Fondo Mexico, Sc Mexico Df MX 283.8 
Ims Capital Management Portland OR US 184.5 
Ims Financial Advisors, Inc. Houston TX US 83.2 
Imus Wilkinson & Mundinger Investment Management, LLC Tucson AZ US 132.6 
Imyers Corporation 0.8 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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