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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Ja Girlando Financial Planning, LLC Palmer Lake CO US 0.0 
Ja Investment Management, LLC Hurricane WV US 17.5 
Jablonski-madill, Inc. Duluth MN US 21.8 
Jabre Capital Partners difc Limited Dubai UAE 0.0 
Jabre Capital Partners SA Geneva CZ 0.0 
Jac Wealth Management Service, LLC 17.1 
Jack Clark Smith LLC 11.0 
Jack Keeter & Associates, Inc. Anaheim CA US 96.4 
Jack L. Bartz Inc Shelton WA US 0.0 
Jack Patterson & Co. Coral Gables FL US 42.0 
Jackson Analytics, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Jackson Asset Management, Inc San Diego CA US 18.7 
Jackson Avenue, LLC 93.3 
Jackson Consulting, LLC Bartlett TN US 0.0 
Jackson Financial Management Costa Mesa CA US 396.1 
Jackson Financial Service 0.0 
Jackson Financial Service LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Jackson Financial Service, LLC Mt. Pleasant SC US 178.6 
Jackson Financial, Investment & Retirement Service, Inc. Melbourne FL US 7.5 
Jackson Investment Management, LLC 0.0 
Jackson Jackson Schroeder, Inc. 26.5 
Jackson Money Management, Inc 22.5 
Jackson National Asset Management, LLC Lansing MI US 43333.3 
Jackson Park Capital, LLC Alpine UT US 102.4 
Jackson Private Wealth Management, Inc. 11.5 
Jackson Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
Jackson Square Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 28880.3 
Jackson Square Ventures Management Company, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Jackson Taylor Investment Securities 12.1 
Jackson Thornton Asset Management, LLC Montgomery AL US 754.3 
Jackson Wealth Management Group, Inc. San Diego CA US 83.0 
Jackson Wealth Management, LLC Lake Mary FL US 317.6 
Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc. Stamford CT US 212.3 
Jacob Asset Management Of New York LLC Manhattan Beach CA US 71.2 
Jacob William Advisory Timonium MD US 83.2 
Jacobe Investments Houston TX US 25.8 
Jacober Investment Management, Inc. 10.0 
Jacobi Capital Management, LLC Wilkes Barre PA USA 384.0 
Jacobs & Company Charleston VA US 28.8 
Jacobs & Company, LLC San Francisco CA US 573.7 
Jacobs Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 934.2 
Jacobs Broel Asset Management, LLC Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Jacobs Equity Draper UT US 35.1 
Jacobs Financial Management, LLC Towson MD US 0.0 
Jacobs Investment Management, LLC Nashville TN US 49.0 
Jacobs Levy Equity Management Florham Park NJ US 8549.6 
Jacobsen Capital Management Salt Lake City UT US 210.7 
Jacobson & Schmitt Advisors, LLC Madison WI USA 162.6 
Jacobus Wealth Management Inc Milwaukee WI US 788.2 
Jacques Advisors, LLC 21.4 
Jacquot Group LLC 0.1 
Jade Invest London UK 0.0 
Jadwin Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 55.6 
Jaffe Asset Management LLC Beverly Hills CA US 81.3 
Jaffe Financial Service, LLC Ashland OR US 20.0 
Jaffe Wealth Management & Consulting, Inc. Memphis TN US 3.0 
Jaffetilchin Investment Partners, LLC Tampa FL US 439.4 
Jafra Capital Management LP New York NY US 262.0 
Jag Capital Management LLC St. Louis MO US 1077.3 
Jaguar Growth Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 239.7 
Jaguar Investment Service, Limited Marana AZ US 43.5 
Jain Capital Management LLC 3.8 
Jam Capital Partners Saint Simons Island GA US 30.2 
Jamaka Capital Management, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Jamerson-crosby Investment Advisors LLC 0.0 
James A Kendall Mba/cpa/cfp Fort Worth Tx 0.0 
James A. Casella Cpa Freehold Nj 0.0 
James A. Colley, Inc. Lake Placid FL US 9.9 
James A. Jimenez San Jose CA US 0.0 
James Alpha Advisors, LLC New York NY US 56.4 
James Alpha Management, LLC New York NY US 217.1 
James Capital Alliance Inc Xenia OH US 1012.1 
James Capital Management LLC 10.0 
James Curtis Financial And Insurance Service Costa Mesa CA US 1.8 
James D. Maxon Financial Advisors, LLC Woburn MA US 17.2 
James D. Vooys Cpa/pfs 6.1 
James E. Foust Cfp Glens Falls NY US 0.0 
James E. Weiss Inc. Troy NY US 16.1 
James F. Haskins D/b/a Haskins Financial Co. Kailua Hi 0.0 
James Financial Oak Park MI US 0.2 
James Financial Service Mclean VA US 0.0 
James G. Mcclellan Cpa Sugar Land TX US 21.5 
James H. Denning 90.3 
James Holmes D/b/a Robur Capital Adviser 0.6 
James Horton, LLC 18.1 
James Investment Research Inc Xenia OH US 6384.9 
James L. Buck Financial Service Inc. St. Peterburg FL US 3.0 
James L. Finefrock And Associates Corporation. Phoenix AZ US 0.0 
James M. Henretta Clu, Chfc, & Associates Financial Service Lyndhurst OH US 0.0 
James M. Kearney, Jr. Registered Investment Adviser 2.0 
James Mackellar Westlake Village CA US 0.0 
James Morgan Asset Management, LLC Denver CO US 6.0 
James P. Hanson Accountancy Corporation 0.4 
James Pappas Investment Counsel LLC 27.0 
James R. Davis 0.0 
James R. Martin Consulting, Inc Vancouver WA CA 318.8 
James Reed Financial Service, Inc. Beachwood OH US 204.7 
James River Advisors Forest VA US 2.1 
James River Asset Management, LLC Midlothian VA US 75.0 
James River Capital Corporation. Manakin Sabot VA US 579.6 
James Ruthsatz Pinnacle Advisors LLC Sandusky OH US 0.0 
James S. Marroquin, Cfp Austin TX US 0.0 
James T. Borello & Co. East Dundee IL US 0.0 
James V. Lau 18.5 
James W. Walker, P.a. Naples FL US 0.2 
Jamestown Wealth Management LLC Provo UT US 15.5 
Jamestown, L.P. Atlanta GA US 5651.5 
Jamieson Capital Fargo ND US 0.0 
Jamison Private Wealth Management, Inc. Alpharetta GA US 220.1 
Jan S. Glade, Cpa apc 0.0 
Jana Partners LLC New York NY US 8500.1 
Janal Capital Management LLC 11.0 
Janchor Partners Central HK 0.0 
Janco Investment Counsel, LLC Milwaukee WI US 30.1 
Jane Bryk 0.0 
Jane C. Kelley 0.0 
Janet Christine Wygle - Financial Advisor 0.0 
Janian Investment Advisers, LLC Chicago IL US 18.8 
Janice Penar Cpa/pfs Cfp, P.s. Spokane WA US 1.8 
Janis Financial, LLC Poulsbo WA US 18.5 
Janlyn Capital Louisville KY US 2.9 
Janney Capital Management LLC Pittsburgh PA US 3578.9 
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Philadelphia PA US 19593.3 
Jansen Financial 5.1 
Jansson Financial Svcs Warner Robins GA US 32.3 
Jantorno Financial Advisors, LLC Princeton NJ US 0.0 
Jantz Management LLC Boston MA US 39.9 
January Capital Advisors LLC San Francisco CA US 52.0 
Janus Denver CO US 143765.7 
Janus Capital Singapore Pte. Limited Singapore SG 297.5 
Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. Tokyo JP 0.0 
Jaras Financial Service, Inc. 94.2 
Jarbidge Trading, LLC 0.0 
Jardine Financial Group Addison TX US 38.7 
Jarislowsky Fraser Limited Montreal Quebec CA 28579.8 
Jarred Bunch Consulting, LLC Indianapolis IN US 93.9 
Jarrod Adams Investing, LLC Charlotte NC US 13.2 
Jarus Wealth Advisors, LLC Irvine CA US 1.3 
Jarvis Financial Federal Way WA US 115.0 
Jarvis Global Investments LLC 11.7 
Jas Financial Service, LLC Evanston IL US 11.3 
Jase Capital Management, LLC 2.5 
Jasi Financial, Inc. Grapevine TX US 2.2 
Jason Howell Company 1.2 
Jason M Orsky Wealth Management LLC Westlake OH US 7.0 
Jason Tate Financial Consulting, LLC Murfreesboro TN US 2.2 
Jasper Capital Management, L.P. Chevy Chase MD US 0.0 
Jasper Ridge Partners, L.P. Fort Worth TX US 13317.7 
Jat Capital Partners, LP Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Jat Investment Advisors 0.5 
Jataj Wealth Management, LLC Blanchardville WI US 9.7 
Javelin Venture Partners Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Jay A. Fishman, Limited Troy MI US 476.0 
Jayco Wealth Management 6.7 
Jaye C. Jarrett & Co., Inc. 0.0 
Jayhawk Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Jaykay Wealth Advisors, Inc. Houston TX US 88.3 
Jazz Venture Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Jazz Wealth Managers, Inc. 0.0 
Jb Capital Partners 0.0 
Jb Financial Service, Inc. Omaha NE US 19.9 
Jb Fitz Inc. 0.0 
Jb Independent Financial, Inc. 35.1 
Jb Investment Management, LLC Brookfield WI US 593.9 
Jb Investments Management, LLC 0.0 
Jb Meridian Advisors, LLC Clermont FL US 6.0 
Jb Wealth Management LLC 2.0 
Jb, Inc. 0.0 
Jba Financial Advisors Timonium MD US 8.8 
Jbb Financial, LLC 0.0 
Jbc Wealth Advisors, LLC Madison WI US 0.0 
Jbf Capital, Inc. 925.6 LLC New York NY US 62.0 
Jbj Investment Partners, LLC Charleston SC US 324.3 
Jbl Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Jbl Wealth Advisory 1.2 
Jbl Wealth Strategies San Diego CA US 14.7 
Jbr Co. Financial Management Inc. Ardmore OK US 76.7 
Jbt Capital, Inc New York NY US 27.3 
Jc Financial Planning & Investments, LLC 21.7 
Jc Miano Investment Advisory Utica NY US 49.5 
Jcam Investments Limited London UK 0.0 
Jcap Advisors, LLC Memphis TN US 105.4 
Jcb Financial, Inc. 10.6 
Jcd Investments, LLC Columbus IN US 9.2 
Jcd Wealth Management Julesburg CO US 0.0 
Jcg Capital Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
Jcg Investments, LLC Lincoln CA US 0.0 
Jcm Advisory Service, LLC Plymouth MA US 0.0 
Jcm Capital Management 10.5 
Jcm Fund Manager, LLC Plymouth MA US 0.0 
Jcn Financial & Tax Planning Group, LLC Baton Rouge LA US 63.4 
Jcp Investment Management, LLC Houston TX US 48.8 
Jcp Securities, Inc. Irvine CA US 0.0 
Jcr Capital Investment Corporation Denver CO USA 592.8 
Jcsd Capital, LLC Walnut Creek CA US 214.8 
Jcw Partners, LLC Honolulu HI US 44.7 
Jd Capital Management LLC Greenwich CT US 474.8 
Jd Financial, LLC Marshfield MA US 0.0 
Jd Investment Management 0.4 
Jd Investment Management, LLC Salt Lake City UT US 14.3 
Jd Miller Cpa, A Professional Corporation Vallejo CA US 26.3 
Jd Powers Financial Service, Inc. Knoxville TN US 23.1 
Jd Wealth, LLC Beijing CN 0.0 
Jdg Management, LLC Malibu CA US 0.0 
Jdg Wealth Management Group, LLC Arlington TX US 0.0 
Jdh Asset Management, LLC 10.9 
Jdh Wealth Management, LLC Santa Rosa CA US 146.2 
Jdm Financial Group LLC 65.0 
Jdm Investment Counsel, LLC Columbus OH US 13.3 
Jdm Wealth Management, LLC Newton MA US 25.2 
Jdn Capital Management, L.P. San Ramon CA US 0.0 
Jdn Financial LLC 1.0 
Jdp Capital Management 0.0 
Jds Investment Management 15.4 
Jds Wealth Management Corporation. Mooresville NC US 0.0 
Jduesenberg Financial Woodbury MN US 0.0 
Jdv Wealth Advisors, LLC 1.1 
Je Wilson Advisors, LLC Columbia SC US 115.5 
Jeanne M. H. Keller 0.0 
Jecohen & Co., LLC New Orleans LA US 13.2 
Jedi Management, Inc. Fort Lee NJ US 27.3 
Jedi, LLC 0.0 
Jeereddi Investments, LP Los Angeles CA US 82.0 
Jeff Harris & Associates, Inc. Harrisonburg VA US 53.1 
Jeff Sprowles And Associates, LLC 32.2 
Jefferies Capital Partners LLC New York NY US 271.6 
Jefferies Finance LLC New York NY US 4812.6 
Jefferies Investment Advisers, LLC New York NY US 4590.2 
Jefferson Asset Management 0.0 
Jefferson Capital Partners, Limited. Richmond VA US 0.0 
Jefferson Partners Fund 4.5 Management Corporation. East York, On CA 0.0 
Jeffery & Jeffery Capital Management, Inc. Rochester NY US 9.1 
Jeffery C. Welch And Associates, Inc. 16.9 
Jeffrey A Bogart Investment Advisor Mayfield Hts OH US 18.0 
Jeffrey Charles Lloyd Wolman Culver City CA US 55.0 
Jeffrey Gall Wealth Advisors Walnut Creek CA US 0.0 
Jeffrey J. Brown, Cfp East Providence RI US 27.8 
Jeffrey M. Schroeder, P.a. Longwood FL US 10.2 
Jeffrey Matthews Wealth Management, LLC Florham Park NJ US 15.8 
Jeffrey N. Mehler, Cfp LLC Essex CT USA 164.9 
Jeffrey R. Jacobs, Cpa Miami FL US 0.8 
Jeffrey T King 22.0 
Jeffrey Walter Heisey Fort Lauderdale FL US 0.0 
Jeffrey Wilkins, Registered Investment Adviser 0.0 
Jeffries Capital Management, LLC Menlo Park CA US 62.7 
Jeffs, Robin 1.5 
Jeh Financial Advisors LLC 1.6 
Jei Investment Management, LLC Berkeley CA US 0.0 
Jekada Financial Group Littleton CO US 2.8 
Jemma Financial Service Baltimore MD USA 61.8 
Jemstep, Inc. Los Altos CA US 0.0 
Jenkins Wealth Centennial CO US 63.4 
Jennings Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 0.3 
Jennings Financial Planning, Inc. Honolulu HI US 10.3 
Jennings Investment Group, Inc. Smyrna Tn 0.0 
Jennison Associates LLC New York NY US 174431.0 
Jennwealth Advisors Chattahoochee Hills GA US 0.0 
Jenny A Puchta Cpa 0.0 
Jensen Capital Asset Management Solana Beach CA US 0.0 
Jensen Investment Management Inc. Lake Oswego OR US 6181.2 
Jensen Investors, Ria 1.0 
Jensen Wealth Advisors Palm Desert CA US 0.0 
Jentner Wealth Management Akron OH US 279.1 
Jepsen Financial 20.0 
Jepson Financial Advisors, P.a. Caribou ME US 32.6 
Jerica Capital Management LP New York NY USA 0.0 
Jericho Capital Asset Management L.P. New York NY USA 2865.8 
Jerome Ben Vernazza 0.0 
Jerome Lewis 0.0 
Jerrmar Capital Management, Inc. Troy MI US 92.5 
Jerry J Davis Cpa Pc Gresham OR US 5.2 
Jerry Potter Financial 1.8 
Jersey Benefits Advisors 16.2 
Jersey Shore Financial Advisors LLC Tinton Falls NJ US 0.0 
Jersey Shore Portfolio Management, LLC 2.5 
Jersin Financial Service 17.0 
Jervis Alternative Asset Management Co. jaamco, LP 9.4 
Jes Global Capital GP Ii, LLC Wellington FL US 0.0 
Jes Global Capital GP, LLC Wellington FL US 0.0 
Jess S. Morgan & Company., Inc. Los Angeles CA US 166.1 
Jesse Investment Advisors Inc Louisville KY US 39.5 
Jessnick Capital Management,LLC San Francisco CA US 22.1 
Jet Capital Investors, LP New York NY US 2140.6 
Jetstream Capital LLC Brentwood TN US 0.0 
Jewel Investments New York NY US 0.0 
Jf International Management Inc. Hong Kong HK 2035.6 
Jfa Advisors, LLC Greenville SC US 0.0 
Jfb Holdings Corporation Atlanta GA US 136.5 
Jfg Wealth Management, LLC Denver CO US 0.0 
Jfk Advisory Service, LLC 1.1 
Jfl Capital Management LLC Lakeway TX US 150.0 
Jfl Financial Service, LLC Newburyport MA US 14.1 
Jfl Total Wealth Management, LLC Boonton NJ US 0.0 
Jfr Financial Service, Inc. Trenton MI US 135.6 
Jfs Wealth Advisors, LLC Hermitage PA US 1752.5 
Jfthompson Wealth Management Greenwood Village CO US 12.5 
Jg Capital LLC 0.0 
Jgb Analytics 0.0 
Jgb Capital Management L.P. Westport CT US 0.0 
Jgc Wealth Management, LLC Salem OR US 48.4 
Jgd Investment Management, LLC 0.0 
Jge Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Jgm Wealth Management, LLC 0.2 
Jgp Global Gest?o De Recursos LTDA. Rio De Janeiro BR 0.0 
Jgr Financial Solutions 31.9 
Jgs Wealth Management, LLC Colchester CT US 0.0 
Jh Partners, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Jh White Financial Service LLC 19.5 
Jhb - Growth - Ria 1.1 
Jhl Capital Group LLC Chicago IL US 3271.9 
Jiffer Quantitative Investments LLC 0.0 
Jigsaw Financial 0.1 
Jim Earl Financial 0.6 
Jim Goldinger Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Jim Hannley, LLC Tucson AZ US 2.8 
Jim Mckeever, Cfp, Chfc Newport Beach CA US 2.5 
Jim Neuman & Associates, P.c. Longview TX US 0.0 
Jim Poe & Associates, Inc. Ft. Worth TX US 65.3 
Jim Roberts - Centennial Securities Advisory Service, LLC St. Joseph MI US 0.0 
Jim Saulnier & Associates, LLC Fort Collins CO US 0.0 
Jim Seagrave & Associates, LLC Middlefield CT US 0.0 
Jiuding Dingfeng Advisors Limited George Town KY 0.0 
Jive Asset Gestao De Recursos LTDA Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Jj Investment Company 25.5 
Jjcc Financial, Inc. 0.0 
Jjj Advisors Inc Greenwood Village CO US 417.9 
Jjp Capital Management, Inc. Columbia MO US 164.9 
Jjs Capital Management 0.0 
Jjsa Advisors, Limited. Virginia Beach VA US 48.4 
Jk Capital Management Limited. Hong Kong CN 0.0 
Jk Financial Planning,Inc. Vernon Hills IL US 0.8 
Jk&b Management V, L.P. Chicago IL US 0.0 
Jkay Securities Corporation 1.3 
Jkd Capital, LLC 0.0 
Jkmilne Asset Management Fort Myers FL US 1384.6 
Jl Capital Management 7.2 
Jl Robuck Company Laguna Niguel CA US 0.0 
Jl Squared Group, LLC Philadelphia PA US 379.5 
Jla Investment Management 16.6 
Jlb & Associates Inc Plymouth MI USA 403.7 
Jlb Capital Management LLC San Diego CA US 4.5 
Jlb Investments, LLC Oradell NJ US 0.0 
Jlfranklin Wealth Planning Larkspur CA US 88.8 
Jlj Capital Management, LLC 18.4 
Jll Partners Fch, Inc. New York NY US 128.2 
Jll Partners LLC New York NY US 4115.0 
Jlp Capital Management Linwood NJ US 4.7 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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