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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
L & B Realty Advisors, LLP Dallas TX US 748.6 
L & M Wealth Management And Retirement Solutions, LLC Oklahoma City OK US 34.5 
L & S Advisors, Inc Los Angeles CA US 517.3 
L Capital Management SAS Paris FR 0.0 
L Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
L Catterton Greenwich CT US 5659.5 
L Catterton Ebene MU 0.0 
L Squared Wealth Management 4.2 
L Street Capital Management 1.7 
L&a Capital Advisors, LLC Raleigh NC US 2.2 
L&l Financial Service, LLP Mobile AL US 24.0 
L&l Partners Wealth Management, LLC Suffern NY US 18.5 
L. C. Bhandari & Co. 161.5 
L. Cooper Investments 70.8 
L. Jane Heist Wealth Management, Inc. 13.7 
L. Roy Papp & Associates, LLP Phoenix AZ US 794.9 
L.a. Burton & Associates, Inc. Springfield IL US 174.7 
L.f. Howard Associates Inc Boston MA US 48.8 
L.g. Smith Financial Service Long Beach CA US 0.0 
L.j. Brey, Inc. 63.0 
L.m. Kohn & Company Cincinnati OH US 802.6 
L.m. Wood Cfp 61.9 
L2 Asset Management, LLC Boston MA US 93.3 
La Ferla Group LLC Garden City NY US 185.5 
La Jolla Asset Management, Inc. San Diego CA US 37.2 
La Jolla Economics 0.0 
La Jolla Institute For Wealth Management La Jolla CA US 40.2 
La Loma Capital Berkeley CA US 0.9 
Labrador Investments, LLC Cincinnati OH US 12.1 
Labrador Ventures San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Labrum Wealth Management, LLC Carlsbad CA US 270.6 
Lach Financial Louisville KY US 2.4 
Lacuna LLC Boulder CO US 0.0 
Lad Capital, Inc. 1.6 
Ladd Capital Management LLC New Haven CT US 103.4 
Ladder 31 Investments Belmar NJ US 5.6 
Ladder Capital Asset Management LLC New York NY US 10.0 
Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management Inc New York NY US 1996.2 
Ladenburg Thalmann Fund Management LLC New York NY US 24.5 
Ladera Investments, LLC Los Altos CA US 0.0 
Ladin Financial Group, Inc. Coral Gables FL US 0.0 
Ladyface Capital, LLC Calabasas CA US 0.0 
Lafargue Financial Group, Inc. Fayetteville AR US 6.5 
Lafayette Advisors LLC Norfolk VA US 85.1 
Lafayette Investments, Inc. Ashton MD US 378.2 
Lafer Management Corporation. New York NY US 0.0 
Laffer Investments Inc Nashville TN US 380.9 
Lafise Securities Corporation Miami FL US 0.0 
Lafitte Capital Management LP Austin TX US 199.4 
Laflam And Haggerty Investment Advisers Corporation. 22.6 
Lafleur & Godfrey LLC Grand Rapids MI US 397.0 
Lafosse Asset Management Los Gatos CA US 0.0 
Lager & Company, Inc. 25.5 
Lagoda Investment Management, L.P. New York NY US 807.0 
Lagos Wealth Advisors Diamond Bar CA US 13.7 
Lagrande Global LLC Hanover NH US 84.0 
Laguna Capital Management, Inc. Santa Barbara CA US 37.0 
Laguna Financial Advisory Laguna Hills CA US 29.9 
Laguna Financial Group, Inc. Laguna Beach CA US 60.0 
Laguna Investment Service 3.5 
Laguna Wealth Advisors, LLC Aliso Viejo CA US 60.5 
Lagunitas Asset Management, LLC Folsom CA US 20.0 
Lai Capital Management LLC Newport Beach CA US 8.6 
Laidlaw Asset Management, LLC. New York NY US 9.9 
Lailaps Capital, LLC. Abbeville LA US 17.2 
Laine Financial Group, Inc. 7.6 
Laird - Altman Holdings LLC 5.9 
Laird Landon Consulting, Inc. 0.0 
Laird Norton Wealth Management Seattle WA US 1466.3 
Lajala & Associates Campbell CA US 0.0 
Lake Advisory Group The Villages FL US 28.0 
Lake Austin Advisors Austin TX US 6.2 
Lake Avenue Financial, LLC Pasadena CA US 77.3 
Lake Bridge Capital Toronto, Ontario CA 0.0 
Lake Capital Management LLC Chicago IL US 522.5 
Lake Hill Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 155.2 
Lake Jericho, LLC 2.1 
Lake Mary Wealth Management, LLC Lake Mary FL US 78.1 
Lake Pacific Partners Chicago IL US 0.0 
Lake Partners,Inc. Stamford CT US 270.9 
Lake Point Wealth Management, LLC Heath TX US 0.0 
Lake Road Advisors, LLC Binghamton NY US 7.3 
Lake Street Advisors Group, LLC Portsmouth NH US 2056.9 
Lake Street Advisors, LLC Portsmouth NH US 1817.5 
Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, Inc. 114.8 
Lakefront Wealth Management, LLC 0.0 
Lakekat Advisory, LLC Wausau WI US 0.0 
Lakeland Investment Advisors, LLC. 10.5 
Lakeland Investor Service, Inc. 8.7 
Lakeland Wealth Management LLC Memphis TN US 4.8 
Lakeshore Management, LLC Grosse Pointe Farms MI US 0.0 
Lakeside Advisors Inc Seattle WA US 243.9 
Lakeside Capital Partners, L.P. Dallas TX US 0.0 
Lakeside Financial 2.0 
Lakeside Financial LLC 10.6 
Lakeside Financial Planning, LLC Burlington MA US 6.0 
Lakeside Financial Service, LLC Cornelius NC US 10.0 
Lakeside Fund, Limited. Sylvania OH US 0.8 
Lakeside North Capital Advisors, LLC San Rafael CA US 6.5 
Lakeside Virtual Family Office, LLC Toluca Lake CA US 30.0 
Lakeside Wealth Management Group, LLC Chesterton IN US 850.8 
Lakeview Asset Management, LLC 19.2 
Lakeview Capital Advisors 0.0 
Lakeview Capital Partners, LLC Atlanta GA US 2080.1 
Lakeview Equity Partners, LLC Milwaukee WI US 0.0 
Lakeview Financial Group LLC Seattle WA US 327.9 
Lakeview Investment Advisors, LLC 52.7 
Lakeville Capital Management Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Lakewater Capital LLC Skaneateles NY US 134.9 
Lakewood Asset Management, LLC Naperville IL US 54.5 
Lakewood Asset Management, LLC 0.0 
Lakewood Capital Management, Inc. Tomball TX US 7.0 
Lakewood Capital Management, LP New York NY US 5206.0 
Lakshmi Capital Management LLC Beverly Hills CA US 0.3 
Lal Limited. 16.2 
Lally Wealth Management, LLC East Greenwich RI US 0.0 
Lam Securities Investments, Inc. 0.0 
Lamberson Knight Wealth Management LLC 0.6 
Lambert Capital Management 22.0 
Lambert, J Jeffrey Folsom CA US 11.0 
Lamble Consulting LLC Bristol IN US 0.0 
Lamco Advisory Service Inc. Lake Mary FL US 2170.7 
Lamia Financial Group, Inc. Thousand Oaks CA US 186.8 
Laminar Wealth LLC Chesterfield MO US 13.2 
Lamke Financial LLC Ballwin MO US 0.0 
Lamond Capital Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 252.3 
Lamonge Capital Management, LLC 0.8 
Lamont Trading Advisors, Inc. Decatur AL US 10.1 
Lamorinda Financial Planning, LLC Lafayette CA US 0.0 
Lampe, Conway & Co. LLC New York NY US 86.0 
Lampert & Associates LLC Alexandria VA US 0.0 
Lamplighter Capital Management 1.6 
Lancaster County Financial Group, LLC Lancaster PA US 10.3 
Lancaster Investment Management LLP London UK 2117.1 
Lance Financial Associates, Inc. Burlington MA US 63.1 
Land & Buildings Investment Management, LLC Stamford CT US 315.8 
Land Advisory Co., LLC St. Louis MO US 11.3 
Landaas & Company Milwaukee WI US 808.1 
Landau Advisory LLC 0.0 
Landau Arnold Laufer Wealth Management, LLC Babylon NY US 34.2 
Lander & Associates Inc Oak Hill VA US 105.3 
Landfall Financial Advisors, Inc. 11.0 
Landis Lawrence Laguna Beach CA US 0.0 
Landmark Advisers Inc Simsbury CT US 27.2 
Landmark Advisors Nevada Las Vegas NV US 2.8 
Landmark Advisors, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Landmark Banyan Real Estate Advisors LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Landmark Capital Inc. Oak Brook IL US 90.5 
Landmark Equity Advisors LLC Simsbury CT US 6846.4 
Landmark Financial Advisors, LLC Bowling Green KY US 227.0 
Landmark Financial Advisory Service, LLC Pittsford NY US 0.0 
Landmark Financial Planning, LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Landmark Management, Inc. New York NY US 2411.5 
Landmark Partners LLC Simsbury CT US 0.0 
Landmark Realty Advisors LLC Simsbury CT US 3269.4 
Landmark Wealth Advisors, LLC Bountiful UT US 62.0 
Landmark Wealth Management Amherst NY US 166.9 
Landmark Wealth Management, LLC Melville NY US 67.9 
Landolt Securities, Inc. Oshkosh WI US 50.6 
Landor & Fuest Capital Managers, LLC 30.8 
Landphair Wealth Management LLC 1.7 
Landscape Capital Management LLC Englewood NJ US 1126.8 
Landy Investment Management LLC 2.4 
Lane Asset Management 10.0 
Lane Brothers & Co Inc Prescott AZ US 94.9 
Lane Financial Management, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 2.9 
Lane Florence, LLC Cameron Park CA US 0.0 
Lane Hipple - Wealth Management Group Moorestown NJ US 130.0 
Laneve Financial Guidance LLC Lynchburg VA US 33.6 
Lang & Becker, Inc. Washington MO US 48.0 
Lang Advisors LLC Covington KY US 159.0 
Lang And Associates Oshkosh 0.0 
Lang Asset Management, Inc. Marietta GA US 25.0 
Lang Capital Bluffton SC US 43.8 
Langdon Associates,Inc. 15.7 
Langdon Financial Management, Inc. Springfield IL US 36.5 
Lange Asset Management, Inc. 26.4 
Lange Financial Group, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 0.0 
Langford Investment Company 6.6 
Langley Financial, LLC 15.5 
Langway Capital Management 3.5 
Lanier Asset Management, LLC Louisville KY US 104.0 
Lanier Financial Group LLC 3.3 
Lanni Capital Investments LLC Alamo CA US 12.1 
Lanning Financial Inc. San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Lanphier Capital Management, Inc. 40.0 
Lansdowne Partners uk LLP London UK 35826.0 
Lansdowne Wealth Management, LLC Mystic CT US 17.1 
Lansing Investments, LLC 11.0 
Lanson Advisors, LLC St. Petersburg FL US 21.0 
Lantern Financial, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC Melville NY US 57.9 
Lantzman Management San Diego CA US 0.0 
Lanx Management, LLC New York NY US 423.5 
Lanyon Advisory Service Del Mar CA US 62.8 
Lao, Solomon C. Upland CA US 0.0 
Lap Latin American Partners Washington DC US 302.7 
Lapenna Investments Inc 0.0 
Lapides Asset Management, LLC Greenwich CT US 591.0 
Lapis Advisers, LP San Francisco CA US 327.4 
Laplace Fund Management LLC Grand Bay MU 0.0 
Lara, May & Associates, LLC Falls Church VA US 322.3 
Laramar Multi-family Value Manager, LLC Chicago IL US 1419.7 
Laraway Financial Advisors, Inc. St. Cloud MN US 256.6 
Larchmont Wealth Advisors 2.2 
Lardiere, Robert F. Nutley NJ US 0.0 
Lariat Partners, LP Denver CO US 110.5 
Larimer Capital Corporation Denver CO US 143.4 
Lark Research, Inc. 0.0 
Larkin & Associates Surprise AZ US 0.0 
Larkin Square Capital, LLC 0.6 
Larkins & Associates Financial Service, LLC Augusta Ga 0.0 
Larkins Investment Management, LLC 0.0 
Larkmeade Management, LLC Bethesda MD US 4.0 
Larrea Wealth Management New York NY US 0.0 
Larry Allan Financial Planning Service LLC 2.6 
Larry C. Belcher, Cpa/cfp 6.2 
Larry Cook Associates, LLC Houston TX US 0.0 
Larry Heller & Associates Melville NY US 146.0 
Larry N. Behage, Ea, Cfp Campbell CA US 0.0 
Larsen Capital LLC Lyndhurst NJ US 20.7 
Larsen Financial Service 2.1 
Larsen Maccoll Partners Wayne PA US 0.0 
Larsen Wealth Management, LLC 22.0 
Larson Financial Advisors Bloomington MN US 25.8 
Larson Financial Group, LLC Saint Louis MO US 768.2 
Larson Financial Planning, Inc. 62.0 
Larson Wealth Management, LLC West Bend WI US 43.5 
Larson Wealth Management, LLC Tempe AZ US 4.5 
Larson, Orlan Blaine 12.2 
Las Colinas Capital Management, LLC 2.6 
Las Olas Capital Advisors, LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 146.3 
Lasalle Investment Advisors, Inc. Pewaukee WI US 64.1 
Lasalle Investment Management Chicago IL US 15188.2 
Lasalle Investment Management Asia Pte. Limited Singapore SG 0.0 
Lasalle Investment Management Securities Baltimore MD US 13937.1 
Lasalle Investment Management uk London UK 0.0 
Lasalle St. Investment Advisors, LLC. Elmhurst IL US 873.9 
Lasalle Street Capital Management, LLC Chicago IL US 129.5 
Lasalle-monroe Asset Management 13.4 
Lascaux Resource Capital, LLC Stamford CT US 231.7 
Laser Wealth Management, Lc Kensington MD US 0.0 
Lassen Capital Management, L.P. Berkeley CA US 0.0 
Lassiter Financial Advisors, LLC Marietta GA US 0.0 
Lassus Wherley & Associates, P.c. New Providence NJ US 451.0 
Lasure Capital Management 4.7 
Latash Investments, LLC Anchorage AK US 1147.8 
Lateef Investment Management, LP. Greenbrae CA US 3889.7 
Lateral Investment Management LLC San Mateo CA US 105.0 
Latere Inc 0.1 
Latham Personal Asset Management Colorado Springs CO US 8.0 
Lathram Financial Group, LLC Denver CO US 21.1 
Lathrop Investment Management Corporation Little Rock AR US 515.4 
Latigo Partners, L.P. New York NY US 555.5 
Latimer B. Eddy, Cfp Westfield MA US 25.5 
Latimer Light Capital, L.P. New York NY US 296.2 
Latin Idea Advisors, LLC Mexico D.f. MX 0.0 
Latitude Advisors, LLC 213.6 
Latitude Management Real Estate Investors, Inc. Beverly Hills CA US 680.6 
Latitude Wealth Management, LLC Kennewick WA US 0.0 
Latitude20 Capital Partners New York NY US 200.0 
Latko Wealth Management, Limited. Frankfort IL US 69.9 
Latour Asset Management LLC Springfield MO US 0.0 
Latour Capital Paris FR 0.0 
Lattice Capital Management LLC Kirkland WA US 72.6 
Lattice Strategies LLC San Francisco CA US 215.9 
Latticework Capital 9.7 
Latticework Capital Management LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Lau Associates LLC Greenville DE US 495.0 
Laue Capital Management Inc 43.7 
Lauer Capital Management, LLC Baxter MN US 8.3 
Lauer, Fromelt Capital Management Limited. Sioux Falls SD US 192.8 
Laughlin Financial Advisors 5.5 
Laughlin Financial LLC Bloomington IN US 35.2 
Laulima Family Offices, LLC Honolulu HI US 275.8 
Launch Angels Bedford TX US 0.0 
Laura Edwards Financial, LLC 0.0 
Laureate Wealth Management, LLC Glen Ellyn IL US 49.5 
Laurel Financial Group Inc Pittsburgh PA US 48.8 
Laurel Grove Capital LLC Los Angeles CA US 234.5 
Laurel Tree Advisors, LLC Cleveland OH US 40.4 
Laurel Wealth Advisors, Inc. La Jolla CA US 699.5 
Laurel Wealth Advisors, LLC Charlotte NC US 305.4 
Laurel Wealth Planning Edina MN US 151.2 
Laurence Financial Planning LLC 50.4 
Laurentide Advisory, LLC Hingham MA US 3.8 
Laurion Capital Management LP New York NY US 8774.3 
Laurium Capital International Limited Grand Cayman Ca 0.0 
Lauterbach Financial Advisors, LLC El Paso TX US 276.9 
Lav Management Company, Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Lava Creek Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 100.2 
Lava Wealth Management, LLC 17.0 
Lavaca Capital, LLC Houston TX US 76.0 
Lavely, David 0.0 
Lavenders Accounting & Tax Service Macon GA US 0.0 
Law & Associates Inc Glen Echo MD US 173.3 
Law Finance Group Inc. New York NY US 0.0 
Law Office Of John L. Calton 100.0 
Law Office Of Kevin Adams, Pllc Livonia MI US 0.0 
Lawing Financial Inc Overland Park KS US 2957.7 
Lawler Financial Advisory Corporation Peoria IL US 0.0 
Lawley & Associates Melbourne FL US 0.0 
Lawley Retirement Advisors Buffalo NY US 328.9 
Lawndale Capital Management, LLC Mill Valley CA US 43.4 
Lawrence Capital Management, Inc. Jackson WY US 32.8 
Lawrence Financial Planning, LLC Tampa FL US 76.1 
Lawrence Financial Service Jacksonville FL US 0.0 
Lawrence Financial Service 1.0 
Lawrence Garshofsky And Company, LLC Los Angeles CA US 82.0 
Lawrence Global Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 15.4 
Lawrence Investment Co. Kelseyville CA US 5.0 
Lawrence J. Botzman Cfp Somerset KY US 0.0 
Lawrence J. Chazen, Inc. Carmel CA US 1.0 
Lawrence Russell And Company 0.0 
Lawrence W. Kelly & Associates, Inc Pasadena CA US 633.5 
Lawrence Wealth Management West Conshohocken PA US 33.0 
Lawshares, LLC New York NY US 6.7 
Lawson Capital Advisors, LLC Phoenix AZ US 0.0 
Lawson Financial Group, Inc. 9.6 
Lawson Kroeker Investment Management Inc Omaha NE US 434.7 
Lawson, John R. 3.5 
Lawton Asset Management, Inc 102.3 
Lawton Park Capital Management, LP Stamford CT US 0.0 
Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC 26.0 
Laxey LP Isle Of Man UK 104.1 
Layline Asset Management Inc Minnetonka MN US 8.3 
Lazard Asset Management Canada Inc New York NY US 2481.3 
Lazard Asset Management LLC New York NY US 128529.9 
Lazari Capital Management, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 91.7 
Lazarus London UK 0.0 
Lazarus Financial LLC Kew Gardens NY US 0.0 
Lazarus Financial Planning 21.3 
Lazarus Management Company LLC Denver CO US 134.3 
Lb Asset Management 0.6 
Lba Advisors LLC Tomball TX US 47.7 
Lba Wealth Management, LLC Jacksonville FL US 310.9 
Lbc Credit Management, L.P. Philadelphia PA US 1446.5 
Lbg Advisor Fresno CA US 2.7 
Lbi Wealth Management, LLC Saddle River NJ US 1726.2 
Lbj Family Wealth Advisors, Limited. Austin TX US 276.0 
Lbmc Investment Advisors, LLC Brentwood TN US 941.2 
Lbo France Paris FR 0.0 
Lbs Capital Management Inc 10.3 
Lbt Wealth Management, LLC 0.6 
Lc Advisors, LLC San Francisco CA US 1318.7 
Lcg Associates, Inc. Atlanta GA US 361.8 
Lcg Pcg Tampa FL US 3.2 
Lci Advisors 42.9 
Lcm Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Lcm Capital Management Inc Chicago IL US 169.1 
Lcn Capital Partners, L.P. New York NY US 624.8 
Lcr Asset Management, LLC 4.6 
Ld Lowe Wealth Advisory Dallas TX US 168.8 
Ldl Capital Management, LLC White Plains NY US 19.6 
Ldn Wealth, LLC Orlando FL US 1.4 
Ldr Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 254.4 
Ldv Capital Management, Inc. 0.0 
Ldvp Asia Limited 0.0 
Ldvp Management, LLC 0.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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