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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Pr Wealth Management Group East Moline IL US 52.4 
Practical Financial Planning, Inc. Cleveland OH US 0.0 
Practical Portfolios LLC Manitowoc WI US 23.3 
Practice Financial Group, LLC 16.4 
Practicecfo Investments San Diego CA US 31.2 
Praesideo Management, LLC Ogden UT US 10.0 
Praesidian Capital Management Ii, LLC Larchmont NY US 530.1 
Praesidium Investment Management Company, LLC New York NY US 1244.2 
Praesto Investment Advisors Inc. Miami FL US 0.0 
Praetorian Guard, A Division Of Praetorian Wealth Management,Inc Carmel CA US 142.8 
Pragma Gest?o De Patrim?nio LTDA Sao Paulo BR 3049.8 
Pragmatic Advisors, LLC Homer NY US 0.0 
Pragmatic Financial Strategies, Inc Marietta GA US 0.0 
Pragmatic Portfolios, LLC 16.3 
Prague Wealth Management, S.r.o. Prague 2 CZ 182.1 
Prairie Asset Management, Inc. 0.0 
Prairie Capital Chicago IL US 586.9 
Prairie Capital Management, LLC Kansas City MO US 4633.2 
Prairie Financial Advisors LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Prairie Investment Advisors, LLC Naperville IL US 63.2 
Prairie Sky Financial Group Westchester IL US 156.1 
Prairie Wealth Advisors, Inc. Lincoln NE US 173.3 
Prairiegold Venture Partners, LLC Sioux Falls SD US 0.0 
Prairieview Partners, LLC St. Paul MN US 381.3 
Prairiewood Wealth Management Fargo ND US 65.0 
Prakash Investment Advisors LLC 31.8 
Praleas Capital, LP 0.0 
Prana Capital Group, LLC 7.1 
Prana Real Estate Finance LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Prassas Capital, LLC 0.2 
Prather Investment Management, LLC Grosse Pointe MI US 20.0 
Pratt A & I LLC 0.0 
Pratt Collard Advisory Partners, LLC Buffalo NY US 138.6 
Prax Capital Management Co. George Town, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Praxis Advisory Group Inc Greenwood Village CO US 44.5 
Praxis Gcm, LLC 0.5 
Preakness Retirement Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Precedent Asset Management Indianapolis IN US 48.4 
Precept Advisory Group LLC Irvine CA US 2147.5 
Precept Management, LLC Dallas TX US 101.8 
Precidian Funds LLC Bedminster NJ US 0.0 
Precipio Wealth Management LLC Mclean VA US 177.2 
Precise Financial Planning, LLC Las Vegas NV US 4.5 
Precise Investment Management, Inc. El Paso TX US 0.0 
Precision Advisors, LLC Stamford CT US 0.0 
Precision Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 1225.6 
Precision Capital Management Coppell TX US 215.6 
Precision Capital Managers, LLC 0.0 
Precision Path Capital, LP New York NY US 0.0 
Precision Planning,Inc. Centereach NY US 25.6 
Precocity Capital LP Stamford CT US 589.0 
Precursor Ventures Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Predex Capital Management, LLC Irvine CA US 0.0 
Predico Partners, LLC San Antonio TX US 0.0 
Prefect Management 4.5 
Preferred Benefits Alliance, LLC 0.0 
Preferred Planning Associates, Inc. Oak Brook IL US 0.0 
Preferred Tax And Investment Advisors, Inc. 11.2 
Preisz Financial Portland OR US 161.7 
Prelude Financial Wadsworth OH US 2.2 
Prem Investment Advisory Service, Inc. 0.0 
Premia Global Advisors, LLC Coral Gables FL US 150.0 
Premier Advisory Group, Inc 0.0 
Premier Asset Management LLC Chicago IL US 532.0 
Premier Capital Management Inc Orem UT US 9.5 
Premier Client Investments Delray Beach FL US 10.7 
Premier Estate Planners, LLC Clinton Township MI US 136.9 
Premier Financial Advisory Service, LLC Suwanee GA US 14.8 
Premier Financial Group Inc Eureka CA US 434.6 
Premier Financial Partners, LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Premier Financial Planning, Inc. Princeton NJ US 30.6 
Premier Financial Planning, Inc. 47.3 
Premier Financial Service Brookfield WI US 0.0 
Premier Financial Service Of North Carolina Clayton NC US 0.0 
Premier Gold Investments LLC 0.0 
Premier Retirement Planning Group, LLC Boynton Beach FL US 0.0 
Premier Retirement Solutions, LLC New Whiteland IN US 0.0 
Premier Southwest Planning Group, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 2.2 
Premier Wealth Advisors, Inc. Calabasas CA US 0.0 
Premier Wealth Advisors, LLC New York NY US 168.2 
Premier Wealth Advisory Service, Inc. Chesterfield MO US 5.1 
Premier Wealth Management, LLC Poland OH US 31.0 
Premier Wealth Management, LLC Fort Worth TX US 0.0 
Premier Wealth Partners, LLC North Charleston SC US 7.3 
Premier Wealth Solutions, LLC Lakewood CO US 3.6 
Premiere Management 15.9 
Premiersource LLC Oklahoma City OK US 0.0 
Premis Advisors, LLC Atlanta GA US 61.9 
Premis Capital Partners, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale FL US 1.3 
Premise Capital, LLC Naperville IL US 186.9 
Premium Point Investments New York NY US 4469.0 
Premium Wealth LLC 0.2 
Prentice Capital Management, LP Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Prentice Wealth Management LLC Rochester NY US 62.1 
Prentiss Smith & Company, Inc. Brattleboro VT US 396.5 
Prepared Mind Advisers, LLC Los Angeles CA US 0.0 
Prescience Investment Group, LLC Baton Rouge LA US 21.0 
Prescott Capital Management, Inc. St. Louis MO US 0.1 
Prescott General Partners LLC Boca Raton FL US 1968.8 
Prescott Group Capital Management LLC. Tulsa OK US 470.9 
Prescott Investor Service, Inc. Prescott AZ US 23.3 
Prescott, Adams And Group Inc. New York City NY US 0.0 
Preservation Capital Group Atascadero CA US 0.0 
Preservation Capital Group 81.0 
Preservation Capital Management LP Dallas TX US 94.2 
Preservation Financial Partners, Inc Concord NC US 0.0 
Preservation Fund Management LLC Cleveland OH US 0.0 
Preservation Wealth Management King Of Prussia PA US 0.0 
Preserver Partners Memphis TN US 60.0 
Presidential Brokerage, Inc. Greenwood Village CO US 64.7 
Presidio Investors LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Presidio Partners Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 369.1 
Presidium Charlotte NC US 112.0 
Presidium Partners, LLC San Ramon CA US 99.8 
Presima Inc. Montreal, Quebec CA 1320.6 
Presley Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Presson Financial Associates, LLC 0.0 
Prestige Asset Management, LLC 0.0 
Prestige Capital Management, LLC Lake Success NY US 24.9 
Prestige Management Inc 0.0 
Prestige Wealth Management Lake Elmo MN US 219.2 
Prestige Wealth Management Group, LLC Flemington NJ US 287.0 
Prestige Wealth Management LLC Strongsville OH US 4.1 
Preston Financial Service, Inc. 10.3 
Preston Franklin Sanders Washington GA US 36.1 
Preston Wealth Advisors, LLC. Reston VA US 193.6 
Prestonwood Capital Management, LLC Plano TX US 3.0 
Pretium Mortgage Credit Management, LLC New York NY US 3288.6 
Pretiumcapital Management, Inc. 0.2 
Prevail Wealth Management Kirkland WA US 21.7 
Pri Financial Advisors, Inc. Holliston MA US 44.4 
Priad Investment Advisers, LLC. 2.3 
Pribyl, Greg M. 33.2 
Pricap Advisors LLC New York NY US 30.0 
Price Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 57.5 
Price Capital Houston TX US 1.2 
Price Capital Management, Inc. 346.9 
Price Financial Group Wealth Management Portland OR US 0.0 
Price Planning, LLC 0.0 
Price Wealth Management, Inc. Austin TX US 1129.2 
Pricewaterhousecoopers Investment Advisers LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Prides Crossing Capital Management, LLC Wakefield MA US 0.0 
Prima Capital Advisors LLC Scarsdale NY US 3793.0 
Prima Innotech 0.3 
Primary Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 0.1 
Primary Capital London UK 0.0 
Primary Index Investments 0.0 
Primary Ventures Williamstown MA US 0.0 
Primavera Capital Management Limited George Town KY 0.0 
Prime Advisors, Inc. Redmond WA US 12974.9 
Prime Buchholz & Associates Inc Portsmouth NH US 729.4 
Prime Capital Equities LLC San Diego CA US 26.0 
Prime Capital Management Co L Hong Kong HK 2776.1 
Prime Finance Advisor, L.P. San Francisco CA US 8169.8 
Prime Financial Strategies, Inc. Colorado Springs CO US 0.0 
Prime Investment Advisors Bethesda MD US 91.8 
Prime Meridian Capital Management, LLC Reno NV US 0.0 
Prime Opportunities Investment Group LLC Beverly Hills CA US 32.6 
Prime Solutions Financial Service Corporation. Newtown Square PA US 6.6 
Prime Source Ent, Inc 0.0 
Prime Wealth Management Berkeley CA US 20.8 
Primecap Management Co Pasadena CA US 102571.4 
Primerica Advisors Duluth GA US 0.0 
Primesolutions Advisors, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 281.4 
Primestone Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Primetrust Advisors LLC Greenville SC US 314.6 
Primoris Asset Management Group, Inc. Irvine CA US 0.0 
Primoris Capital Management, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 46.3 
Primus Capital Partners, Inc. Mayfield Heights OH US 611.5 
Prince Asset Management, Inc. Sarasota FL US 42.8 
Prince Financial Advisory LLC New York NY US 35.6 
Prince Street Capital Management LLC New York NY US 1794.8 
Princeton Advisory Group, Inc. Princeton NJ US 681.4 
Princeton Advisory Wealth Management, LLC Princeton NJ US 6.5 
Princeton Alpha Management LP Princeton Junction NJ US 952.1 
Princeton Asset Management, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 58.0 
Princeton Capital Management Inc Princeton NJ US 151.3 
Princeton Center Planning And Investments, LLC Brunswick OH US 20.2 
Princeton Fund Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 768.8 
Princeton Global Asset Management LLC 111.9 
Princeton Investment Management Company 112.1 
Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors 7.3 
Princeton Portfolio Strategies Group LLC Princeton NJ US 412.2 
Princeton Value Advisors, LLC 2.3 
Principa Financial Advisors Whittier CA US 0.0 
Principal Ent Capital, LLC Des Moines IA US 4950.6 
Principal Financial Advisors, Inc. Des Moines IA US 0.0 
Principal Global Investors Des Moines IA US 177021.7 
Principal Management And Research, Co. 0.0 
Principal Management Corporation Des Moines IA US 190736.7 
Principal Protection Advisors LLC 0.0 
Principal Real Estate Investors LLC Des Moines IA US 18395.1 
Principal Securities, Inc. Des Moines IA US 1916.2 
Principia Investment Advisors, LLC Athens GA US 28.5 
Principia Ventures LLC Austin TX US 0.0 
Principia Wealth Advisory, LLC 26.0 
Principium Investments LLC Boulder CO US 95.1 
Principle Capital Advisors Limited Shanghai CN 0.0 
Principled Advisors, Inc. Staten Island NY US 0.0 
Principled Investments LLC 41.2 
Principled Wealth Advisors, LLC Covington KY US 0.0 
Principly San Francisco CA US 0.1 
Pring Turner Capital Group Walnut Creek CA US 137.9 
Printers Row Advisors LLC Downers Grove IL US 0.0 
Priore Investments 0.2 
Priority Financial Advisors, LLC 4.8 
Priority Financial Partners 10.9 
Priority Senior Secured Income Management, LLC New York NY US 123.3 
Priority Wealth Advisors, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 6.4 
Prism Advisory Group, LLC Newtown PA US 132.4 
Prism Capital 8.1 
Prism Capital Advisors, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 10.5 
Prism Capital Management Seattle WA US 25.1 
Prism Financial Group, LLC Philadelphia PA US 79.2 
Prism Financial Group, LLC Overland Park KS US 359.1 
Prism Financial Planning, LLC 0.0 
Prism Fund Solutions, Inc. 16.7 
Prism Funds, LLC Newtown PA US 48.4 
Prism Investment Management, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
Prism Venture Management, LLC Needham MA US 0.0 
Prism Wealth Management 22.4 
Prium Investment Management Nashville TN US 0.0 
Private Advisor Group, LLC Morristown NJ US 11900.2 
Private Advisors LLC Richmond VA US 4735.3 
Private Advisory Group LLC Redmond WA US 279.2 
Private Asset Management 3.4 
Private Asset Management Inc Kirkland WA US 114.7 
Private Asset Management Inc San Diego CA US 770.9 
Private Capital Advisors, Inc. New York NY US 434.6 
Private Capital Group, LLC West Hartford CT US 579.5 
Private Capital Management Naples FL US 794.0 
Private Capital Management Associates LLC San Mateo CA US 87.5 
Private Capital Management Inc Eagan MN US 727.9 
Private Capital Management, Inc. Larkspur CA US 132.3 
Private Capital Management, LLC Denver CO US 515.3 
Private Capital Strategies, LLC New York NY US 8.9 
Private Capital, LLC 2.2 
Private Client Asset Management, Inc. Garden City NY US 82.7 
Private Client Capital Group, LLC Pennington NJ US 16.0 
Private Client Group 3.5 
Private Client Group Asset Management Bedminster NJ US 91.7 
Private Client Service Group, LLC 13.4 
Private Client Service, LLC Louisville KY US 163.1 
Private Client Wealth Advisors, LLC Denver CO US 20.0 
Private Equity New York NY US 0.0 
Private Equity Investments, Inc. 4.3 
Private Equity Investors, Inc. New York NY US 221.0 
Private Financial Counseling Los Angeles CA US 158.2 
Private Fund Advisors, Inc. Arnold MD US 331.0 
Private Group Wealth Management, LLC 63.2 
Private Harbour Pepper Pike OH US 199.1 
Private Income Capital Management Seattle WA US 503.0 
Private Label Money Management, Inc. Kirkwood MO US 13.6 
Private Lane Capital, LLC 33.0 
Private Management Group Inc Irvine CA US 2473.5 
Private Ocean San Rafael CA US 1052.3 
Private Portfolio Of San Diego La Jolla CA US 52.1 
Private Portfolio Partners, LLC Paramus NJ US 155.8 
Private Portfolios, Inc. San Mateo CA US 95.2 
Private Value Management, LP Annapolis MD US 0.0 
Private Vista, LLC Chicago IL US 1212.8 
Private Wealth Advisors 2.4 
Private Wealth Advisors, LLC Fresno CA US 190.2 
Private Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. Marietta GA US 0.0 
Private Wealth Alliance, LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 0.0 
Private Wealth Cfos LLC Bethesda MD US 15.8 
Private Wealth Consultants Limited Toledo OH US 191.0 
Private Wealth Group, LLC Tampa FL US 119.7 
Private Wealth Group, LLC 5.5 
Private Wealth Management Group Princeton NJ US 180.3 
Private Wealth Management LLC 25.3 
Private Wealth Management Of North Carolina LLC Henderson NC US 126.1 
Private Wealth Management Solutions, LLC Bellevue WA US 14.3 
Private Wealth Management, Inc. Memphis TN US 476.2 
Private Wealth Management, LLC Chester Springs PA US 0.0 
Private Wealth Partners, LLC Larkspur CA US 718.2 
Priveq G.p. Iv Limited St Helier JE 0.0 
Privet Fund Management LLC Atlanta GA US 106.3 
Privileged Assets LLC Indianapolis In 0.0 
Pro Advisors, Limited. Dba R J Pickle Financial Service Colleyville TX US 8.2 
Pro Money Management, LLC 14.5 
Pro Tax Financial Service, LLC Mesa AZ US 2.5 
Pro Trust Wealth Management, LLC 11.0 
Pro Wealth Advisors LLC 0.0 
Pro-viion Advisor Group, LLC 18.6 
Proa Partners Pte Limited Singapore SG 965.8 
Proact Capital Management Inc. 11.5 
Proactive Advisors, LLC Lexington KY US 21.5 
Proactive Investment Management, LLC 0.8 
Proactive Money Management Inc Dardenne Prairie MO US 15.6 
Proactive Wealth Management Lexington KY US 12.0 
Probabilities Fund Management, LLC San Diego CA US 185.0 
Probert Investment Advisers, LLC 19.2 
Probitas Financial Newport Beach CA US 0.0 
Probity Advisors, Inc. Dallas TX US 287.9 
Process Design Capital Management LLC Scottsdale AZ US 40.0 
Processus Wealth & Capital Management, LLC 85.4 
Procourse Fiduciary Advisors, LLC Carmel IN US 2810.0 
Proctor Company Bellevue WA US 0.0 
Proctor Financial Sherborn MA US 210.6 
Procuritas Capital Investors Vi Holdings AB Stockholm SE 0.0 
Prodeo Financial Service 1.2 
Prodigy Asset Management LLC Boys Town NE US 1803.0 
Prodigy Financial Consultants 5.0 
Profectus Wealth Management Los Angeles CA US 10.0 
Profed Financial Advisors Fort Wayne IN US 0.0 
Professional Advisory Service Inc Vero Beach FL US 730.9 
Professional Alliance Associates, LLC Madison CT US 0.0 
Professional Analysts, LLC Bay City MI US 23.7 
Professional Asset Management Group, Inc. 0.0 
Professional Asset Management, Inc 10.2 
Professional Broker-dealer Financial Planning, Inc. 0.7 
Professional Business Consultants Sarasota FL US 0.0 
Professional Capital Management 27.9 
Professional Financial Pittsford NY US 130.7 
Professional Financial Advisors Inc 0.0 
Professional Financial Advisors, Inc. Camp Hill PA US 132.4 
Professional Financial Advisors, LLC North Platte NE US 68.0 
Professional Financial Advisors, LLC. Onawa IA US 0.0 
Professional Financial Management, Inc. Little Chute WI US 52.5 
Professional Financial Management, Inc. Bozeman MT US 0.0 
Professional Financial Management, LLC Trumbull CT US 0.0 
Professional Financial Planning 10.2 
Professional Financial Service, Inc. Sioux Falls SD US 112.4 
Professional Financial Service, Inc. 0.0 
Professional Financial Solutions, LLC Fairfax VA US 123.9 
Professional Investment Advisory Service, Inc. 68.3 
Professional Investment Counsel, Inc El Paso TX US 51.1 
Professional Investment Management Service, Pllc Kennewick WA US 42.9 
Professional Investment Management, LLC 19.1 
Professional Management Associates, Inc. North Attleboro MA US 0.0 
Professional Management Of Milwaukee, Inc. Brookfield WI US 21.8 
Professional Planning Thousand Oaks CA US 233.0 
Professional Planning Group Westerly RI US 671.1 
Professional Planning Service Holbrook NY US 340.0 
Professional Wealth Management Service LLC Statesville NC US 68.2 
Professional Wealth Management, LLC Imbler Or 0.0 
Proffitt & Goodson Inc. Knoxville TN US 333.4 
Proficient Wealth Counselors, LLC Norwood MA US 51.2 
Proficio Capital Partners LLC Newton MA US 670.0 
Profit Investments Bethesda MD US 109.9 
Profit Strategies, Inc. Westlake Village CA US 4.1 
Profitable Financial Strategies 0.0 
Profits Plus Capital Management, LLC Nampa ID US 32.0 
Profitscore Capital Management, Inc. Eagle ID US 509.0 
Profocus Inc Phoenix AZ US 52.0 
Profolio Investments Jersey City NJ US 4.0 
Proforza Advisors LLC Mclean VA US 16.8 
Profounder Partners 1, L.P. 0.0 
Profounders Capital Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Profund Advisors LLC Bethesda MD US 4400.0 
Profusion Financial St. Louis MO US 31.4 
Progress Investment Management Company, LLC San Francisco CA US 8011.6 
Progressive Advisory Solutions Holbrook NY US 0.0 
Progressive Asset Management, LLC 0.0 
Progressive Capital Managers 3.2 
Progressive Financial Planning Service Inc. 0.0 
Progressive Investment Management Corporation Portland OR US 333.0 
Progressive Wealth Management 0.0 
Project 11 Management Company LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Prolog Ventures Hl Ii, LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Prolog Ventures Hl, LLC St Louis MO US 0.0 
Prolog Ventures Ii, LLC St Louis MO US 0.0 
Prolog Ventures, LLC St Louis MO US 0.0 
Prologis Private Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 500.0 
Promanage, LLC Chicago IL US 2080.8 
Promenade Advisors LLC Santa Monica CA US 0.0 
Promeritum Investment Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Prometheus Capital Management Corporation. Yardley PA US 67.8 
Prometheus Wealth Management, LLC Martinez GA US 1.1 
Prominence Capital Beverly Hills CA US 20.4 
Prominent Financial Planning LLC 2.8 
Promontory Financial Planning, LLC 33.5 
Promus Asset Management, LLC Dallas TX US 158.0 
Promus Asset Management, LLC Chicago IL US 322.4 
Promus Capital, LLC Chicago IL US 629.5 
Promus Holdings Chicago IL US 0.0 
Pronvest, Inc. Chattanooga TN US 588.4 
Proof Reston VA US 0.0 
Propel Venture Partners Management Co. San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Proper Wealth Management, LLC Austin TX US 43.0 
Property Investment Advisors, Inc. Richmond VA US 152.3 
Prophecy Asset Management LP New York NY US 232.1 
Prophecy Impact Investments, LLC Germantown WI US 0.0 
Prophet Capital Asset Management Austin TX US 2296.9 
Prophet Equity Management Ii LLC Southlake TX US 437.6 
Prophet Equity Management LLC Southlake TX US 457.2 
Prophet Wealth Management Kenosha WI US 54.4 
Proplans Los Altos CA US 7.2 
Propolis Capital Management Steamboat Springs CO US 14.1 
Proprium Capital Partners, L.P. Stamford CT US 2239.8 
Propus Capital LLC Old Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Proquest Investments Naples FL US 0.0 
Proshare Advisors LLC Bethesda MD US 23900.0 
Prosight Capital Dallas TX US 246.9 
Prosiris Capital Management LP New York NY US 2427.7 
Prospect Advisors, LLC 8.8 
Prospect Asset Management Inc Honolulu HI US 141.5 
Prospect Capital Advisors, LLC Sausalito CA US 262.1 
Prospect Capital Management L.P. New York NY US 6330.4 
Prospect Financial Group LLC 39.6 
Prospect Hill Management, LLC 41.5 
Prospect Management Co. Ii, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Prospect Partners, LLC. Chicago IL US 340.2 
Prospect Trading LLC 0.5 
Prospective Value Partners LLC Des Moines IA US 11.6 
Prospector Partners Asset Management, LLC Guilford CT US 111.4 
Prospector Partners, LLC Guilford CT US 600.2 
Prosper Capital Corporation Vail CO US 2.3 
Prosper Capital LLC St. Louis MO US 0.0 
Prosper Financial 3.9 
Prosper Financial Advisers Saint Petersburg FL US 65.0 
Prosper Wealth Management, LLC Wausau WI US 16.4 
Prospera Financial Service, Inc. Dallas TX US 1382.8 
Prosperitas Investment Management, Lllp St Thomas VI US 145.0 
Prosperitea Planning 0.0 
Prosperitent Capital Management, LLC Laguna Beach CA US 0.0 
Prosperity Advisers, LLC Fort Washington PA US 0.0 
Prosperity Capital Advisors Westlake OH US 466.1 
Prosperity Capital Group Inc Raleigh NC US 34.2 
Prosperity Capital Management Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Prosperity Coaching Associates, LLC 11.0 
Prosperity Financial Group, Inc. San Ramon CA US 103.0 
Prosperity Investment Advisors, Inc. 13.1 
Prosperity Management, LLC 0.0 
Prosperity Road, LLC Santa Ana CA US 100.8 
Prosperity Wealth Management, Inc. San Ramon CA US 30.0 
Prosperity Wealth Management, LLC Aberdeen SD US 20.0 
Prospero Financial Planning, LLC Noblesville IN US 6.2 
Prosperous Financial Solutions 0.0 
Prosperwell Financial Plymouth MN US 0.0 
Prostar Capital us LLC Greenwich CT US 575.3 
Prostatis Financial Advisors Group Glen Burnie MD US 70.5 
Prota Financial, LLC Houston TX US 1.0 
Protea Asset Management LLC New York NY US 212.0 
Protected Capital Management Boise ID US 21.4 
Protective Investment Advisors Inc. Birmingham AL US 911.7 
Protege Partners, LLC New York NY US 1310.6 
Proterra Investment Partners LP Minneapolis MN US 2121.0 
Proteus Capital Management, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Proteus, LLC Indianapolis IN US 0.6 
Protocol Investment Management, LLC 0.3 
Protostar Partners LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Protrade Stock Advisory Service Limited 0.0 
Proven Partners Investment Advisors LLC 0.0 
Provenance Venture Partners, LLC Wellesley Hills MA US 0.0 
Provenance Wealth Advisors Fort Lauderdale FL US 0.0 
Provence Wealth Management Group Irvine CA US 79.0 
Provenio Capital Management Inc. Costa Mesa CA US 104.0 
Provenire Capital LLC Minneapolis MN US 83.0 
Proventus AG Zurich CZ 636.0 
Proventus Capital Management AB Stockholm SE 0.0 
Proverbs Financial Miami FL US 0.0 
Provida Financial Advisors LLC 2.8 
Providence Asset Management LLC North Little Rock AR US 17.0 
Providence Capital Advisors, LLC Charlotte NC US 109.9 
Providence Equity Capital Markets LLC. New York NY US 1761.0 
Providence Equity Partners LLC. Providence RI US 16812.3 
Providence Financial Jefferson City MO US 0.0 
Providence Financial Advisors, LLC Overland Park KS US 67.5 
Providence Financial And Insurances, Inc. Woodland Hills CA US 11.6 
Providence Investment Advisors, LLC Wilmington NC US 0.0 
Providence Investment Management, LP Providence RI US 1623.8 
Providence Wealth Advisors, LLC Frankfort IL US 167.0 
Providence Wealth Management LLC Knoxville TN US 0.0 
Provident Advisors LLC Plymouth MN US 192.5 
Provident Capital Management Inc Carmel IN US 84.5 
Provident Capital Management, Inc. Dallas TX US 35.0 
Provident Financial Advisors, LLC Shelley ID US 1.8 
Provident Investment Management, Inc. Novi MI US 526.4 
Provident Rock 1.8 
Provident Trust Company Waukesha WI US 2231.4 
Provident Wealth Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Provident Wealth Advisors, LLC The Woodlands TX US 0.0 
Provident Wealth Management Inc Erie PA US 17.9 
Provident Wealth Management, LLC Brentwood TN US 251.5 
Provider Financial, Inc. Indianapolis IN US 110.0 
Providus Advisors, LLC Chandler AZ US 119.8 
Provise Management Group, LLC Clearwater FL US 1191.2 
Provision Asset, LLC 0.0 
Provolt Advisors LLC 0.0 
Prowell Financial Management, LLC Exton PA US 120.8 
Proxima Capital Management, LLC New York City NY US 466.8 
Proxyvote Plus, LLC 0.0 
Prozan Financial Service Walnut Creek CA US 29.0 
Prp Houston TX US 19.6 
Prp Advisors LLC Northbrook IL US 0.0 
Prudence Financial, Inc. Sudbury MA US 0.0 
Prudence Investment Management hong Kong Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Prudent Consulting, LLC 0.0 
Prudent Investment Advisors, Inc. Rego Park NY US 0.0 
Prudent Investor Advisors, LLC Arcata CA US 546.7 
Prudent Investor Wealth Management, LLC Richmond VA US 0.0 
Prudent Investors Network, Inc. Vista CA US 112.5 
Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. Naperville IL US 4405.0 
Prudent Man Investment Management Denver CO US 190.1 
Prudent Management Associates Philadelphia PA US 1041.8 
Prudent Money Financial Service Addison TX US 38.3 
Prudent Planning And Investing, LLC 0.1 
Prudent Prospera Planning, Inc. Pleasanton CA US 0.0 
Prudent Street Financial Advisors, LLC Nashville TN US 200.6 
Prudent Value Daly City CA US 0.8 
Prudent Wealth Management LLC 37.4 
Prudent Wealthcare 0.0 
Prudential Customer Solutions LLC Newark NJ US 0.0 
Prudential Financial Planning Service Newark NJ US 5161.2 
Prudential International Investments Advisers Newark NJ US 6214.7 
Prudential Private Placement Investors, L.P. Newark NJ US 16879.3 
Pruneyard Financial Group, Inc. Campbell CA US 134.0 
Prusik Investment Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Prutzman Wealth Management Reno NV US 8.5 
Prw Wealth Management LLC Quincy MA US 134.0 
PS Fund Management LLC Boulder CO US 35.0 
PS Wealth Advisors, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Psa Financial Advisors Inc Hunt Valley MD US 0.0 
Psc Financial LLC Bloomington IL US 60.0 
Psg Investment Advisors, LLC Fulton MD US 16.6 
Psi Advisors, LLC Tampa FL US 112.9 
Psi Investments 21.8 
Psilos Group Managers, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Psk Management, Inc. Centennial CO US 48.7 
Psp Financial Service LLC Surprise AZ US 0.0 
Psp Ventures Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Psquared Asset Management AG Zurich CZ 0.0 
Pst Advisors, LLC Bala Cynwyd PA US 0.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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