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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Roach Investment Service San Mateo CA US 16.9 
Road Map Financial Planning, LLC. 0.0 
Roadmap Wealth Management LLC 0.0 
Roads Capital LLC 0.8 
Roanoke Asset Management Corporation Jersey City NJ US 287.3 
Roaring Blue Lion Capital Management, L.P. Dallas TX US 0.0 
Roark Capital Management, LLC Atlanta GA US 7083.6 
Robare & Jones Asset Managers Houston TX US 160.0 
Robasciotti & Philipson San Francisco CA US 74.7 
Robbins Capital Management Inc. 15.0 
Robbins Wealth Management Erie PA US 107.8 
Robbins Wealth Management, LLC 1.8 
Robeco Institutional Asset Management Us Inc New York NY US 2187.1 
Robert A Boyce LLC 0.0 
Robert A. Almony, Jr. LLC Columbia MO US 0.0 
Robert A. Underhill P.c. Seattle WA US 0.0 
Robert A. Weinstein Harrison NY US 0.0 
Robert A. Zock & Co.,Inc. Sutton NH US 91.3 
Robert Alan Yager San Jose CA US 120.8 
Robert Bergstrom 15.9 
Robert Bishop Financial Planning & Service Tampa FL US 3.4 
Robert C Armanino Benicia CA US 8.0 
Robert Charles Capital Management 14.5 
Robert D. Brown Investment Counsel Inc Houston TX US 60.1 
Robert Dolf Tollen 6.3 
Robert E. Cohn Financial Planning, Inc. 0.0 
Robert F. Mahoney, P.a., Cpa Boca Raton FL US 3.0 
Robert Good Advisory Service, LLC Clark NJ US 0.0 
Robert Gordon & Associates Inc Springfield IL US 106.5 
Robert Gujral Cpa 22.5 
Robert Harrell, Inc Austin TX US 378.8 
Robert Henry Wealth Management, LLC Westport CT US 11.8 
Robert Horowitz Wealth Management Corte Madera CA US 37.6 
Robert Howard Petretta San Diego Ca 0.0 
Robert J. Woods, Inc La Mesa CA US 0.0 
Robert L. Kristel, C.p.a., P.c. Schenectady NY US 0.0 
Robert L. Weisman, LLC 0.0 
Robert M Walker & Associates 7.3 
Robert M. Finch Consulting, LLC 8.0 
Robert M.p. Moore Dba Moore Money Management 4.8 
Robert Morenz 9.5 
Robert Olsen Wealth Group, P.c. Chesterfield MO US 25.1 
Robert Paul Capital Management 0.0 
Robert Priske, LLC Honolulu HI US 92.2 
Robert Schallig 0.0 
Robert Steffen & Associates Bloomington MN US 454.1 
Robert Susko Cpa LLC Allentown PA US 0.0 
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc Milwaukee WI US 83909.8 
Robert W. Colby Asset Management, Inc. 4.0 
Robert Weston & Co West Long Branch NJ US 5.0 
Robert William Gay 1.0 
Robert William Shoemaker,iii 45.2 
Robert Young Advisory, LLC 0.0 
Roberta Lee-driscoll Honolulu HI US 0.0 
Roberts Capital Advisors, LLC New York NY US 40.0 
Roberts Financial Planning 1.1 
Roberts, Glore & Co. Deerfield IL US 570.3 
Robertson Advisory, Inc. Deland FL US 0.0 
Robertson Capital Management 1.3 
Robertson Investment Advisory, LLC 3.8 
Robertson Opportunity Capital, LLC Dallas TX US 141.6 
Robertson Stephens Advisors San Francisco CA US 1010.6 
Robertson Stephens Asset Management San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Robertson Wealth Management, LLC Houston TX US 18.2 
Robin Pinkham Investment Advisory, LLC 2.5 
Robinson Capital Group 1.0 
Robinson Capital Management LLC Boulder CO US 50.0 
Robinson Capital Management, LLC Grosse Pointe Farms MI US 248.3 
Robinson Financial Planning 0.0 
Robinson Investment Group Inc Brentwood TN US 111.4 
Robinson Rose Capital Management LLC 0.3 
Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors, LLC Portland ME US 190.5 
Robinson Value Management, Limited. San Antonio TX US 125.3 
Robinson Wealth Management Group, Inc. Fort Worth Tx 0.0 
Robinswood Financial Kirkland WA US 251.9 
Roble, Belko And Company, Inc. Sewickley PA US 396.6 
Robotic Securities Solutions, LLC 0.0 
Robotic Trading Advisors, LLC Scottsdale AZ US 3.5 
Robotti & Company Advisors, LLC New York NY US 475.9 
Robovise Dba Robo Indianapolis IN US 0.0 
Robshaw & Julian Associates Inc Williamsville NY US 155.4 
Robustwealth Lambertville NJ US 356.0 
Roc Management cayman Limited George Town Ca 0.0 
Rocaton Investment Advisors Norwalk CT US 7169.0 
Roche Asset Management, LLC Allentown PA US 4.4 
Roche Financial Partners LLC Princeton NJ US 50.5 
Rochester Financial Service 177.7 
Rock Castle Capital Management 8.5 
Rock Health, Inc. San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Rock Hill Capital Houston TX US 219.7 
Rock Island Capital Oak Brook IL US 129.9 
Rock One Advisors, LLC 1.7 
Rock Point Advisors, LLC Burlington VT US 274.6 
Rock Springs Capital Management LP Baltimore MD US 1538.8 
Rock Steady Wealth, Inc. 2.3 
Rockbridge Capital, LLC Columbus OH US 2307.1 
Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC Syracuse NY US 493.5 
Rockcliff Capital, LLC Pittsburgh PA US 15.0 
Rockcrest Financial LLC Franklinville NJ US 7.7 
Rockdale Financial Service, Inc. Eatontown NJ US 22.4 
Rockefeller & Co., Inc. New York NY US 10497.4 
Rockefeller Group Investment Management Corporation. New York NY US 109.2 
Rocket Capital Management, LLC. Wayzata MN US 20.2 
Rockford Asset Management LLC 0.0 
Rockhampton Management Tokyo JP 0.0 
Rockhaven Capital Management, LLC 8.9 
Rockhouse Capital, LLC 2.0 
Rockies Venture Adviser, LLC Denver CO US 0.0 
Rockingham Capital Advisors LLC 0.0 
Rockingstone Advisors New York NY US 72.4 
Rockland Capital, LLC The Woodlands TX US 826.6 
Rockledge Partners, LLC 6.1 
Rockpoint Group, LLC. Dallas TX US 7095.6 
Rockport Capital Partners Boston MA US 0.0 
Rockridge Money Management LLC 16.7 
Rockrose Capital Management, LLC Beverly Hills CA US 42.8 
Rockshelter Capital Management LLC Canonsburg PA US 359.7 
Rocktop Partners, LLC Arlington TX US 639.2 
Rocktree Financial Advisors LLC 7.2 
Rockwood Capital Advisors LLC St. Louis MO US 577.8 
Rockwood Capital, LLC San Francisco CA US 6812.2 
Rockwood Equity Partners LLC Beachwood OH US 0.0 
Rockwood Investment Counsel 0.0 
Rockwood Wealth Management, LLC New Hope PA US 481.0 
Rockworth Investment Service LLC North Conway NH US 3.8 
Rocky Hill Advisors Inc. Peabody MA US 43.1 
Rocky Mountain Advisers, LLC Boulder CO US 1126.0 
Rocky Mountain Planning Group, Inc Avon CO US 59.9 
Rocky Mountain Private Wealth Management, LLC. Sugar Land TX US 128.4 
Rod Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Roda Investment Management, LLC 12.5 
Rodaro Group 0.0 
Rodel Corriente sy LLC 0.0 
Rodgers & Associates Lancaster PA US 723.5 
Rodgers Capital Management, LLC 0.3 
Rodman Capital Management Alliance OH US 74.9 
Rodriguez Investment Advisory, Inc. Lakeland FL US 1.1 
Roe Equity Research LLC 0.0 
Roehl & Yi Investment Advisors, LLC Eugene OR US 354.8 
Roffman Miller Associates Inc Philadelphia PA US 1117.3 
Rog Vi LLC. Houston TX US 0.0 
Rogan & Associates Safety Harbor FL US 250.1 
Roger F. Woodman Jr. & Co. 2.5 
Roger Manske Lagrange Park Il 0.0 
Roger R. Bell & Co., Inc. 0.0 
Rogers Capital Advisors, LLC 3.9 
Rogers Consulting Associates, Inc. St. Louis MO US 39.0 
Rogers Financial Advisory Group, LLC Greenville SC US 10.7 
Rogers Investment Advisors K.k. Tokyo JP 0.0 
Rogers Investment Advisors, LLC Santa Clara CA US 47.5 
Rogers Quimby & Associates Clearwater FL US 113.0 
Rogers Wealth Group, Inc. Fort Worth TX US 706.1 
Rogge Alternative Investment Co L London UK 0.0 
Rogge Global Partners London UK 27708.7 
Rogow, Sharon 0.0 
Rogowski Wealth Management LLC 7.0 
Rogue Advisors, LLC Grants Pass OR US 18.7 
Roi Financial Beaverton OR US 69.3 
Roka Wealth Strategists Roswell GA US 34.2 
Rokos Capital Management LLP London UK 0.0 
Rolf Adler Group Inc 74.0 
Rollins Capital Management, LLC Columbia MO US 0.0 
Rollins Financial Inc Atlanta GA US 318.8 
Rollo Capital Management Boston MA US 0.0 
Romain Walsh Clerou Professional Investment Management 91.6 
Roman Financial Advisors San Diego CA US 0.0 
Romano Wealth Management Evanston IL US 757.7 
Romulus Capital Management, LLC Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Ron Beatons Money Matters 94.0 
Ron Niederpruem, LLC 3.5 
Ron Seremet, Cpa 0.0 
Ronald A. Bartlett & Associates, Limited Flushing NY US 1.6 
Ronald A. Lederkramer, Cpa, Cfp 7.0 
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC Roswell GA US 6636.5 
Ronald G. Pray Company Gilroy CA US 0.0 
Ronald J. Rich Financial Advising 4.7 
Ronald Johnson, LLC 0.7 
Ronald P. Benjamin Wailuku HI US 0.0 
Ronald R Geiger LLC 13.0 
Ronald Ray Schulze 3.5 
Roncancio Wealth Management, Inc. Phoenix AZ US 12.1 
Ronit Capital LLP London UK 0.0 
Roof Advisory Group, Inc. Harrisburg PA US 401.9 
Roof, Eidam & Maycock, LLC San Francisco CA US 457.4 
Rookwood Wealth Management, LLC 35.8 
Rooney Capital Management, Inc. 207.4 
Roosevelt Investments New York NY US 2350.5 
Roosevelt Management Company LLC New York NY US 2548.5 
Root River Capital, LLC Minneapolis MN US 12.8 
Root Ventures Manager, LLC 0.0 
Rooted Financial Planning 0.0 
Rootstock Investment Management, LLC. Sewickley PA US 285.9 
Ropes Wealth Advisors Boston MA US 3059.8 
Rosasharn Investment Management, LLC 0.4 
Roschman Capital Advisors, LLC Fort Lauderdale FL US 3.6 
Roscoe Capital Management, LLC 1.8 
Roscoe Financial 13.3 
Roscoewolach, Inc. Greeley CO US 15.5 
Rose Capital Advisors, LLC Miami Beach FL US 175.9 
Rose City Investment Consulting LLC Lake Oswego OR US 0.0 
Rose Grove Capital Management, LLC Wellesley MA US 1707.4 
Rose Park Advisors, LLC Boston MA US 481.5 
Rose Smart Growth Investment Advisors, LLC New York NY US 282.3 
Rose Valley Asset Management LLC Media PA US 22.6 
Rosebay Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Rosebrook Capital Partners New York NY US 279.2 
Rosecap Investment Advisors, LLC Grand Junction CO US 42.0 
Roseheart Investment Advisors, LLC 8.8 
Roseline Capitol Advisors, LLC Richmond VA US 54.6 
Roseman Wagner Wealth Management Rocklin CA US 285.3 
Rosemark Advisors, Inc. Hauppauge NY US 0.0 
Rosemary Barnes Cfp Wausau WI US 34.0 
Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC Brentwood TN US 0.9 
Rosemawr Management LLC New York NY US 948.0 
Rosemont Capital Management LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Rosemount Capital Limited New York NY US 284.3 
Rosen Capital Advisors, LLC Los Angeles CA US 66.8 
Rosen Capital Management, Inc. Macon GA US 55.5 
Rosen Investment Management LLC Newton MA US 0.0 
Rosenbaum Financial Portland OR US 192.3 
Rosenberg Financial Group, Inc. Warner Robins GA US 120.1 
Rosenberry & Associates, Inc. Wichita KS US 0.6 
Rosenblum Silverman Sutton SF Inc San Francisco CA US 291.5 
Rosenthal Capital Management, LLC 29.0 
Rosenthal Retirement Planning, LP Fort Worth TX US 0.0 
Rosenzweig & Associates Wayne PA US 216.9 
Rosetta Capital Limited Hertfordshire UK 0.0 
Rosewood Capital Lafayette CA US 0.0 
Rosewood Trust And Estate Service 0.0 
Roshelen, Inc. 0.0 
Rosko Associates Inc. 0.0 
Roslund, John Cabell Santa Clara CA US 22.5 
Rosman Asset Management LLC 29.7 
Ross Creek Capital Management, LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Ross Wealth Planning Group, LLC Londonderry NH US 4.9 
Ross, Jeffrey & Antle LLC Darien CT US 709.5 
Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC Cincinnati OH US 465.6 
Ross, Theodore Frederick 6.4 
Rosser Capital Partners Management, L.P. Greenwich CT US 0.0 
Rossi Dubuque Breckenridge, LLC Minneapolis MN US 0.0 
Rossi Financial Associates, Inc. Monroeville PA US 32.5 
Rossi Financial Group El Dorado Hills CA US 5.7 
Rostad Capital Management, Inc. Portland OR US 0.0 
Rotation Capital Management LP New York NY US 251.3 
Roth Asset Management, Inc. 67.9 
Roth Capital Partners, LLC Newport Beach CA US 11.9 
Rothenberg Ventures Management Company, LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Rothman Investment Management 7.6 
Rothrock Financial Group 0.0 
Rothschild Asset Management Inc New York NY US 6091.8 
Rothschild Capital Partners Baltimore MD US 244.4 
Rothschild Credit Management north America Los Angeles CA US 1435.6 
Rothschild Investment Corporation Chicago IL US 1198.5 
Rothschild Wealth Management uk Limited. London UK 10229.3 
Roubaix Capital, LLC Denver CO US 132.2 
Roud Financial Service, LLC 0.5 
Roumell Asset Management, LLC Chevy Chase MD US 98.4 
Round Hill Asset Management Inc Pasadena CA US 265.2 
Round Hill Music LP New York NY US 231.9 
Round Oak Capital LLC Charlottesville VA US 10.5 
Round Pond Capital, Inc. 0.0 
Round Rock Advisors LLC New Canaan CT US 0.0 
Round Table Investment Management, LLC Hanover NH US 43.6 
Round Table Investment Strategies, LLC 13.5 
Round Table Wealth Management Westfield NJ US 948.3 
Roundabout Asset Management LP New York NY US 0.0 
Roundangle Advisors LLC New York NY US 86.4 
Roundrock Capital Partners, L.P. Dallas TX US 48.4 
Roundshield Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Roundtable Forum, LLC East Hampton NY US 0.0 
Roundtable Healthcare Management, Inc Lake Forest IL US 2108.9 
Roundtable Investment Partners New York NY US 3338.5 
Roundview Capital, LLC Princeton NJ US 461.3 
Roush Investment Group Fresno CA US 39.6 
Route One Investment Company, L.P. San Francisco CA US 3295.2 
Roventini Financial Service, Inc New City NY US 7.5 
Row Asset Management, LLC Newport Beach CA US 425.8 
Rowan Financial LLC 6.6 
Rowayton Investment Advisors 9.8 
Rowe Consulting Group, LLC Chicago IL US 5.2 
Rowe Wealth Management Coral Springs FL US 30.0 
Rowe, Holland & Troutman Pllc Cpas Hickory NC US 0.0 
Rowen Capital Management, LLC 10.0 
Rowland & Company Atlanta GA US 281.1 
Rowland Carmichael Advisors Inc Scottsdale AZ US 194.2 
Rowling & Associates San Diego CA US 247.1 
Roxbury Asset Management Limited London UK 0.0 
Roxie Webb Securities Management,Inc. Prescott AZ US 67.0 
Roy Gregory Investments, LLC 0.0 
Roy Mullin Ent, LLC 0.0 
Roy W. Dodson Financial Planner 38.4 
Royal & Associates, Inc. 0.0 
Royal Advisors, LLC Grandville MI US 216.9 
Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. New York NY US 5419.8 
Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC Menifee CA US 37.5 
Royal Asset Management Group Inc. 0.0 
Royal Asset Managers 38.8 
Royal Bank Of Canada Investment Managementusa Limited London UK 771.4 
Royal Capital Management LLC Boca Raton FL US 115.1 
Royal Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Royal Financial Newport Beach CA US 25.6 
Royal Fund Management, LLC The Villages FL US 323.9 
Royal Oak Financial Group Worthington OH US 30.0 
Royal Oaks Advisors LLC Houston TX US 4.0 
Royal Palm Investment Advisors, Inc Longwood FL US 23.0 
Royal Palms Capital, LLC Rolling Hills Est. CA US 60.0 
Royal Wealth Management 15.8 
Royale Asset Management LLC 50.0 
Royale Investment Advisor LLC 3.4 
Royalty Wealth Management, Inc. Chicago IL US 35.8 
Royce & Associates, LP New York NY US 17456.3 
Roycroft Management, Inc. 39.3 
Roystone Capital Management LP New York NY US 3802.6 
Rozanna Patane Financial Advisor 44.0 
Rp Capital Partners Cayman Islands Limited George Town KY 0.0 
Rp Management, LLC New York NY US 14739.4 
Rp Slater Financial Management, LLC 6.1 
Rpa Wealth Management Rancho Cucamonga CA US 56.7 
Rpev I GP Limited. Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Rpg Family Wealth Advisory, LLC Burlington MA US 366.4 
Rpg Investment Advisory, LLC Pleasanton CA US 464.3 
Rph Financial Service, Inc Stroudsburg PA US 156.3 
Rpk Capital Management Chicago IL US 0.0 
Rpm Advisors, LLC Fargo ND US 123.0 
Rpm Capital Management, LLC Rye Brook NY US 149.4 
Rpm Metropolitan Capital, LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Rpm Ventures Ann Arbor MI US 0.0 
Rpm Ventures Iii Management, LLC. Ann Arbor MI US 0.0 
Rr Advisors, LLC Dallas TX US 791.2 
Rrbb Asset Management, LLC Maplewood NJ US 140.3 
Rre Ventures New York NY US 0.0 
Rreef America LLC. Chicago IL US 17667.5 
Rreic Advisors, LLC Plymouth Meeting PA US 77.5 
Rrim Asset Strategies 11.5 
Rrj Management Limited George Town, Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Rs Asset Management, LLC Colorado Springs CO US 109.4 
Rs Core Capital LLC Denver CO US 63.6 
Rs Crum Inc. Newport Beach CA US 357.9 
Rs Energy Group Canada, Inc. Calgary CA 0.0 
Rs Wealth Management, Inc. Lutherville MD US 16.1 
Rs Wealth Management, LLC Wrightsville Beach NC US 28.4 
Rs7 GP, LLC Westport CT US 0.0 
Rsa Capital 8.7 
Rsa Fmo Manager, LLC Washington DC US 3.3 
Rsco Financial Associates LLC Swansea IL US 0.0 
Rsd Advisors 20.0 
Rsg Financial Group Inc Stockton CA US 9.9 
Rsi Advisors 2.3 
Rsi Asset Management Northboro MA US 0.4 
Rsm Us Wealth Management LLC Minneapolis MN US 5315.5 
Rsr Capital Management, LLC 3.4 
Rsw Investments, LLC Summit NJ US 2150.4 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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