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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
Ti Platform Fund I GP, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Tia Group 0.0 
Tiaa-cref Alternatives Advisors, LLC New York NY USA 2306.3 
Tiaa-cref Investment Management LLC New York NY US 224675.5 
Tiaa-cref Tuition Financing, Inc. New York NY US 20455.7 
Tiara Capital Group Limited Grand Cayman KY 0.0 
Tiberius Asset Management AG Zug CH 738.0 
Tiburon Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 37.2 
Ticc Management, LLC Greenwich CT US 722.1 
Tickeron, Inc. Reno NV US 0.0 
Tidal Asset Management, Inc. 0.2 
Tidd Capital, LLC 2.8 
Tide Point Capital Management, LP Old Greenwich CT US 1604.0 
Tide Pool Capital LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Tidechange Capital Partners, LLC 0.0 
Tidehaven Wealth, Inc. Mount Pleasant SC US 14.6 
Tiderock Financial, LLC Aliso Viejo CA US 65.0 
Tidewater Wealth Advisors LLC 19.5 
Tiedemann & Associates Investment Advisors, Inc. 28.4 
Tiedemann Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 8342.2 
Tiemann Investment Advisors, LLC Menlo Park CA US 205.4 
Tiercel Capital Texas LLC Houston TX US 1.5 
Tieton Capital Management Yakima WA US 148.5 
Tiff Advisory Service, Inc. Radnor PA US 8933.4 
Tiff Endowment Asset Management, LLC Radnor PA US 1527.3 
Tig Advisors LLC New York NY US 4240.2 
Tiger Bay Management, Inc. Rolling Hills Estates CA US 0.0 
Tiger Capital Management LLC 2.6 
Tiger Eye Capital LLC New York NY US 1872.7 
Tiger Global Management, LLC New York NY US 23595.8 
Tiger Infrastructure Partners LP New York NY US 0.0 
Tiger Iron Capital, LLC 0.0 
Tiger Legatus Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 675.0 
Tiger Management Advisors LLC. New York NY US 144.4 
Tiger Pacific Capital LP New York NY US 576.0 
Tightline Capital, LLC New Orleans LA US 12.3 
Tigress Capital Advisors 0.0 
Tigress Financial Partners LLC New York NY US 7.0 
Tilden Capital Management, LLC 8.2 
Tilden Loucks & Woodnorth LLC Chicago IL US 115.1 
Tilden Park Capital Management LP New York NY US 9713.1 
Tilia Fiduciary Partners, Inc. Wilmington NC US 68.7 
Tiller Partners, LLC Los Angeles CA US 102.2 
Tillit Advisors LLC Princeton NJ US 0.0 
Tillman Hartley LLC Gainesville FL US 504.9 
Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners Irving TX US 309.4 
Tilney Asset Management Limited London UK 2166.8 
Tilson Financial Group Inc New Providence NJ US 328.6 
Tilton Asset Management Weston MA US 0.0 
Tilton-steele International Baltimore MD US 0.0 
Tim Knight Organization, LLC 0.0 
Tim Looney Investments, LLC Heathrow FL US 187.5 
Tim Reeves & Associates 0.0 
Timber Bay Partners, LLC Cincinnati OH US 0.0 
Timber Capital Limited Hamilton BM 0.0 
Timber Creek Capital Management, LLC Boston MA US 350.0 
Timberchase Financial, LLC Birmingham AL US 58.5 
Timbercreek Asset Management u.s. LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Timberland Investment Resources, LLC Atlanta GA US 1419.1 
Timberline Investment Management, LLC 31.1 
Timberlink LLC Johns Creek GA US 1300.0 
Timbervest LLC Atlanta GA US 1257.7 
Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC Boston MA US 25.5 
Time Investments, LLC 0.0 
Time Series Solutions, Inc. 0.7 
Time Value Of Money, L.P. Austin TX US 3.8 
Time Value System, LLC 0.0 
Timecapital Investor Advisory Service Inc Port Jefferson Station NY US 153.8 
Timepiece Financial Planning, Inc. Vancouver WA US 19.7 
Timessquare Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 16988.0 
Timing Strategies Corporation Mercerville NJ US 100.5 
Timmermann Financial Planning 0.0 
Timmons Wealth Management Attleboro MA US 28.5 
Timonier Winston Salem NC US 205.4 
Timothy Brown 360 Wealth Resources, LLC 31.8 
Timothy C. Minneci Williamsville NY US 0.0 
Timothy Financial Counsel, Inc. Wheaton IL US 0.0 
Timothy J Mcdonald Cpa Cfp Lake Barrington Il 0.0 
Timothy J. Ellis, Inc. 66.3 
Timothy Kelly Walsh 3.8 
Timothy L. Conner 3.4 
Timothy Partners, Limited. Maitland FL US 946.8 
Timothy T Corcoran, Cpa Ft. Washington PA US 28.9 
Timpani Capital Management LLC Milwaukee WI US 231.9 
Timpe & Timpe Financial Advisory Service, LLC. Indianapolis IN US 59.2 
Timucuan Asset Management Inc Jacksonville FL US 1188.1 
Tiner Financial Service 0.0 
Tingey Advisors Inc Salt Lake City UT US 141.0 
Tinicum Inc New York NY USA 1943.7 
Tippet Venture Partners GP, LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Tiptree Asset Management Company, LLC New York NY USA 2008.6 
Tirschwell & Loewy Inc New York NY US 633.6 
Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P. New York NY US 12189.3 
Titan Advisors 4.5 
Titan Advisors, LLC Stamford CT US 5364.2 
Titan Asset Management Company, Limited Plano TX US 6.6 
Titan Capital Group Iii, LP New York NY US 33.0 
Titan Capital Management, LLC Modesto CA US 70.5 
Titan Financial Service, LLC Emerson NJ US 28.1 
Titan Retirement Advisors LLC Houston TX US 72.0 
Titan Securities Dallas TX US 0.0 
Titanium Advisors, LLC Franklin MA US 65.5 
Titanium Exploration Partners LLC Dallas TX US 0.0 
Titlecard Capital Group, LLC Centennial CO US 0.0 
Titleist Asset Management, Limited. San Antonio TX US 225.0 
Tittmann & Rusch, LLC Avon CT US 0.0 
Titus Financial, Inc. Portland OR US 38.5 
Titus Wealth Management Larkspur CA US 171.6 
Tixall Global Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Tj Capital Mangement, L.P. 6.7 
Tjb Advisors 0.0 
Tjori Capital, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Tjt Capital Group, LLC Stamford CT US 218.4 
Tjw Fiduciary Plan Consultants, LLC Shrewsbury NJ US 0.4 
Tkc Wealth Management LLC Dallas TX US 34.0 
Tl Private Wealth Trophy Club TX USA 110.0 
Tl Ventures Inc. Wayne PA US 0.0 
Tla Capital Management, LLC Redwood Shores CA US 132.6 
Tlc Group Investment Advisors, LLC State College PA US 94.4 
Tlg Advisors, Inc. Littleton CO US 297.1 
Tlp Financial Service, Inc. 7.7 
Tls Advisors LLC Miami FL US 0.0 
Tls Advisory Service, Inc. Towson MD US 94.7 
Tm Financial Group, LLC Metairie LA US 0.0 
Tmc Capital Advisors, LLC Irvine CA US 0.0 
Tmc Financial Service 1.7 
Tmd & Associates, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 284.2 
Tmf Capital Management LLC Chicago IL US 0.0 
Tmg Management Service Limited. Sao Paulo BR 0.0 
Tmn Asset Management, LLC Westminster CA US 0.0 
Tnl Asset Management LLC 18.9 
Tnt Asset Management, LLC Round Rock TX US 0.0 
Tnt Investment Advisors, Limited. 0.0 
To One Asset Management Hr-10000 Zagreb DE 0.0 
Toba Capital Fund I Series Orange CA US 0.0 
Toba Capital Fund Ii Series Orange CA US 0.0 
Tobam Paris FR 7994.5 
Tobias Financial Advisors Plantation FL US 272.2 
Tobin Investment Planning LLC 14.0 
Toccata Capital Singapore SG 0.0 
Tocqueville Asset Management LP New York NY US 11256.9 
Todd A. Drummey, Cfp Falmouth MA US 2.1 
Todd Asset Management LLC Louisville KY US 3441.7 
Todd Market Timer 0.0 
Todd Merrell, LLC 0.0 
Todd Pfleger Financial Service Hyannis MA US 24.6 
Todd Washburn Solutions, LLC Durham NC US 2.5 
Todd Wealth Management LLC Pittsburgh PA US 43.0 
Todo Capital, LLC Bilbao ES 141.6 
Toepel Investment Counsel, Inc. 32.4 
Toews Corporation Northfield NJ US 1151.8 
Together And/or Together Planning Gainesville FL US 17.0 
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co.,Limited. Tokyo 0.0 
Tokio Marine Asset Management usa, Limited. New York NY US 1068.8 
Tola Capital Management, LLC Seattle WA US 0.0 
Toledano, Allan Samuel Boston MA US 0.0 
Tolis Advisors, LP New York NY US 385.7 
Tollefson And Company Investment Management LLC Washington DC US 68.3 
Tolleson Private Wealth Management Dallas TX US 4532.2 
Tolomeo Capital AG Zurich CZ 0.0 
Tom C. Nelson, Phd, Cfpr Personal Financial Consultant 0.0 
Tom Johnson Investment Management, LLC Oklahoma City OK US 906.1 
Tom Pemberton Dba Pemberton Financial Planning 0.0 
Tom Varga Advisory Firm, Inc. 0.2 
Tomas A. Blanno And Company, LLC 7.8 
Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC Newton MA US 26.6 
Tomassi Financial Planning, LLC 1.6 
Tomchaney Investment Service, Inc. Orland Park Il 0.0 
Tomlin Financial Advisors, Inc. 16.4 
Tommy N Sausley, Ria 28.0 
Tompkins & Co. 510.0 
Tondryk Wealth Management, LLC Minnetonka MN US 0.0 
Tone Financial Advisors, LLC Stoughton WI US 2.8 
Toner Asset Management Group, Inc. Virginia Beach VA US 61.1 
Tonge Investments Oakland ME US 42.7 
Tontine Asset Management, LLC Greenwich CT US 542.7 
Tony Chrampanis & Co., LLC. 0.0 
Tony H. Davidson Comprehensive Financial Management, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 13.7 
Tony Pondel, Certified Financial Planner, P.c. Skokie IL US 0.0 
Toomey Investment Management, Inc Wallingford CT US 78.9 
Top Gun Financial Planning Granite Bay CA US 2.4 
Top Tier Capital Partners, LLC San Francisco CA USA 5323.7 
Top-down Technicals LLC Palo Alto CA US 0.0 
Topaz Investment Advisors, LLC 0.7 
Topel & Distasi Wealth Management, LLC Berkeley CA USA 61.5 
Topspin Management Company Lbo LLC Mamaroneck NY US 195.6 
Topspin Management Company LLC Roslyn Heights NY USA 0.0 
Topturn Capital, LLC Monterey CA US 103.2 
Topturn Fund Advisors, LLC Monterey CA US 14.6 
Tor Investment Management hong Kong Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Torch Hill Investment Partners Scottsdale AZ US 0.0 
Torch Wealth Management LLC Cincinnati OH US 242.7 
Torchlight Advisors Bloomington MN US 6.7 
Torchlight Investors, LLC New York NY US 4576.5 
Toreador Research & Trading, LLC Key West FL USA 174.4 
Toro Partners Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Toronado Partners LLC San Francisco CA US 0.0 
Toroso Investments, LLC New York NY US 75.5 
Torq Capital Management hk Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Torquest Partners Toronto CA 0.0 
Torqx Capital Partners Bussum NL 0.0 
Torray LLC Bethesda MD USA 1071.3 
Torrens Capital Management, LLC Fairlawn OH US 38.4 
Torres Financial Service, Inc. San Antonio TX US 23.7 
Torrey Capital Investments San Diego CA US 32.0 
Torrey Growth & Income Advisors, LLC Del Mar CA US 145.9 
Torreycove Capital Partners LLC San Diego CA USA 20725.9 
Torshen Capital Management, LLC Chicago IL US 25.8 
Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC. Leawood KS USA 16392.0 
Tortoise Clean Energy Partners, LLC Leawood KS US 0.0 
Tortoise Credit Strategies, LLC Leawood KS US 66.1 
Tortoise Index Solutions, LLC Leawood KS US 19.0 
Tortoise Investment Management, LLC White Plains NY US 612.9 
Tortoise Investments Partners, LLC Leawood KS US 0.0 
Tortuga Advisers LLC Simi Valley CA US 296.9 
Tortuga Capital Fort Myers FL US 0.1 
Tortuga Wealth Management Torrance CA US 19.1 
Toscafund Asset Management London UK 2723.5 
Total Advisor Network, LLC Spokane WA US 35.0 
Total Alignment Wealth Advisors, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Total Asset Performance, Inc. 7.3 
Total Assets Management, Inc. Portland OR US 3.7 
Total Clarity Wealth Management, Inc St. Charles IL US 190.8 
Total Financial Advisors, LLC Bethpage NY US 186.2 
Total Financial Planning, LLC Brighton MI US 0.7 
Total Financial Resource Advisory, Inc. Pasadena Ca 0.0 
Total Investment Management, Inc. Scottsdale AZ US 801.9 
Total Investment Planners Mt Pleasant MI US 0.0 
Total Portfolio Management, LLC Wilmette IL US 0.0 
Total Return Advisory Sausalito CA US 2.6 
Total Wealth Advisors, LLC Minneapolis MN US 65.6 
Total Wealth Partners 0.0 
Total Wealth Planning And Management, Inc. Ponte Vedra Beach FL US 50.9 
Total Wealth Planning, LLC Cincinnati OH US 359.6 
Totem Point Management, LLC New York NY US 0.0 
Toth Financial Advisory Corporation Leesburg VA US 412.9 
Touchdown Ventures Inc. Voorhees NJ US 114.6 
Touchstone Advisors Inc Cincinnati OH US 14160.2 
Touchstone Capital, Inc. Sewickley PA US 0.0 
Touchstone Financial Advisors 3.8 
Tounjian Advisory Group, LLC Fort Myers FL US 0.0 
Touradji Capital Management LP Boca Raton FL USA 401.5 
Tourbillon Capital Partners LP New York NY US 5659.9 
Tourmalet Advisors, L.P. Fairfield CT US 294.7 
Tourmaline Capital Management LLC San Francisco CA US 0.5 
Tower Arch Capital Draper UT US 320.8 
Tower Bridge Advisors Conshohocken PA US 1180.6 
Tower Capital Management pty, Limited. Sandton SA 0.0 
Tower House Partners LLP London UK 0.0 
Tower Square Investment Management LLC El Segundo CA USA 173.3 
Tower Three Partners LLC Greenwich CT US 540.3 
Tower View Investment Management & Research LLC Milwaukee WI USA 116.0 
Tower Wealth Advisors, Inc. Wheaton IL US 2.8 
Tower Wealth Management, LLC Beachwood OH US 6.2 
Tower Wealth Managers Kansas City MO USA 1399.9 
Towerbrook Capital Partners New York NY US 7510.4 
Towercrest Capital Management, LLC Newtown PA US 114.9 
Towerhill Wealth Management, LLC St. Louis MO USA 0.8 
Towers Watson Investment Management London UK 5200.0 
Towers Watson Investment Service, Inc. Arlington VA USA 27381.0 
Towle & Co St Louis MO US 459.4 
Towle, William J. 31.2 
Town Lake Capital Management Bee Cave TX US 62.4 
Towne Investments LLC 13.1 
Towneley Capital Management, Inc. Laguna Hills CA US 592.9 
Townsend Westminster CO US 440.4 
Townsend And Company, LLC Atlanta GA US 0.0 
Townsend Asset Management Corporation. Raleigh NC US 133.0 
Townsend Financial Planning Mt. Sterling KY US 0.0 
Townsend Group Investments Malibu CA US 124.3 
Townsend Holdings LLC Cleveland OH US 13499.3 
Townsend Wealth Management Columbus GA US 71.9 
Toyant Capital Management, LLC 4.9 
Tp Investment Advisory Service, LLC 70.9 
Tpc Wealth Management Crofton MD US 2.2 
Tpg Capital Advisors, LLC Fort Worth TX US 57967.7 
Tpg Financial Advisors, LLC Portland OR USA 404.4 
Tpg Global Advisors, LLC Fort Worth TX US 81009.9 
Tpg Opportunities Advisers, LLC Fort Worth TX US 14409.2 
Tpg Pep Advisors, LLC Fort Worth TX US 1740.1 
Tpg Real Estate Advisors, LLC Fort Worth TX US 5376.0 
Tpg-axon Management LP New York NY US 3738.9 
Tph Asset Management LLC Houston TX USA 2198.6 
Tpk Advisors LLC New York NY US 17.9 
Tpvg Advisers LLC Menlo Park CA US 312.3 
Tqm Wealth Partners 0.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

No warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is given regarding the accuracy, reliability, veracity, or completeness of the information provided here or by following links from this or any other page within this site, and under no circumstances will the author or service provider be held responsible, or liable for errors, or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by information contained in the material presented on the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by using the information.

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