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Registered Investment Advisors
Firm Name City State Country Assets ($M) 
W & S Management Service, Inc. Rochester NY US 56.0 
W Advisors LLC Memphis TN US 105.5 
W Capital Partners New York NY US 1447.8 
W Wealth Advisors 0.0 
W&c Advisory Group, LLC Irvine CA US 0.0 
W. C. Buckingham, Cpa 3.6 
W. F. Robins, Iii, LLC Chesapeake VA US 0.0 
W. Swartz & Co., LLC 1.0 
W. V. Legg Financial Management LLC 11.3 
W.a. Wimberly & Associates, Inc. Jackson MS US 10.3 
W.e. Nightingale & Co., Inc. 12.0 
W.h. Colson & Associates, Inc. Greenville NC US 0.0 
W.h. Cornerstone Investments, Inc. Kingston MA US 46.3 
W.h. Lewis Financial, LLC. 0.7 
W.j. Christie International Planning Corporation. Melville NY US 0.0 
W.j. Schade Financial Service, LLC 0.4 
W.k. Cooper Ii Asset Management Corporation Champaign IL US 23.1 
W.l. Faith Investment Management, LLC Laguna Niguel CA US 5.0 
W.m. Baker Investments LLC 4.3 
W.p. Stewart & Co., LLC New York NY US 0.0 
W.p. Stewart Asset Management Limited. New York NY US 211.8 
W.r. Huff Asset Management Co., LLC. Stuart FL US 405.7 
W.r. Huff Cm, LLC Stuart FL US 240.4 
W.r.t. Smith & Co. 20.8 
W.wall And Company, Inc. Asheville NC US 17.8 
W3 Wealth Advisors, LLC Akron OH US 0.0 
Wabash Capital, Inc. Terre Haute IN US 265.2 
Wacek Financial Planning, LLC 4.3 
Wachtel Capital Advisors, LLC 14.0 
Wachusett Financial Management 3.6 
Wacker & Associates, Inc. Jackson MN US 30.8 
Wacker Wealth Partners, LLC San Luis Obispo CA US 737.9 
Wada Capital Management, LLC El Cerrito CA US 66.2 
Waddell & Reed Overland Park KS US 19056.9 
Waddell & Reed Investments Overland Park KS US 31816.0 
Wade Financial Advisory, Inc. Campbell CA US 1.6 
Wade Management LLC 13.7 
Wadhwani Asset Management LLP London UK 1845.1 
Wadsworth & Hansen, Financial Planners Lebanon NH US 0.0 
Wadsworth Capital 0.0 
Wafra Capital Partners Inc. New York NY US 968.0 
Wafra Investment Advisory Group, Inc. New York NY US 9988.6 
Wagener-lee, LLC Columbia MD US 0.0 
Wager Wealth Management And Financial Planning LLC 102.1 
Wagner Bowman Management Corporation Baltimore MD US 555.0 
Wagner Financial Advisors, LLC 0.0 
Wagner Personal Financial 0.0 
Wagner Wealth Management LLC Indianapolis In 0.0 
Wagner Wealth Management, LLC Denver CO US 453.1 
Wagner, Loftin Investment Service Pleasant Hill CA US 120.5 
Waha Investment Pjsc Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi UAE 0.0 
Wahdy Altahan Sacramento CA US 0.4 
Wahed Dubai UAE 0.0 
Wahlberg Financial Service 2.5 
Wahrenbrock Captial Management Bakersfield Ca 0.0 
Wainscott Advisors 0.0 
Wainwright Investment Counsel LLC Boston MA US 2960.5 
Wainwright Wealth Management, LLC 8.0 
Waits Investments, LLC Spokane WA US 10.0 
Wake Robin Financial Advisors 86.5 
Wake Wealth Management Co. Raleigh NC US 0.0 
Wakefield Advisors, LLC Golden CO US 17.6 
Wakefield Asset Management, Lllp Englewood CO US 381.0 
Wakefield Capital Management, Inc. Chevy Chase MD US 10.0 
Wakefield Financial Planning, LLC 8.4 
Wakefield Wealth Management, Lllp Englewood CO US 167.5 
Wakely Investment Management Boston MA US 64.3 
Wakley & Roberton Inc Mountlake Terrace WA US 106.5 
Walbert Capital Management, LLC New Canaan CT US 0.0 
Walden Wealth Partners LLC Solon OH US 106.7 
Waldenvc Media Ii, LLC Woodside CA US 0.0 
Waldman Financial Advisers Vienna VA US 84.8 
Waldo Investment Advisors, LLC 7.4 
Waldorf Family Investments Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Waldron Private Wealth Bridgeville PA US 1216.0 
Walen Financial Group Toledo OH US 0.0 
Wales Investments Inc. San Jose CA US 90.3 
Walker & Associates 21.0 
Walker Asset Management, LLC 118.7 
Walker Financial Advisors Inc Mission Viejo CA US 105.2 
Walker Financial Service, Inc. Bowling Green KY US 0.0 
Walker Wealth Advisors, LLC Pensacola FL US 31.3 
Walkerhaven Capital Management, LLC Holladay UT US 10.8 
Walkerhaven Equities GP, LLC Holladay UT US 0.0 
Walkner Condon Financial Advisors, LLC Madison WI US 62.1 
Wall & Associates Phoenix AZ US 839.1 
Wall Advisors, Inc. Lakeland FL US 94.5 
Wall Investment Group, Inc. Orland Park IL US 27.5 
Wall Private Wealth, LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL US 18.5 
Wall St Securities Advisors Inc 0.0 
Wall Street Access Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 295.0 
Wall Street Asset Management, LLC Rockville MD US 1.1 
Wall Street Capital Advisors, LLC Ladue MO US 8.0 
Wall Street Financial Planners, Inc. 2.2 
Wall Street Investment Management, LLC 62.0 
Wall Street Management Corporation New York NY US 4.1 
Wallace Advisors 4.2 
Wallace Advisory Group, LLC Lafayette CA US 109.2 
Wallace Capital Management, Inc. Dallas TX US 886.8 
Wallace Hart Capital Management Lexington KY US 0.0 
Wallach Planning & Investments 6.4 
Wallender, Timothy Joseph Manhattan Beach CA US 42.0 
Wallentine Capital Management, LLC 0.0 
Waller & Wax Advisors, Inc. Tampa FL US 0.0 
Waller Financial Coaching Folsom CA US 27.1 
Waller Financial Planning Group, Inc. Columbus OH US 334.1 
Walleye Trading Advisors, LLC Plymouth MN US 0.0 
Wallick Investments, LLC Columbia SC US 56.5 
Wallington Asset Management Indianapolis IN US 617.4 
Wallman Investment Counsel LLC 155.0 
Walls Investment Management Company Bluffton SC US 42.4 New York NY US 19.5 
Walnut Green Asset Management, LLC Wilmington DE US 20.6 
Walnut Hill Advisors, LLC Belmont MA US 16.6 
Walnut Investment Service LLC Brooklyn NY US 29.0 
Walnut Oak Capital, LLC Pasadena CA US 0.0 
Walnut Private Equity Partners, LLC Omaha NE US 104.4 
Walpole Financial Advisors, LLC Goleta CA US 131.9 
Walrus Partners, LLC Minneapolis MN US 29.3 
Walser Wealth Management Company, A LLC Tampa FL US 0.0 
Walsh & Associates, LLC Sarasota FL US 257.4 
Walsh Financial Consulting 0.0 
Walsh Financial Service Crown Point IN US 21.1 
Walsh Financial Solutions, LLC Golden CO US 0.0 
Walsky Investment Management Inc Wyomissing PA US 62.3 
Walson & Associates Inc 55.2 
Walstad Investment Counsel, Inc. Santa Barbara CA US 58.0 
Walstead Associates Investment Advisors, LLC Baytown TX US 6.2 
Walsvick Wealth Management Phoenix AZ US 0.4 
Walt St Wsim Limited 28.9 
Walter & Keenan Finanical Consulting Co South Bend IN US 315.0 
Walter & Shuffain Financial Service, LLC Boston MA US 0.0 
Walter C. Flower & Co., Inc New Orleans LA US 419.5 
Walter J. Reyna, Inc. Mcallen TX US 32.1 
Walter Scott & LP Edinburgh UK 59421.5 
Walter Zawislak 12.4 
Walthausen & Co., LLC Malta NY US 1133.0 
Walton & Company Cpas Pl Boca Raton FL US 23.0 
Walton Capital Growth Advisers LLC 1.1 
Walton Street Capital, LLC. Chicago IL US 7828.6 
Wambolt & Associates, LLC Littleton CO US 125.4 
Wander Financial Service, LLC 23.0 
Wanderlust Wealth Management, LLC New York NY US 99.0 
Wangard Income Fund Manager, LLC Milwaukee WI US 0.0 
Wangchuk Capital, LLC 1.1 
Wanger Financial Planning 0.0 
Wank & Liptzin Advisory Service LLC Mineola NY US 4.0 
Wapg, LLC 0.0 
Waratah Capital Advisors Limited. Toronto, Ontario CA 11.0 
Warberg Asset Management LLC Winnetka IL US 90.2 
Warburg Pincus LLC New York NY US 44879.3 
Warburton Capital Management, LLC Tulsa OK US 195.0 
Ward & Associates 169.0 
Ward & Company Anoka MN US 9.4 
Ward Capital Management LLC Escondido CA US 11.3 
Ward Ferry Management bvi Limited Hong Kong HK 2051.9 
Ward Ferry Management Limited Hong Kong HK 2051.9 
Ward Financial Waltham MA US 1.6 
Ward Wealth Management Service, Inc. Stillwater OK US 36.6 
Warden Wealth Management, LLC Milwaukee WI US 17.1 
Warga Asset Management 91.0 
Warlander Asset Management, LP New York NY US 1275.0 
Warner Financial Service, LLC. Woodstown Nj 0.0 
Warner Financial, Inc Bethesda MD US 234.1 
Warnke/nichols Limited. Delafield WI US 113.2 
Warren Averett Asset Management, LLC Birmingham AL US 2001.5 
Warren Capital Group Charleston SC US 82.3 
Warren Financial Service Exton PA US 136.3 
Warren Street Wealth Advisors, LLC Tustin CA US 70.0 
Warren Ward Associates, Financial Planning Columbus IN US 33.4 
Warren, Brannen & Lyle Company Bainbridge GA US 10.1 
Warshaw Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 5.0 
Warsitz Associates Inc. Williamsville NY US 12.0 
Warther Companies, LLC Akron OH US 85.1 
Warwick Capital Partners London UK 0.0 
Warwick Energy Investment Group, LLC Oklahoma City OK US 568.3 
Warwick Group Ii, Inc. New Canaan CT US 288.6 
Warwick Investment Management Easton MD US 0.0 
Warwick Partners Bryan TX US 733.6 
Wasatch Advisors Inc Salt Lake City UT US 17101.1 
Wasatch Financial And Insurance Service Group, Inc. Salt Lake City UT US 0.0 
Wasatch Management Partners, LLC. Salt Lake City UT US 0.0 
Wasden Financial Management 4.9 
Washburn Capital Management Inc. Vero Beach FL US 95.8 
Washburn Financial Group, LLC Concord NH US 124.9 
Washington Capital Management Inc Seattle WA US 3518.7 
Washington Financial Group Osterville MA US 35.8 
Washington Growth Strategies LLC Washington DC US 335.0 
Washington Investment Consultants, LLC Conshohocken PA US 7.7 
Washington Securities Corporation Chevy Chase MD US 0.0 
Washington Square Capital Management LLC New York NY US 37.4 
Washington Street Investments, LLC 22.4 
Washington Wealth Advisors, LLC Falls Church VA US 98.4 
Washpark Capital, LLC 3.2 
Wasi Mill Valley CA US 33.2 
Wasmer, Schroeder & Company, LLC Naples FL US 7634.0 
Wasserman Wealth Management, LLC Farmington Hills MI US 145.7 
Wasserstein & Co., L.P. New York NY US 1175.1 
Watch Hill Advisors, LLC New York NY US 7.3 
Watchman Steward, Inc. New Smyrna Beach FL US 4.4 
Watchstone Wealth Management LLC New York NY US 29.3 
Water Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 373.8 
Water Dog Asset Management LLC 1.7 
Water Island Capital, LLC New York NY US 4142.6 
Water Oak Advisors, LLC Winter Park FL US 1745.2 
Water Street Advisers, Inc. 0.0 
Water Street Capital, Inc. Jacksonville FL US 5566.9 
Water Street Healthcare Partners, LLC Chicago IL US 1615.8 
Water Tower Wealth Management, Inc. 5.0 
Water Valley Investment Advisors, Inc. 58.5 
Waterbury And Associates 43.9 
Watercredit, LLC Kansas City MO US 0.0 
Waterfall Asset Management, LLC New York NY US 6258.9 
Waterford Advisors, LLC Williamsville NY US 180.6 
Waterford Capital Investment Advisory Service LLC Addison TX US 105.0 
Waterford Financial Management, LLC Fair Haven MI US 9.6 
Waterfront Capital Partners LLC New York NY US 1105.3 
Waterfront Wealth Inc. Overland Park KS US 0.0 
Waterfront Wealth Management Solana Beach CA US 4.4 
Waterhill Capital, LLC Seattle WA US 8.2 
Waterhouse L M & Co Inc Valhalla NY US 310.0 
Waterland Prvate Equity Investments Bussum NL 0.0 
Waterline Ventures, LLC Cambridge MA US 0.0 
Waterloo Advisors, LLC 80.0 
Waterloo Capital Management Austin TX US 271.0 
Waterloo International Advisors LLC 10.1 
Watermark Asset Management, Inc. San Ramon CA US 345.9 
Watermark Group Princeton NJ US 1129.8 
Watermark Wealth Management, LLC Indianapolis IN US 72.5 
Watermill Advisory Service, Inc. Wakefield MA US 30.0 
Watermill Management Company, LLC Lexington MA US 0.0 
Waterrock Global Asset Management 15.5 
Waters, Parkerson & Co., LLC New Orleans LA US 1340.0 
Watershed Asset Management, LLC. San Francisco CA US 860.3 
Watershed Financial Planning & Wealth Management, LLC Lucas TX US 0.0 
Waterside Life Transitions, LLC 0.0 
Waterstone Advisors LLC 2.2 
Waterstone Investment Counsel, LLC Cincinnati OH US 86.2 
Waterstone Wealth Advisors, LLC Somerville NJ US 91.1 
Waterton Global Resource Management, Inc. Toronto CA 0.0 
Waterton Investment Adviser, LLC. Chicago IL US 100.0 
Waterway Wealth Management, LLC. The Woodlands TX US 188.8 
Watkins And Associates Investment Service, LLC Tulsa OK US 0.8 
Watkins Financial Limited 12.1 
Watkinson Capital Advisors LLC King Of Prussia PA US 70.4 
Watson Capital Management, Inc. 57.8 
Watson Capital Partners, LLC. 30.7 
Watson Investment Company Carmel CA US 2.5 
Watson Wilkins & Brown, LLC 16.8 
Watters Financial Service, LLC Paramus NJ US 76.4 
Watts Capital Partners LLC New York NY US 43.8 
Watts Gwilliam & Company, LLC Gilbert AZ US 248.7 
Waud Capital Partners Chicago IL US 1797.0 
Wave Equity Partners Boston MA US 0.0 
Wave Hill Capital Management LLC 0.0 
Wave Wealth Management, LLC Plano TX US 0.0 
Wavefront Capital San Francisco CA US 13.8 
Wavefront Global Asset Management Corporation. Toronto CA 497.4 
Waveland Investments, LLC Highland Park IL US 0.0 
Wavelength Capital Management, LLC New York NY US 17.1 
Wavepoint Ventures, LLC Menlo Park CA US 0.0 
Waverley Wealth Management LLC Mountain View CA US 40.6 
Waverton Investment Management Limited London UK 6605.0 
Wax Asset Management LLC 12.6 
Waxman & Waxman P.a. Pompano Beach FL US 35.5 
Waxman Financial 19.7 
Way Financial Group, Inc. Kennesaw GA US 11.7 
Waycross Investment Management Co Bellingham WA US 89.0 
Waycross Partners, LLC Louisville KY US 51.3 
Wayne D. Minich & Company, Inc. Richfield OH US 0.0 
Wayne Gilbert & Company 0.0 
Wayne Hummer Investments LLC. Chicago IL US 4974.8 
Wayne Ullman Consulting, LLC 0.0 
Waynefirebaugh, Inc. Roanoke VA US 38.7 
Waypoint Advisors, LLC Virginia Beach VA US 119.7 
Waypoint Asset Management LLC Stamford CT US 7.6 
Waypoint Capital Advisors, LLC 23.2 
Waypoint Financial Planning LLC 18.5 
Waypoint Intelligence, LLC Chagrin Falls OH US 3.1 
Waypoint Strategic Advisors Summerville SC US 54.6 
Waypoint Ventures Ann Arbor MI US 0.0 
Waypoint Wealth Counsel LLC Atlanta GA US 151.7 
Waypoint Wealth Management Hunt Valley MD US 78.0 
Waypoint Wealth Partners San Francisco CA US 312.5 
Waypointe Limited Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Waypointe Partners Management LLC Hong Kong HK 0.0 
Waypoints Financial Sebring FL US 41.9 
Wayup Wealth Building Group Newport Coast CA US 5.4 
Wayzata Investment Partners LLC Wayzata MN US 4591.1 
Wazee Street Capital Management LLC Greenwood Village CO US 80.0 
Wb Financial Service, LLC Woodland Hills CA US 0.0 
Wbb Securities, LLC San Diego CA US 10.0 
Wbg Advisors LLC 104.3 
Wbh Financial Service, LLC Lake Oswego OR US 21.9 
Wbi Investments, Inc. Red Bank NJ US 1867.5 
Wcas Management Corporation New York NY US 7684.5 
Wcm Global Wealth, LLC Simpsonville SC US 82.0 
Wcm Investment Management Laguna Beach CA US 11661.6 
Wcm Wealth Management, LLC San Antonio TX US 53.3 
Wcmi Minneapolis MN US 101.0 
Wcp Capital Management LLC Columbia SC US 25.6 
Wd Financial Service, LLC Edina MN US 50.0 
A Registered Investment Advisor manages assets, makes portfolio composition and individual security selection decisions for a fee, often a percentage of assets invested.

The SEC regulates investment advisors that have over $100 million in assets under management. Investment advisors that do not meet this threshold are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business. This website provides information about both SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms.

Investment advisors file Form ADV to register with the SEC or the states. Form ADV contains information about an investment advisor and its business operations.
This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments nor an endorsement of any particular investment advisor firm or individual.

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